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222 – Adelaide Costume Hire HQ

Steve Romeo Davis and Juliet Sandison from the Theatre Costume Shop - the Adelaide Costume Hire HQ on The Adelaide Show Podcast 222

This week, we chat with Juliet from the Theatre Costume Shop aka Adelaide Costume Hire HQ, about dressing up.

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is a Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz.

In 100 Weeks Ago we hear a snippet from our chat with Rachel Hannaford and Sasha Sachs from the Fig Tree Restaurant on KI about fantasy.

In IS IT NEWS, Nigel challenges us on stories about costumes.

And in the musical pilgrimage … Todd will share a brand new song from Paula Standing.

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Running Sheet: Adelaide Costume Hire HQ

00:00:00 Outtake
 How do you care for Chewbacca?
Theme and Introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:03:26 SA Drink Of The Week

 Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz McLaren Vale  … tasting notes.


00:11:44 Stories Without Notice
On a recent trip to Wakefield Grange Butchery at Yankalilla for the Adelaide Show Podcast, Nigel and I looked at the locked up reservoirs and discussed whether they should be open to the public or not. This week, the state Liberal Party announced it would open them up for people to fish, kayak, cycle, hike, paddle board or just go for a swim. The ones in question are:

  • BAROOTA at Port Germein, between Port Pirie and Port Augusta
  • BUNDALEER, south-east of Port Pirie
  • HAPPY VALLEY. in the southern suburbs
  • HINDMARSH VALLEY, north of Victor Harbor
  • MYPONGA, 60km south of Adelaide
  • SOUTH PARA RESERVOIR, near Williamstown
  • TOD RIVER, north of Port Lincoln

The government came out immediately, saying it would cost too to do extra water filtration, etc. What is the right course of action?

00:19:07 Juliet Sandison, Theatre Costume Shop

To be or not to be, interviewing Juliet from the Theatre Costume Shop, that is the question. And, of course, the answer is that we are interviewing her in the hope we can peer behind the rows of costumes and try to understand why becoming someone or something else can help us drop our inhibitions and open up our fun centre.

Juliet, of all the costumes in your shop, which is the one you like the most for yourself?

Are their clear favourites for men, women, boys, girls, couples, etc?

What drives you to run a costume shop?

Does your business have peaks and troughs, like florists and some other retailers?

Are you happy that Halloween is becoming more of a THING in Australia?

In a College Times piece on dressing up for Halloween, there were a couple of quotes I’d like you to react to.

1. Psychology professor Sally Foster from the University of Miracosta in California questions an individual’s choice of their costume. In an interview with WCPO Cincinnati, she analyzed evil costumes, which are often popular during this time of the year. According to Foster, “Evil costumes allow people to safely and even creatively express their dark side without guilt.” Just because someone wears a “Scream” mask on Halloween does not necessarily mean they want to become a murderer themselves. Do you ever get spooked by some of the combinations people leave with?

2. Costumes also have more to do with their inner desires and fears. Dr. Carole Lieberman, a psychiatrist on the clinical faculty of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute states in Psychology Today that “by dressing up as the things they are most scared of, [some]people try to feel as though they have mastered their fears.” Can you imagine your shop being part of a therapy plan?

In a Live Science article about cosplay, there was yet another take on choosing role play.

Robin S. Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist at the University of California, San Francisco says when a cosplayer selects a particular costume, they are often tapping into a specific character — or combination of characters — because something about that role speaks to them personally.

She noted two characters in particular to illustrate her point that cosplay is an extension of the way we all play different roles through the day and week.

  • Batman: “When people are dressed as Batman, many talk about having [experienced] their own traumatic experiences,” Rosenberg said. “Batman survived and found meaning and purpose from his experience, and that is inspiring to them.”
  • Wonder Woman: She is another enduring and popular choice that resonates with many women, partly because she holds her own in the male-dominated world of costumed comics superheroes. For those cosplayers, dressing as Wonder Woman is a way of celebrating and embracing her power, Rosenberg said.

Now, getting down to some tin tacs. Body size. How do you stock enough of a range of particular characters to fit different shapes and, two, how do you guide a person when they are poised to select a costume that will NOT be flattering.

What are some occasions to which we can wear costumes that we might not have thought about?

What goes through you mind when you hear that I made my own zombie outfit?

Right, here are some people, suggest a costume for them for New Year’s Eve:

  • Premier Jay Weatherill
  • Opposition leader, Steven Marshall
  • Nick Xenophon
  • Penny Wong, the senator
  • Jimmy Barnes
  • David Koch (Port Adelaide President)
  • Jane Reilly
  • Peter Goers
01:03:26 Is It News?

Nigel Dobson-Keeffe challenges the panel to pick the fake story from three stories from South Australia’s past.

The Register December 1914
German prisoners at Torrens Island have volunteered to help make costumes for various pageants this year. Even though the war continues, many of this years festivities have been retained to help with morale. The idea came from the ladies of the CWA and Red Cross who have been helping with packages and letters to and from Germany. Mrs Agnes Kernow of the CWA has been organising spare cloth and materials for the prisoners who she says appreciate the opportunity to use their spare time in a constructive manner. The thirty eight German seamen, survivors from sunken transport vessels from German New Guinea will be held on Torrens Island Internment and quarantine facility until the war ends.

