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About Nigel Dobson

Nigel Dobson-Keeffe The Adelaide Show Podcast

I used to be an Engineer, then I got better.

Unfortunately the manufacturing industry I was in stayed sick and proceeded to die, which is unfortunate.

In the meantime a return to the hallowed halls of higher degrees saw me re-branded and increasingly learned as a cognitive scientist and getting paid to think about thinking and in particular how it goes wrong.

Such a profession should enable enjoyable employment through quite a number of reincarnations given the historic human track record for poor thinking.

Good thinking comes at a price, a price we can negotiate over a glass of South Australian red.

Nigel’s pastimes

However, in the meantime such a profession has to compete with sporting interests, artistic endeavors and organising a Thinking and Drinking Meet-up group where I am regularly accused of talking way too much. Not crap, people assure me, just too much.

I blame 5UV where I talked far too little and didn’t play alternative enough music, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Nigel the ‘mystery man’

There is also another life under a pseudonym which I leave for the dear reader to discover, un-enthralling as it may be, which has however led to an international notoriety as a person of (undeserved IMHO) evil machinations, a penchant for mind destroying puzzles and at least four unfortunate hospital admissions by ‘friends’.

And numerous near misses.

Some might say a Renaissance Man, others have mentioned a walking Google.

Some might say born 600 years too late when generalists are a dead breed.

Just don’t ask any questions about contemporary sport, I haven’t the faintest idea.