115-patritti-wines-the-adelaide-showThe South Australian Drinks of the Week this week are non-alcoholic and could save the life of you, your friends or your family.

In episode 115, we got deep into the topic of safe driving on our roads, so Patritti Wines shared their gorgeous sparkling grape juices with us because, frankly, alcohol and driving do not mix.

Steve is the fussiest wine person at The Adelaide Show and was sceptical about the idea of sparkling grape juice UNTIL he actually tries some.

Hats off to Patritti Wines – there is a reason people have been loyal to these products for 40+ years: they are beautifully crafted.

Here’s why these sparkling juices ROCK

The juice of freshly picked grapes is collected and refrigerated at zero degrees Celsius; this prevents fermentation from taking place.

Then the grapes are crushed, the juice is filtered and bottled and finally pasteurisation takes place WITHIN the bottle itself.

This means the juice’s fresh natural grape flavour and goodness are preserved and we get to taste the completely natural experience of grape juice with no added sugars, colour, or flavour.

Special offer for The Adelaide Show listeners

Jarrod from Patritti has stitched together a little deal for you to take advantage of right now.

On our show, we tasted the Canada Muscat – a white sparkling juice with a flash of sweetness leading to a clean finish – and the Shiraz juice – all round magnificent with generous mousse, rich body, plummy flavours – and you can get a mixed case of sparkling juice for just $50!!!!!

Plus, if you go to their cellar door in Dover Gardens, they’ll throw in a 1 litre bottle of Canada Muscat still juice for free.

All you need to do is mention you heard this on The Adelaide Show.

Steve and Nigel will be stocking up because they agree on the program that these wines will be perfect as ‘spacers’ during Christmas, New Years and other long, celebratory days over summer.

You can hear the tasting here, from about the 4 minute mark.

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PS This is not the first time we’ve reviewed Patritti Wines. Take a peep here Marion Vineyard Grenache Shiraz and here Patritti Saperavi Barossa Valley