The Register April 1927
An invitation to a fancy dress ball, a hurried acceptance and then, a week or less before the appointed date, you suddenly make a desperate effort to think of sometime original to wear, Pierrots and Pierrettes, Dutch Girls, Indian Squaws, and Cleopatra’s, all throng before the mind’s eye, but they have been represented at many dances before. Now is the time, if you would like to wear something really novel, to apply to the British Imperial Oil Company Limited, 83/89 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, where you will have the choice of three designs in Paper Fancy Costumes— the “Shell” Petrol Pump, “Pennant” Quart Can and the “Shell” Red Can.

News November 1947
Childrens Costumes A Problem
End – of – the – year concerts, ballets, and divertissements are fun for children, but this year they are proving a special headache to mothers who help to costume them. They have had to invent all kinds of ingenious stratagems to cope with scarcity of fancy dress materials and need to conserve clothing coupons. Mothers have been meeting three days a week for four months to work on the 180 costumes for Miss Eileen Hogarth’s Thumbelina and Nutcracker Prince ballets at the Tivoli on December 6. Miss Hogarth and helpers  spent hours looking for glitter for fairy wings, and more hours studying waterlilies at Botanic Gardens to get ideas for flower costumes. Animal Characters For Miss Dorothy Slane’s ballets and divertissements, in aid of Wapslea, at the Tivoli on December 18, mothers of her pupils have made 200 costumes. They have used a good deal of ingenuity in
fashioning the frocks designed by Adelaide artists Jacqueline Hick and Marjorie Fisher. Animal costumes were made of sheepskin; 75 yards of book muslin were dyed, starched, and ironed for frilly ballet frocks.

01:14:41 100 Weeks Ago

In 100 Weeks Ago, we hear a snippet from our chat with Rachel Hannaford and Sasha Sachs, from Hannaford And Sachs on Kangaroo Island. They run the now-famous Fig Tree Restaurant there, where people eat in natural “rooms’ within a huge fig tree. There really is a sense of wonder and fantasy about it.

Juliet, are we losing our sense of wonder and fantasy? Can we get it back? Is Adelaide costume hire the answer?

01:26:27 Musical Pilgrimage

And our song this week is Pity Me by Paula Standing, selected by our musical curator, Todd Fischer.

This week we have a track from Paula Standing’s new EP Good Heart. The song I’m going to play for you is called Pity Me which was released on November 17th with a launch at The Daniel O’Connell Hotel in North Adelaide.

Paula’s music could be described as ‘folk with an old country twist’ and features soulful vocals and powerful stories of both ordinary and extraordinary people. She takes everyday experiences and turns them into delicious tales with a sting. 

There are overtones of influence from Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams and Gillian Welch throughout these haunting melodies and I really love the way this song starts off with the ominous distorted guitar and marching-style beat.

01:36:04 Outtake
Do you train people in Chewbacca-ness? … Sasha Sucks

Here is this week’s preview video:

