saperavi-patrittiThis week, in episode 62, we returned to suburban Adelaide for our South Australian Drink of the Week, to Patritti Wines.

However, we went to a fringe block to try a wine variety few of us knew about; Saperavi.

On air, Steve tested Brett and Colin for the country of origin of the Saperavi grape variety.

Brett thought Spain and then they cracked it with Steve’s hint: Willie Nelson (see below for the reference).

Yes, Georgia.

This wine is a very dry style with a hint of liqueur cherry, according to our palates.

If you are going to wine night where other guests need to guess your wine, this would be a ripper to take along.

PS As it turns out, one of our Adelaide Visa recipients this week, Catty Fox, reported back to us:

We forgot to mention the wine won gold at the Sydney Royal Wine Show.

You can hear our live wine tasting of the Saperavi via this link.

And, below, is the key to understanding Steve’s clue.