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VOYAGE: Folk Traditions Anew

VOYAGE: Folk Tradtitions Anew








VOYAGE: Folk Traditions Anew is an incredible musical experience around the world with a unique twist.

The Adelaide based Silk Strings Ensemble are known for using the 胡琴 (Hu Qin), which is also called a Chinese spike fiddle. The trio formed in 2021 and their skill with these instruments and tailoring music to them is astonishing.

David Dai, Felix Wang, and Lester Wong teamed up with Cellist Joseph Freer for VOYAGE, adding an extra layer of complexity to their sound.

Starting in Yangzhou, China, the music they shared travelled through India, Romania, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Singapore. With each song adapted to three Huqin’s and a Cello, the four produced beautiful melodies that resonate through your entire body.

The performance leads you through each new country with explanations on the history and cultural significance of each folk song before the music starts. The musicians also shared music from their cultures and birth countries in a stunning showcase of their multi-cultural backgrounds.

VOYAGE is distinctive to other quartet performances through the use of a projector, in which they display photos, videos and old films of the cultures the music represents. This creates a unique multi-media experience by giving the audience the sounds and visuals together, to better connect to the folk songs performed.

Some of the highlights of the show include the Romanian folk-dance songs that makes you want to get up and move, and the Taiwanese song about a train journey in the rain with its matching video.

The Australian song, Great White Bird, was another highlight of the performance, as the music gave the impression of the beach with the ambient sounds of birds and the ocean woven into it. The song interestingly also makes reference to Susie’s Ship Song, which is by a Wirangu woman from Yardea on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, on the arrival of tall ships.

VOYAGE is a travelling show, being hosted by multiple intimate venues around South Australia. Their performance at the Barossa Regional Gallery was particularly spectacular, with the backdrop of the 1877 Hill & Son Grand Organ.

VOYAGE: Folk Traditions Anew will take you on a musical journey like no other this Adelaide Fringe.

The Silk Strings Ensemble are definitely a group to keep an eye out for in the future.

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