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

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What would be like going to the hairdressers if you were to post Chewbacca it would be luxurious and long it would take a long long time to get your head down but you know we have to do that here with Chewbacca wash him and brush him absolutely to all costume and is like not sliding as he does ushered out New Year’s conditioning spray so onto back with a really hot cost you so they perspire along at arm and so when it comes back we have to turn the costume inside out we have to actually really hand wash that one because it was a bit too knotty and we have to then arm wash the mask separately in the mask is here on latex so the latex deteriorates of dirt sometimes re-latex that then once it is dry we have to brush him arm and it is got two hands to feet plus the big bullet bell plus a bag so it’s Chewbacca is a big long wash thought of as giving a programmer to come and do that are likely to actually get one of your staff members to dress in it a go in the back of those Bobby Washburn we are all will he will all are all are hello and welcome to the alleged weekly podcast that puts pressure on centrestage and Steve Davis and ironically with State costume shop this week with Nigel Dobson and Juliet Sanderson hello hello everybody this is your world talk to the costumes and occasionally I have been to make some very unusual comments about costumes and so little space next door to us artists in the ladies had a board where she would write down phrases that she heard from across the it seems like the horses head and out of context of a costume shop nobly can understand what that means I’m looking forward to going into your fitting rooms to these of the week is the blood sugar is 100 weeks from our chat with Rachel Hungerford and as such is largely challenging us on costume musical usually a brand-new song for the standing order and hold more coming up in this week’s episode of lecture are are are party one welcome to episode 222 popularly true with slowly getting into character here the theatre costume shop and I must say reasonably here is a few weeks ago I came wandering into the store to go to a superhero themed party for my niece and Juliet met me our as I was wandering about and looked at me and said Zeus what I had not been in my mind this was a fantastic choice you got an accompanying are I like to find out what people need I like to look at person and arm after so many years I I can be very perceptive and go well this is what I think would really really suits you and because I have a lot of knowledge and background people trusted me and as soon as they do I confine in the thing that makes them feel super comfortable he is exactly what people are at the party can look at go I understand what your costume is so can’t be too hot can’t be too convoluted to be something that is fun but easy to recognise and doesn’t get in the way of dancing talking eating or drinking yes I have to explore later an interview why you picked out because I’m thinking either you saw the generous spirit of love about me or a superiority complex and I can’t work which was the one that should about 40 superhero parties so superheroes you got the modern Johnny Lee comic book characters that you got all of your Olympic heroes you got all your heroes and super characters of has to have a superpower so anything godlike or demigod like as a superpower so that qualifies question what had hit as recently as I dressed up as an FBI agent to do a business presentation will have the office floor to myself in the office building of flyers a sound so I was wandering through making out I was trying to find a suspect with the gun drawn and I was midway through lost in my own CSI and I looked over at neighbouring building there was a worker looking through the window at me just starting to take a hit die down and see what would have happened that I thought about afterwards it was too late anyway and my daughters shakes his head everything to go wrong but today’s aides had to do it again and this time is real blood splatter here and actually fall against the window and sliding just first hand Billingsley Hans broke down the window so I will just pretend there’s no such thing as a waitress by watching a heart attack and died exactly anyway are not soliciting is underway formally by toasting our late patron Queen of labour Jim I am raising your glasses to the Queen the claims of the Queen almost no limit to lately have a group of customers who come in every year and dress up as Queen Adelaide are the ladies and the Queen Adelaide club and the arm may celebrate her birthday so we have dressed people is clearly quite often I wonder if Ike addresses clinically tomorrow but would be the the crowning glory I am not IVF there’s a little bit and we issue that I would need some time to prepare that’s my really nice out you’ve got lots of nice outlook to make a note to get some of those overlaid with interview but I need to ask what is the clinical Queen Victoria with no they should have got Blackburn’s got the whole powdered face carefully what about clinically what’s the iconic Queen Adelaide look and it is a two-piece outfit with a bustle arm and Peppler mended very fitted jacket and quite a severe hairdo and crinolines are petticoats that have a think and you know what makes my life much easier is Mr Google Mr Google I can take an image that I have a customer who is actually not sure so somebody is coming as it will have to be discount right you don’t know what they look like I think it will have a look at some images and is this what you are after is wonderful because you can actually understand what is it trying to tell me that they need and then I can do okay what I can take this as yet from the Syrian I can take this jacket I can style this week like this and it builds it builds a colourful costume I would like to say if you’ve got photos of any of your clients dress to squint a flurry or if you can get some send them over because we will add them to our clinical a project okay well actually I do because arm they’ll be on my Facebook page but you might not I might not have tagged them that they actually Queen Adelaide lady so I’ll for those on to you again I love it so Adelaide is a good thing to talk to the one Chris will be doing first the soft drink of the week that we have this it’s a black took Shiraz from McLaren Vale brittleness is a nonvintage when she was moving to John the 10 you turn it this way the new year earlier no spinal treasures of bondage art which is quite popular with the champagne houses because it means I just keep blending things you renew around to maintain the same sort of quality and is very very smooth yes what are you getting on your palate you armed wine on agenda night awesomeness that’s all I can say you do like this don’t you start a new trend in your life that could lead to lawsuits of one night. Tuesday Tuesday limitation of the and ocelot you see crowns you might have here our full royalty but have the golden framework on them but underneath is like this pillow of materials of velvet to me I’m guessing that red velvet in the Crown caution on my pallet from utility distributing a velvety soft this arm fit for a queen think that they should we can borrow that tagline taste cherries which I think is a really decadent fruit is a beautiful beautiful beautiful fruit rich and smooth as well a good cherry I’m getting a sense of decadence is dominant in your DNA blood likely to be dominant possibly something I strive to have more of and your costumes are very decadent there then on the essential item there are a frivolous item if you like or an item that you are requested to have arm but the costumes by the nature the more you embellish them the more decadent they become their