Here are the latest reviews of plays, music, festivals, art, museums – you name it. But mainly, it is our reviews of the Adelaide Fringe. Enjoy.

Don Juan in Soho

The world's a better place without Don Juan but I had mistakenly expected the world to be a better place without Don Juan In Soho. I've been moving in stand up comedy circles for the past year and I've had my fill of middle-aged guys and their focus on their...

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A Greek island is the perfect stage for myth making and when Hydra opened on a whitewashed stage at the Dunstan Playhouse last night, we witnessed an Australian myth in the making. Hydra is a simple tale that yields numerous themes and conflicts, much like the way the...

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The Club

David Williamson's satirical play about the broken politics behind the scenes of a famous football has been rebooted in the key of farce by the State Theatre Company and local theatre company, is this yours? In fact, The Club works well as a boardroom farce because it...

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There's a little Patricia Barnes in us all, that's what playwright, Matt Hawkins, wants us to believe through his latest play, Bordertown. Patricia is a hairdresser who claims to have given locally-born, former prime minister, Bob Hawke, his famous hairstyle, the...

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My Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows you should just buy tickets for any show Stewart D'Arrietta announces. In this year's version of My Leonard Cohen, D'Arrietta dwells even more deeply in the songs he's chosen for his beautifully balanced set. Along the way, he breathes more life and...

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Undertow delivers what the title promises. Your spirit will gradually be grasped and pulled under by surges of temper, confusion, despair, and frustration as our couple, played by Jasmine Fairbairn and Clayton Storey, navigate some stormy weather in their...

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That Daring Australian Girl

That Daring Australian Girl is a delightful play that is well elocuted and charts the story of women's suffragist leader, Muriel Matters, in a polite, polished drawing room style. Elocution lessons and recitals gave Muriel an avenue for earning money, leaving Adelaide...

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Tim Ferguson: A Fast Life On Wheels

Tim Ferguson: A Fast Life On Wheels trundles us through Tim's life, from the heady, freezing days of busking in Canberra to his now accomplished position of teaching comedy and being sought out to produce comedy as he travels the world. For anyone who grew up with The...

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Isolate & Izolál

In Isolate & Izolál we explore whether or not humans should colonise Mars. There is something about our genetic make up and evolutionary momentum that suggests it is inevitable that we try, however Isolate & Izolál is a meditation, a reflection, a poetic...

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Living on a prayer

Living on a prayer is one of those Australian comedy shows that sits in the "wog" genre. Frida Deguise relates stories from her life as a Lebanese Muslim growing up among "Aussies". She commands the stage and delivers her material with bravado. There is a core group...

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