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The Hipster- A musical for people who don’t like musicals

The Hipster- A musical for people who don't like musicals








Things we loved

  • The cast were skilled singers
  • Fun audience engagement
  • Well written and relatable jokes

Things we would reconsider

  • Technical difficulties with the mics

The Hipsters are pitted against the Strippers, or ‘Stripsters’, in a battle for the customers of a Hindley Street laneway. Filled with many musical numbers and a range of characters, The Hipster will keep you entertained for an hour and a half.

Written by Adelaide’s performer and composer Tamara Linke, and directed by Catherine Campbell, the show is all about Adelaide, for Adelaide and from Adelaide. It’s a fun show, somewhat dirty with its fair share of innuendos, but has some great audience participation. With a few members becoming briefly part of the show, all in good fun.

The musical investigates the Hipster culture and makes fun of it, while also exploring the ability to chase your dreams for yourself, rather than doing what’s cool.

The show follows wannabe Hipster Chester as he opens a craft beer bar, The Brown Freckle, right next door to the infamous strip joint Fuzzy Holes. Characters are pitted against each other to see who will win the laneway and who will fall.

The entire cast are highly skilled in singing and performing in general, with many laughs to be had from their confident presence. The plot itself is fairly simple, and almost overfilled with songs, though many are entertaining. Ranging from the fun and funky ‘Retro Dick’, to the interesting ‘Centrelink Song’, and to the funny and weird ‘Shane-o’, it’s packed full, with a song for almost everyone.

The show does have a strange diversion in plot for a gameshow of Hipsters versus Stripsters that reiterates recent plot points and some characters backgrounds mixed with jokes, however it’s still a reasonably fun bit.

The cast had its fair share of technical mishaps through mics disconnecting on stage, but they powered through and didn’t let it detract from the performance.

The venue was a great pick, with Little Bang Brewing Co being a brewery and the show centring around a craft beer bar. It provided a great atmosphere for the show, while also giving people the option to indulge in an incredibly large range of beers and other drink assortments while watching the musical.

Overall, The Hipster is a great show for a fun night out with friends, regardless of if they like musicals.

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