little tie-in for years exactly Nigel anything from you Lot agrees very smooth and fine W a fancy word for the bubbly bit remember following this one the bubbles are really sharp you it’s a very fine risk and in fact does lead to a I try pallet the finish is very dry just on the biologist if it is the black took the black took coming picks around the little spillage of charity and whatnot but they pick your palate clean and it’s a very clean little water chickens within keep strips to treat a clean clip is the finish on this one clean coup okay did Mr 100 I was too consumed with a clean coop and OCD chickens yes I know I want to see that on their mixed label the black chalk our sparkling Shiraz from McLaren Vale is the South Australia drink on a recent trip to Wakefield range literally done again Camilla H Omar July when the car driving past the rows of four and we looked over and conversation started about how deserted it was and how nice it would be to wander Robert Moore went yes identification started around from my job anyway Long story short last week the state Liberal party announced their policy is to reopen the reservoirs to be used by people for fishing kayaking cycling hiking paddle boarding or just having a swim looking outs are burrito are at ports remain bundle yeah dear Port Pirie Happy Valley Hindmarsh Valley near Victor my Pongo some parables of war and also Todd River north of Port Lincoln and so here’s the thing in this ramp that I had to endure with Nigel going off about how it makes sense that you should be able to I was thinking to myself but won’t we cause more pollution in it if we are humans and die what was your successor is succinct version of your answer early something online of what about all the dead animals that flow into it will bed animal all living animal poo and everything else that goes on with every single day it was way anyway and we also filter all the water that goes with domestic dissertation anyway heavily you said people in other states use the resolution is all him in and by other states mean that the rest of the entire planet as far as I can tell I am yet they allow even boating motor boating on their reservoirs are the links him and Interstate I’ve been in Tasmania you can go on some reservoirs down there of recreation I come in exact categories they use their body other states allowances while other countries obviously allow recreation on your reservoirs what happens in Mount Gambier and the bootleggers at water used for drinking you don’t like focus all of the volcanoes is pretty steep sided PSX that is their drinking water but is slowly going down and down and down take from you write your thoughts would you love to wander through yes one of these reserve year absolutely I’d love to do that because armed with all the water and all the arm nature around it yet I love to walk I do meant lofty all the time but you don’t actually do they get to hear the water for him don’t really get to see it so to be added to a really good hike about something like that would be fantastic but you know whether all things there are pros and cons you have to see what people are doing in reservoirs close to us that are using good practices arm you know but if you’re creating a little bit of tourism and utilising something that is already there sure everything can be managed it’s not whether it’s a bad thing good thing is just let’s work out how to do it work out what we need to do to protect it and just go for it because I personally would like to see my fishing fishermen but to be at a paddle kayak and offering a license that you have to pay for to go fishing for trout that are put into each year you can make it pretty cost neutral as if you think of one issue I was in South Australia’s tri-state cross continent Westley have very few freshwater places to go we have the Murray you argue joy of being involved in that sludge arm but we are very few places where you have even estuaries don’t have very many good estuaries and when it comes to freshwater places we go hiking in or fishing or just walking that if you want to walk in the forest around the lake not a real lot arm because most of them are the reservoirs and so the opportunity that anyone else can minimal paradise granted with little experience like the idea of it being motor free you so here is because I went on fingers Lake bled globally in Croatia more somewhat awkward and there was a motor free was motor free items from the rolling across this huge volcanic crater lake and it was magnificent on quite a swell up in the middle I think that it would be sad to disturb the beauty and an serenity with noise free and we went kayaking for the public show MRN one over River in Levelland up with some beautiful nothing quite like it I’m sure apart from the burning of another bird disappearing from us it’s nothing so to ask why you would not be interested in having fishing I am I just I don’t eat fish primary I do look I just thought if you if you start introducing fish to be fished for game arm just like we have both agreed that with like-minded motorboats there Mrs Pat all play let slip the animals puddle in play are not necessarily thrust them out of the I guess I’m just being a bit soft on behalf of the fish even though a meat eater are I just I’m happy to share that space with them without wrenching them out gasping for breath for a bit of fun okay was find what you eat them. Good fishing sometimes gives them and then put them back in the get there I don’t get the why would you put an animal to pain to kiss that LA life-cycle book in your mouth water out of the water phenomena kiss you better if you are just a symbol of life relief anyway you have some of those with someone outside gives you the option Australia has some vegan reservoirs over the love is also what happens I just didn’t like the knee-jerk reaction from the government so I would pay more for the extra filtration and you certainly some message and someone said it’s gonna be more filtration is something what why your voice a little lot of dead animals and stuff and everyone was positively full to the other item was terrorist can get there to poison it and someone said in the comments can do that anyway and notice the couple hundred unit 20 ton tankers pulling up to put toxin into water deplete a couple million litres of water I think we’ve drenched that topic you are well and proper to bypass the prototype for once why score political points over this when the benefit is for South Australians having access to something would be denied for decades it is one thing we know water places with water attract people and their wallets and so there will be an injection of life to tourism in some of the regional partners and Suburban parts as opposed to the usual focus on the CBD or a few very elite places regards Adrian from animals and driving around South Australia with my crocodiles and my parrots and my Bretons are my hours and all the other creditors I like to to be or not to be interviewing Julia from the theatre costume shop that’s a question and of course the answer is that we are interviewing her in the hope we can peer behind the rows of costumes and try to understand why becoming someone or something else can help us drop our inhibitions and open up our funding centre Juliet Sanderson welcome to the formal part of the body thank you for having me there was a very fun introduction very good it peaks there are goes downhill I’m curious to know of all the costumes in the shop is there one that your favourite for you to wear it all for me to wear are likely LaRouche hello Milton Rouge because in my past life I was a dancer and I was a cabaret dancer which is like en route but we not quite tall enough to thank us uses the same set up and are so anything to do with that lovely inner feathers in the hair and gloves and reminds me