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Here are the latest reviews of plays, music, festivals, art, museums – you name it. But mainly, it is our reviews of the Adelaide Fringe. Enjoy.

Our reviewers are Steve Davis, Ekkia Evans, Michelle Nightinggale, and Nigel Dobson.

If you wanted a quick-access solution to all the reviews we’ve ever done, we also have a condensed, text-only list here:  Adelaide Show Review List.

Windmill Theatre Grug - review by Steve Davis, The Adelaide Show


Empathy is alive and Grug by Windmill Theatre Company is proof. In a simply creative

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Gaslighting is a hideous act in which a person undermines another’s sense of self and

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Mullygrubs is a Fringe show that sits somewhere between the unsettling imagery of the puzzling,

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Werewolves plague the small town of Millers Hollow, and in this incredible interactive fringe show

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The King

We’ve seen these stereotypes before, the silver-tongued, middle-aged salesman, the timid husband who feels downtrodden,

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Every introvert can step out into the world and do something. This is Iri Roche’s

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