patritti-wine-marion Photo Steve DavisWe went back to Steve’s roots with this week’s South Australian Drink Of The Week – episode 57.

Through a chance alignment of a niece’s birthday party in a park and Steve’s dad’s awareness that Patritti Wines was nextdoor, Steve got to sample wine made in suburbia from grapes grown around the Marion area.

Having grown up in Marion, Steve was fondly aware of all the various, disappearing vineyards and the fact that, thankfully, the City Of Marion and other players have been wise to preserve.

Little did he know that Patritti Wines crushes grapes, makes wine, bottles it and exports all from humble base in Dover Gardens.

Please, let them and the suburban vineyards remain!

The crew enjoyed this red.

Colin just said it was great, ‘simple as that’, while Susan said it had her hankering for a lamb roast. Steve concurred and said he thought the Grenache with its strident notes and dry base worked well with the round Shiraz, making for a nicely balanced wine that is easy to drink now, especially after decanting or breathing.

This wine should have a proud place in any South Australian cellar, especially those of people who grew up around or still live within the Marion area.

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