of that and read costumes on any customer on any female customer sometimes none of the is very very flattering because you put Lady in the corsets and the modern courses they not too tight they just give her beautiful shape in and she feels glamorous and lovely and it takes out of every day makes you feel like this is while this just touch on the dancing before we move forward because we just discover whereby Volvo hired scholars we are indeed a new retractor there because of what program I did the intensive music Corsi have to do audition and you go in and instead of doing elective subjects you did music and the music course at Woodward high is very very highly regarded and even more so to this day so I think I was like the second year or third year of that being established and at the same time and Marable hi establish I think Brighton hi established and so that was a really big deal for the government schools of that area to specialise in music so we had specialist teachers that we we did everything not a little way that our lives are full of little bit intermingled as I was the first in the first class over to do drama in year 12 was a matric subject as well as with a very easy to wipe it primarily because I love drama but is also the only guy in the class of 17 girls I’m pretty sure that the teachers went on my God what we can do with Steve to introduce drama so about them so music was there but then’s yes I was already are studying ballet here in Adelaide and our ballet and music went together so I was studying none both of those are very high level arm but dance was definitely my passion and so I left school at 14 at the end of year nine and I studied in Adelaide full-time with a very highly highly respected teacher called Susan Taylor and after a year I auditioned for the Australian ballet school and I got accepted there so I left Adelaide and went and lived in Melbourne and studied at the Australian School with along with a lot of other kids from all over Australia and to this day the Australian Ballet School is the premier classical ballet school and is attached to the company and is extremely highly regarded what are your toes and feet like really lucky I have excellent feet I had arm I had a good foot for point work which means that instead of having a toes that were angled or one toe that was a little bit longer which is genetic I was very lucky because I had toes that were very very straight across which meant that I didn’t suffer too much from bunions and things like that was really lucky well because you’re the opposite of the firm and I was looking at her toes this week and her big toes differently angle almost 45° yes and this is genetics you can’t do anything about it but some I do see a definite link in the DNA of someone attracted to both music but also Diogenes and fronting the theatre costume shop there I write all my over egging the envelope is there a sense in which through this business you’re trying to coax out that little bit of performer and help people have the courage to be answered is absolutely yeah absolutely in the best way to do that is being gentle and not forcing not term trying to make somebody dress up more than they feel comfortable if you make somebody are out of the comfort zone then not really going to enjoy themselves as much the whole idea of our fitting somebody in a costume is to make them feel happy because they going to the parties of the party experience kinda starts here to a certain extent and then on the other hand that’s you’re a general public fancy dress customer on the other hand you have a lot of school students coming in and so I’m always very very aware that the costume needs to help them with their performance because sometimes are being graded on it so I always say to them look let me know if this is completely comfortable for you or let me show you how to make sure that this costume doesn’t slip or slide for you because this is best enhance your performance and make you feel more in character sometimes is the first time these children have ever worn a costume and so you don’t want it to detract from your performance you want to make you feel like you were in character and the last thing you need to worry about is a costume slipping or malfunction Seagull tell me that is not right because then we can help you make a right while I wish my drama teacher Ms Rozier had known value because in our play we did figure 12 it was in a mental asylum I was the one who run it and all the girls from my patients are chamber music I thought it was like take on the local business reverse UU when a nurse ratchet though I was was a little bit Richard are about to go my question was quite loose and floppy home was you like an orderly disposal absent character because I don’t have snug fitting costumes but what sort of example of a child or student coming in for a costume for a school are well we’ve done a lot of work with a lot of schools are all over Adelaide Henley high school Pulteney Grammar School arm are St Ignatius arm and there are some amazing amazing drama teachers out there and their passion for their students to pick exactly the right play for their moderation is really astounding how far these teachers go to find the right place for the students that they have the little cohort that they have each year and come in and speak to me in this enthusiastic is absolutely wonderful that is good and to hi the costumes for the run of the season and a few days before you absolutely went when schools take our group costumes out they’ll take them out for anything from a week to 10 days so that the children have got them for a couple of performances and a couple of dress rehearsals just to make sure everything is the set and ready to go before they have to bump in a bump out of the theatre what happened to the days when the parents had to make all the costumes of Aegon that is not gone for some schools the comparables I think they’re mostly gone because most parents both work Right here years ago our dad work mum stayed home so she had time to do those things and I’m sure that if that was the case that would probably still happen but it isn’t and so we have to do work at different strategies this a good point because of my girls have besmirched a can of spray paint it might have got us through some hangover effects it is interesting now those all the young people coming through that are making their own costumes things like the cosplay festivals and the comic con festivals and that type of thing and that has all come about because drama and arts program is so much more heavily funded and even shows like Glee club and shows like high school musical where it is okay to be a sports jock and a drama kid and and then you got shows like Big Bang theory where you can become a geeky but you are so cool and highly paid and highly regarded these things make out young people feel really comfortable with exploring the arts as well as other things with their academics or mathematics or sporting they can still be attached to the arts in some way which is really encouraging for a new generation of kids Nigel is our Big Bang theory man here you you because you’re a cognitive scientist would so what too close to home and not a lot you don’t like if you have watched it like it users been developed so as to what bits belong to Monty’s device lied to be like coming home from the office and watching the office of once you should really highly intelligent people that’s very nice you’re welcome every week was on the good is putting Nigel down as you are naturally to use mission for the cosplay arm actually I have a lot any washers yet arm is inking online superhero with wannabe or carrot would want to be anything the feeling the whole cosplay steam punk et cetera is really growing illegally large GM really large and in the way that they these