The Adelaide Show Podcast putting South Australian passion on centre stage

About Ekkia Evans

Ekkia Evans Adelaide Show Podcast Reviewer

Having joined The Adelaide Show as reviewer and critic in February 2020, Ekkia has since graduated with a double degree majoring in Media and English at the good old University of Adelaide.

She’s a lover of ancient history, fantasy TV shows, and daydreaming of the film she’d make of she had unlimited funds.

On Sunday’s, she hosts two music radio shows on the Barossa’s community radio station BBBfm 89.1. With her newest show, Regional Rewind, focusing on South Australian music and the local arts scene.

Ekkia has always loved to write, but never as much as she loves to read, much to her own detriment, she says! Apparently, procrastination is a terrible habit to break when the source is a good story.

Ekkia and theatre reviews

Ekkia joins the team for Adelaide Fringe and always looks forward to reviewing some epic South Australian acts.

She also takes photos for fun, so please check out her work on Instagram @ev_photography_official and she sells some prints at Ballycroft Vineyard and Cellars.