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That’s Amore.

That's Amore.








That’s Amore. by the multi-talented Kate Burgess is a satirical, funny, and impressive dance work produced by the up-and-coming local Alchemy Dance Collective.

Like many of their works, the performance is filled with talented South Australian dancers who put their all into the performance and showed little to no hiccups on opening night.

That’s Amore. delves into what it is to be a bartender, from the glamorous mixology to the harsh realities of working behind the bar. From the joys of learning to create a cocktail to the tiresome work of dealing with demanding and ‘trashy’ customers after a long day.

Each of these moments is brought to life with theatricality and precision, each dancer moving fluidly in and out of sync with each other.

The performance is theatrical not only through the animated and expressive storytelling by the dancers’ movements, but also through interlacing five short films within it. Each new film brought a new segment to the performance, with dancers either reacting to the visuals or bringing them to life on stage by embodying the characters or elements on the screen.

These films are beautifully shot and well edited, and their integration into the dance performance was very well done.

While this performance covers more serious topics like sexual harassment and the impacts of COVID-19, it has its silly moments as well. From chaotic customers to the morning after a night out on the town with friends.

The lights and music are well suited to the performance, with both complimenting and enhancing the emotions and stories presented on stage.

The costuming and props are definitely a highlight in the performance, especially with the hilarious use of a trash-can.

That’s Amore. is performed in the Goodwood Theatre and Studios it’s entire run, and the stage is perfectly suited to the work. With a large screen along the back wall of the main stage, it allows the dancers the room to perform while also showing the short films.

While this is a contemporary dance work, anyone who has experienced the hospitality industry or frequented bars can easily relate to the performance, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

The immersion and emotions elicited by this work are powerful, with the movements, lights and music all working together to bring the life of a tired bartender to the stage in a unique and funny dance theatre performance.

That’s Amore. is only appearing during fringe for a limited run, so grab your tickets and enjoy it while you still can.

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