because players start off making the costume and it can be quite basic and to you see their evolution of their skill level they’ve got 3D printers now they’re printing out bits of armour and then painting them individually in putting together one of my staff is a really highly regarded cosplay share she gets booked to go to Melbourne and Sydney to open up gaming arm when they have a new game release and a new launch and she goes over there and just with a cosplay costume that they have asked her to make our own work yes that is Amy claiming alright Amy and I have another staff member who is an amazing costume ear she deals a lot with burlesque and also is an amazing milliner IN her work is unbelievable that is sherry and then there are there is Sharon who is an actress and she is worked on stage in film are in TV are and she works a lot in South Africa and New Zealand in London she went to London dramatic school and now she works if I’m really fortunate and then my other costume pixies gender and gender is amazing with all of the cosplay stuff she really understands all of that characterisation and a specialist in special effects make up was very diverse great people around you are in in in the I did speak to you a few weeks ago there was gonna be some temporary disc disruption to the traffic run here during your busiest time which is Halloween arm annuities you discover that anxiety is a biggest time and it carries this business so that you can keep these wonderful people around you that is the just like showbiz the behind-the-scenes heartache and pain that goes on yes how do you cope I have tried the temporary restrictions we had with the building that was happening across the road is one of those things and generally is only a week and here it was unfortunate that was scheduled for Halloween however somebody upstairs was looking after me because it got delayed while it wasn’t Halloween weekend it was the following weekend and the workers outside have been absolutely brilliant I can’t our talk highly enough how polite they were all of the trades that we had working on that project now really really nice and they didn’t overstay their welcome any of the parks around here so that was lovely and secondly any building works is going on in the city of Adelaide I’m all for like the we put a supported medical support any sort of you know if it takes on a weekend out of your working week anything will wow at the end of that is convenient building across the road from me I’m all for that so is colour when you like Valentine’s Day for a forest absolutely Halloween is our biggest biggest week and and is growing bigger all the time and I love Halloween because it’s such a beautiful arm holiday because it doesn’t have the pressures of Christmas for example which I’d love myself but with Christmas you have there’s a lot of have to do is you have to purchase a lot of gifts you have to visit a lot of family members you have to do arm are you know drive him drive here you have to buy a lot of 30 minutes a little bit more silly it’s a little bit more fun and you can just invite friends and family amount if you want to were dressing up we are having some music were having some some fun bring a drink bring a plate and it’s about the children is about the adults is not just about one area of your family it’s about community is a little bit getting together small communities of people just having enough time so when you would have your old lollies you divine like healthy snacks and I just love hearing. Similarly I just want to pick up on the cosplay things because there was alive science article about cosplay that are lintel instruments and which I quoted Robin Rosenberg as a clinical psychologist of the University of California in San Francisco she says what a cause player selects a particular costume there are often tapping into a specific character or combination of characters because something about that role speaks to them personally and she noted two characters in particular that have these particular traits talk about the monitor times Batman she says when people dressed as Batman many talk about having experienced the Roman traumatic experiences the Batman survived and found meaning and purpose from his trauma and that is inspiring to them has not come across to you when you get someone out in have you got that deep with with any clients or customers the deepest conversation I had which was the most charming conversation whether a guy came in and he asked if he could hire Batman the dark night there were several Batman says TV Batman Bruce Wayne you know and Adam West TV Batman is more my kind of and at anyone he came in he said I’m going to propose to my my future wife in front of her mother and father dressed as her night so not a knight in shining armour because she laughs cosplay so it has to be Batman the dark night and he did and he came back and she said yes so that was just gorgeous while that’s amazing I had a few people come into the costumes if you guys come in the cost of the proposal years you also know straight away so whatever proposed as the Joker from all propose marriage challenge we were throwing the ball down the proposed dresses the joker her character that Robert was talking about was one born and she said she’s another enduring and popular choice that resonates with many women partly because she holds a right in the male dominated world of costumed comics superheroes for those cause players dressing as wonder woman is a way of celebrating and embracing her power would you think about that I love wonder woman as a character because she is empathetic she is loyal and she is very very intelligent and so as well as having superpowers and being strong she has all those other qualities not only just as a woman but as a human so it’s great to say that there are these characters and those characters but really we all moral people so you can you I like when I have book week are Amble Creek is a national week where we get a lot of schools who have a little parade I often said the girls you know you don’t have to dress up as a girl Jessop is any character it’s book week he will be an animal pygmy dog you can be there sneaking with a boy an equally sometimes with the lives of little boys they want to come in and be a character from a book and they get some incredibly supportive mums who come in with their poison and you get boys who will generally go with a boy character but every now and again especially in the younger that I can be this this kick ass girl character because she is cool Corey Bernardi is a customer for you however when you’ve had a little chat with someone as a little girl or boy change their mind because I much in common with a fixed idea of a open to change like I was when I came into my superhero I was gonna do something from the Star Wars suite of people I got I think Darth Vader is a superhero we did make a great Star Wars character and some of those are Jedi Knight is a very really comfortable costumes to wear to a party but arm I just thought it was a bit hot for that and now I picked the wine things straightaway with you forgot that we exchange resisted back as the god of wine yes we did you change a bit of a party but has little boy back I switch by Lucy Beckett was in the back of a strong people wandering around a while in the hands so no wait till next year I’m back to my first question has little board will change the moment I never thought of that yes Ah yes you do get some children coming in without a fixed idea and we try and find something that they can connect with you sometimes you get children coming in who really know the character from the book and other times you get mum is coming in and the children a little bit lost mummies are a little bit lost or dads are a little bit lost and just sort of suggest a few things here and there