Here are the latest reviews of plays, music, festivals, art, museums – you name it. But mainly, it is our reviews of the Adelaide Fringe. Enjoy.

Lunch With Jenna: ep #51 The Void Screams Back

Lunch With Jenna online theatre episodes are always challenging to watch while at the same time being an important exploration of this new performance medium. Jenna Britten is a middle-aged woman who, after her husband left her, has been undertaking a journey of...

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A View From The Bridge

The State Theatre Company's new production of Arthur Miller's classic, A View From A Bridge, is a guilty pleasure for theatre goers. A View From The Bridge is a tale told in the intense, claustrophobic style of theatre that forces vibrant characters together in a...

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Double Bass

As a solo show, Double Bass at the Bakehouse Theatre is a triumph in pace and orchestration. Adelaide actor and double-bass player Eddie Morrison, fresh from his run in the State Theatre Company of South Australia’s End of the Rainbow, holds our attention for 75...

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I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Director Alirio Zavarce calls this "documentary theatre" but rarely is a documentary imbued with profound, emotive triggers like those in I Forgot To Remember To Forget. This collaborative work by the players of No Strings Attached Theatre Of Disability begins with a...

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An Evening with Zoë Coombs Marr

An Evening with Zoë Coombs Marr is an ethereal experience. There are strands of stand up, strands of musical interaction, and, possibly, mystical strands of spooky symbolism interwoven together into a deliberately awkward mix of comedy and criticism. Zoë has an...

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Nobody Knows My Name

Max Savage knows Adelaide and, more importantly, knows how to reflect her in poetry and song. Nobody Knows My Name was a local highlight of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival because, for one of the first times ever, Adelaide was the centre of a show that had universal...

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Gunhild Carling

To spend an evening with Gunhild Carling is to loll around on the back porch of the homestead of the music gods while their precocious, loveable daughter plays with her musical toys. Gunhild is a Swedish jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist who gives every ounce of...

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Megan Mullally and her band Nancy And Beth

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival has not only witnessed the first band to ever perform a song about a chair but it has also enjoyed some delightfully playful and utterly professional singing and choreography at the Australian premiere of Nancy And Beth. Megan Mullally...

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Two women walked into a bar ... Unsung is a celebrate born of ignorance and prejudice, in which Amelia Ryan and Libby O’Donovan sing and tell the story of Australia's overlooked and underappreciated female singers of the 1960s. The starting point for this show is a...

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Steven Oliver – Bigger and Blacker

Bigger and Blacker is destined to be one of the most important shows in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Steve Oliver, star of Black Comedy, uses the stage in this classic cabaret show to titillate us with some "naughty" and fun songs based on his sexual appetite and...

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Robot Song

Robot Song is one of the most refreshing and remarkable works I've seen in 25 years. Arena Theatre Company has taken the musical genre, added spunk and a dose of post-modern "meta" attitude (metatude?), brought the vision to life with a creative blend of live music,...

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New Owner

The DreamBIG Children's Festival made storytelling magic happen through the production of New Owner by Perth puppeteers and performers, Arielle Gray and Tim Watts. New Owner is a simple tale about an abandoned puppy being taken in by a new owner, getting parted from a...

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