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Not her last Christmas: Calling Upon Men To Call Out Domestic Violence

388 – Not Her Last Christmas: Calling On Men To Call Out Domestic Violence

This Episode Is About What Men Can Do To Stop The Murdering Of Women In Domestic Violence By Preventing Such Outcomes Through Talking With The “Don’t Become That Man” Helpline WARNING: This episode covers the disturbing topic of domestic violence.  If you need help immediately, call 000. Don’t Be That Guy, Monday-Friday, 2pm – 7pm, call 1300 24 34 13. 1800 Respect National Helpline, call 1800 737 732 Women’s Crisis Line, call 1800 811 811 Men’s Referral Service, call 1300 766 491 Lifeline, call 131 114 Something has snapped for Steve this year and this episode is his response. As he explains, the unrelenting toll of women being murdered by blokes has him distraut and feeling helpless, so he’s reached out for some wisdom about what to do when you notice or suspect domestic violence and/or coercive control being carried out by a mate or by yourself. You’ll hear from

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