so sometimes they’ll know what they want and other times they want to be a little bit more creative if there’s one thing I want to say to anyone who has yet to be a client of yours is that notices in my work as a marketing consultant to if you decide you going to trust this other person this my case a consultant in your case a consultative costume you can walk away with a better outcome biology so come here when you need a costume and just say look this is the party this is me help me surely that’s gonna lead to a lot more happiness than having someone with rigid ideas who just doesn’t want a bunch would you agree we have to respect somebody with rigid ideas because I have this really clear idea of what they want to see work with them but what you might says to them well tell me about where the functions being held like is a work function you to be a little bit more politically correct or is it just friends so that you can be a little bit more broad because with this character do you get too hot you take the jacket off you might lose your characters you have to make sure that the list be able to be comfortable and have a good time to work with their without really fixed idea but if I have somebody coming in there a little bit lost I’ll just ask some questions I’ll find out what it is they’re going to who they can be around what with its inside and outside how hot it is going to be that kind of narrowest down and then I say look I would recommend this of this but try and make them try make each customer almost like a personal friend or a relative in ice I if I can make it personal then I would only ever suggest something to that car customer or client that I would be happy given to somebody I really cared about and I care about customers like that so I make them more personal to me I won’t want somebody walking out of my door who’s got something the thing I don’t really want to wear this I want somebody walking at my door my idea was to some reader was that the dog I this is also a great party loungers I’m feel really happy with this because that’s what I try and achieve with every person you know what that’s what I love about the fact that this broadcast is not crippled by commercial arrangements because I can say clearly that the reason that we are doing this as I left the shop with that feeling you just I was floating on air I was so excited about next week when the party was going to happen because this is the real deal you walking like a man you walked into God I like to sit on your next before we come back to some more things above the shop the doors to the end I do would bring up an article that was in college times which is US publication was a piece on dressing up for Halloween but I think it brings up some interesting topics is too particular quite a lot of reading to your reflection on what is it a psychology professor Sally Foster from the University of Mira Costa in California questions and individuals choice of the costume in an interview on radio versus generalised evil costumes are which are often popular during Halloween according to foster evil costumes allow people to safely and even creatively express their dark side without guilt just because someone wears a screen the mast on Halloween doesn’t mean they want to become a murderer themselves so do you ever get spooked by some of the combinations of people pull off that dark side really well hi can’t say I have ever been spoken to, I’m sorry for disappointed things that I think you can you can do evil but in a soft way and you definitely playing a fun her role your role-playing within a really fun light-hearted upbeat way and you got your classic Count Dracula’s people who come in to do things like Jason or Hannibal lector for playing a character from a movie there’s a lot of there’s a lot of degrees of separation from reality and fantasy and Emily doing it just to be silly and fun and light-hearted we had a big thing with the scary clown genre not so much this Halloween but the one prior to that where people going out scaring people unnecessarily and that’s just people behaving badly now be using costumes to do that but those people if they going to do that using costumes are probably going to have that element of wanting to behave badly anyway arm unfortunately that the clown think a little bit of heat from that but in general I think most people want to go out and be generally nice community people just have fun with it not be silly not not take it too far during the clamping though did you feel responsibility like hardware stores with this spray cans of pesticide definitely I definitely didn’t have the clowns on an unmonitored I monitored absolutely idea because I don’t want to have my costumes go out and make somebody else fill bad I want my costumes to go and be part of making people feel great absolutely the other quote from the Scottish Times article is that costumes also have more to do with the inner desires and fears of the wearer Dr Carol Lieberman is a psychiatrist on the clinical faculty of UCLA as our neuropsychiatric Institute says in a psychology today article that by dressing up as things they’re most scared of some people try to feel as though they’ve mastered their fears I’ve never thought of yourself as possibly being part of a therapy plan absolutely really think so I think people and for example talking about school children and teenagers in these kids going to cosplay the first time I went to some type of cosplay arm convention I walked around I went this is awesome this is absolutely awesome because 20 years ago all these kids would have been fringe dwellers in society they were one centre they were in their element they were one of the many I was the outcast because I was distressed in normal everyday clothing and these kids who were beautiful EE no connected they just would they were just blossoming and I thought that is an awesome awesome outcome absolutely brilliant well what do you think Nigel only the cognitive scientist background is there something that a costume can do to us or help us amplify things that look at uniforms in the military you don’t think that they’re there that’s a costume that’s a uniform is a costume to give you a sense of uniformity hello arm a sense of belonging to a particular community a sense of power in some regard as you get your stripes and what is liquor with a cosplay because you’re wearing the costume as part of a genre that you’re part of the community and so your body you got the inclusiveness but then because many people will be involved in muddying a base cost of adding your own pieces to customise a lawsuit the variation in costume because many characters you have some covers many different variations of been through in the the common use of the movie using whatever for example the technical session then you’ve got a ledger now you got out later you can actually have the individuality that reflects either what they want to be seen like authenticity or as we mentioned before you dealing dealing with a few UI can be a bad person in this can look like a bad person in a safe environment but there is no it isn’t a bad thing and I get enjoyment from it and also other people get enjoyment from the unit situations well or I can be a hero in a situation we normally add in the normal real-world I’m a little bit you afraid of socialising and mixing with people but when I’m in a costume can be someone else and that other someone else doesn’t have the same limitations as a way of service is a safe environment for experimenting with how you like to be without the necessary downside risk of as well there you are channelling your ring ever Big Bang theory to buy the all right wristlets rebate because I’ve got some life goes on in your head life goes on the script goes on in my head is slightly different to the script that goes onto my husband’s