Here are the latest reviews of plays, music, festivals, art, museums – you name it. But mainly, it is our reviews of the Adelaide Fringe. Enjoy.

I’m Fine – Lucy Gransbury

Starting off with a hilarious meditation tape, Lucy soon has us in stitches as she explores the funny side of anxiety. With a quick review of laughter types we are into her world of worrying about things that are not real. We are warned we might have come to learn...

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Crazy Chicken Nerd

What more can one say, there really was a chicken! And though she works as a traffic controller, Jenny still hasn’t seen a chicken cross the road. She takes us into her amusing world of chickens, from the first sad story of chickens to the more recent extravagances of...

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Abrakaboom is a bright, bouncy, singing, dancing, magical show for kids. In this show, the SA Boomstars (nominated for two Australian Independent Music Awards), Josh, Charlotte, Talia, and Elyse, have been invited to The Adelaide Fringe but their car won't start. ...

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A Fabulous Teleportation Experiment

In A Fabulous Teleportation Experiment, an endearing traveller of space and time accidentally ends up in Adelaide. He is from another planet many, many years into the future and a long way away. So, while he has a 45-minute window of opportunity to be with us, he...

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A Little Bit EXTRA

This review might seem a little OTT but that's because I have a massive case of pianist envy. Samantha Riley, who was born over the border in Mildura in the most outrageous of circumstances, now calls South Australia home and she's blessed us with the premiere of her...

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Kate Burr – Mum by name, not by number

We’ve all been there. Dropping the little horrors off at school and you’re the last one there. Kate’s a bubbly but stressed mum and takes us through what it takes to remain sane in the post-childbirth modern age. From kindy spelling bees, an endless supply of “Why?”...

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Naked Girls Reading

In media culture, naked girls sit at the apex of what attracts human attention. So, what better than to use naked girls on stage to lure audiences into a tent to expose people to reading? Burlesque bookworm, Luna, has a rotating cast of naked friends join her on stage...

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Red Bastard: Lie With Me

It's little wonder Eric Davis aka The Red Bastard has won awards such as Most Outrageous Show because his performances not only break the fourth wall, they cross the line between polite conversation and private confession. In this 70-minute show we journey with The...

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In many ways, Trollbridge is what the Adelaide Fringe should be about. Some artists gather around a concept and try it out, and audiences are expected to be open to being part of the process in which new shows are given a chance to develop. However, because the Fringe...

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Jelly or Jam

The Boogies with Gravity & Other Myths is a production company that understands the theatre of theatre. Firstly, the ritual of the audience gathering as a group to wait for admission into the Empire Theatre tent, is enhanced by having everybody remove their shoes...

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Belly Of A Drunken Piano

What's he building in there? What the hell is he building in there? With these opening lines of one of Tom Waits' poems, Stewart D'Arrietta pounds more than nails into a hardwood floor at the German Club, he pounds on his heart, he pounds on his piano, and he pounds...

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