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PSYCHOPOMP: A Cordial Evening with the Messenger God of Hope and Doom

PSYCHOPOMP: A Cordial Evening with the Messenger God of Hope and Doom








What is it to be human? Should we be envious of the all-powerful beings on the other side of the veil, or maybe, should they be envious of us? Of the joy that is experiencing food, of kissing and love, of knowing death is inevitable but living anyway?

Poppy Mee brings to the stage the delightfully humorous and emotional journey of a god discovering what it is to be human.

PSYCHOPOMP: A Cordial Evening with the Messenger God of Hope and Doom is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s also a fun, interactive, heartfelt, and eloquently suggestive performance that draws you into the world of the benevolent, blasé, and omnipotent god, Psychopomp.

With an incredible acting prowess that immerses you fully into the stories of humans and how we work, Poppy is truly the embodiment of the gods on stage. With her impressive storytelling, poetic spoken words mixed with suggestive inuendo, and a strong theatrical presence, she could be a child of Apollo and Dionysus in the flesh.

Follow along as Pyschopomp learns about idioms and dancing, teach them about food, kissing and existential crises, and hear the tales of humans who visited them after their deaths.

A particular highlight of the show is Poppy’s ability to switch characters completely at the drop of a hat. Her impression of New York’s best bartender telling the story of his life was especially impressive.

The use of sound and lighting was also executed well within the show.

Each story had its own background music, highlighting the importance of the moment and enhancing the emotions, both in empathy and hilarity. Poppy speaking to ‘herself’ was also timed very well, with no noticeable pauses or delays.

The dynamic lighting added to the performance, though it was a tad off timing wise occasionally, the changing of colours and use of the spotlight greatly influenced the tone of each scene.

Held at The Chapel in the Courtyard of Curiosities next to the Migration Museum its entire run, PSYCHOPOMP is set in an intimate yet blessedly air-conditioned room.

The courtyard itself is a slice of Fringe away from the packed crowds of the Garden. Hosting a range of stages, food trucks, outdoor seating, and a bar, all nestled between historic buildings.

So, whether PSYCHOPOMP is the start of your evening out on the town or the end of a day out at the Adelaide Fringe, you’ll leave it with a blessing, a mild existential crisis, and a new love of humanity.

Poppy’s performance is sure to liven up your night, so don’t miss out on seeing PSYCHOPOMP: A Cordial Evening with the Messenger God of Hope and Doom this Fringe.

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