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Here are the latest reviews of plays, music, festivals, art, museums – you name it. But mainly, it is our reviews of the Adelaide Fringe. Enjoy.

Our reviewers are Steve Davis, Ekkia Evans, Michelle Nightinggale, and Nigel Dobson.

If you wanted a quick-access solution to all the reviews we’ve ever done, we also have a condensed, text-only list here:  Adelaide Show Review List.

Bart Csoba as Larry Lamb in Ink. Photo by Richard Parkhill


Ink, by James Graham, is a smart play about a man who’s had a profoundly

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We all have ghosts in our lives. In Independent Theatre‘s production of Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts,

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Darcy Mae brings her authentic self to stage in an incredible tableau of cover songs

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Theatre is perhaps one of the grandest and most profound forms of human expression, so

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