head and sometimes I want him to be on my script because what’s happening in my head I scripta specify I say this and in his can respond with that yes you do with your life says something like listening to me in like none know you’re acting on his script persistently my script is the most notebook at my husband script is Gallipoli while to think about what my Scriptures for my script is some weird Peter Greenaway from my script called the thief his wife and her lover) was my first big Greenway film order or until the end of the world amazing inventors are amazing piece that’s my list markedly native up your TV is all the honourable lightness of being globally my scripts would also between those three I like the cook the thief that was like I was sitting that movie theatre going I’ve never seen anything like this and I would not be honest productive are now worn on some occasions to which we can wear costumes that we might not have thought about where can costumes be about a day with Jane a day with Joe and David Jane is coming up in two weeks time and that is a day where you go and they actually read parts from the novels of Jane Austen and everybody dresses up in Jane Austen characters okay so now daily Jane that’s pretty cool that’s pretty cool what about somewhere that no one is expecting you to dress up what do you think you should one day just randomly wear a costume to work Jimmy like when my staff and I go out focuses party and we will turn up in costume to places like the spaghetti western saloon on King William’s uniqueness is called the spaghetti western saloons I guess that we dressing up as as spaghetti western characters. This will have to be ugly male cowboys a new whistle and then lastly we went to the propaganda club and we all dressed up as 1920s the floozies were Lovett greater and into the mediaeval fair I have heard about our it’s excellent really really good as your shop basically could stripped bare before that or a lot of the body) to make their own some come in and hire arm and then you have things sale are being sold there yet she had people who are investigating their Viking heritage and they belong to club and a group and they meets once a fortnight once a month they investigate all of the heritage of the way that they would they hunt and make food and and we even lace making and I am talking this on the really serious level a society cranky on this night you yeah was ranking guard Lorraine Road the Varangian guard will spin off from society credit mechanism yes and then you have people doing arm swordplay it’s very is a wonderful wonderful festivals in May while no idea this was going on around us the Viking costume so they did a bit of extra dry cleaning when I came back with sometimes sometimes it depends whether they be needing shanks of the buying they am when we had when we hire at mediaeval costumes to things people having Viking Star parties they tend to come back very smoky because they would have had a brazier right wing talked about the mediaeval fair some people make the Roman are on the weekend that I went to the guy last time with a beard funny story about that you tell us okay so are Sharon and I decided to Sharon he works me and I decided to go to the mediaeval fair one day so are I had organised Sharon had made her costume and we had made a bit of a costume here and I was going as a Mongolian trader so things just think specialised costume how it was a great looking costume but when I was driving to Sharon’s house to pick up on the way going up to the medical fare I realise that I’d left my hats at the costume shop here and so I was in my car and I had my regular clothes on because I was going to get changed but I done my make up because I wasn’t going anywhere without some make-up on but I also then had a beard on so I had a really good beautiful beautiful quality theatrical beard on without hats and make up so I had to sell those and I found this fabulous Russian ones are type the top of that the little the little steps and I found one so I went in and I was holding the bag in front of my face of the poor lady behind the counter as I’m buying this house on the way up to McGovern’s house couldn’t see that I had a beard and make up on with regular hair and ordinary close and there was worse than just selling I don’t I just don’t know I don’t know what could be worth living was that so then I finally got this had gotten into the cargo to Sharon’s put on my costume and got there and people coming up to me saying I find you strangely attractive it is really disturbing it was lost a big set out to Curry hi Corey how are you darling tell me what is the protocol when you going to the party in costume because we were going out and we had to get ice and my wife got up and got it because it was hot I couldn’t reach my hand in my pocket as serious harm of course owns about medical go out because you’re likely to make the person stay his working shop and is not a would go to the party that all his friends are attending okay you think I knew they were going to costume party and so now everybody will say you are great you really good the only one I was warned about was the FBI costume was told not to wait until I was in situ because you for impersonating a police officer further so you you possibly could get and my Musso was waiting going to do much talk in amorphous people walk past and they really do because they really thought he was a guy’s armed I Spy complete with a little plastic bits on the bottom of your guns off they are so naughty I would have a real impact your arm so my question is there are some people’s names of nephrology right now and I want you to imagine New Year’s Eve party riveters doesn’t matter what would you dress them as as they come into the store are you really okay I got six or seven the politicians of the way first Premier J Weatherall he comes in is going to New Year’s Eve how would you dress him New Year’s Eve as it was really hot really so I’m always aware that people need to wear something super comfortable and cool why you would have to tell me what was the theme of the public are invited to Australia become to me that these are the questions I asked my customers are being legitimate but will help me here what’s a party screen for J whether all our New Year’s Eve arm and Hawaiian Warren I’ll okay so Premier Premier ideas as a captain so I kept on stooping from the Love boat all the whites white sure you are greatly sure that I don them. I only deceive the Glaxo all nonblacks are beeswax I can directly modify you are right about his awareness is what the is to arm today’s IPOs that ring back on them and can we have a photograph of his knees please see works to save orders of their own URL you want to my lady man we could be happily married colt lost all your good opposition leader Stephen Marshall what seems his party dons party for the ironic sort of 1970s arbitrators to make retro he sees very charming he’s been to the shop before is a charming man and is very very polite and is very easy to deal with so his greatest party Graham Kennedy is the main character how you dress him I outfit I could do safaris that you absolutely and may be given some longer hair like you know brushing the collar risky but next one is Nick Xenophon what I think I drive I’m sorry are in the beginning with the car the premise of the car I would have to put him into a racing car driving outfit Stig something no matter what the theme is he would just be that it doesn’t matter if it was a 1920s Frank just make it be the 1920s retro stick to my last politician Penny Wong who is a Sen from SO how would you do Penny Wong I was first seen going to be a wedding old wedding Ahluwalia yes you could draw up a new I could borrow arm Jimmy Barnes he was coming back to go to a party at Elizabeth’s home town for New Year’s aluminium acute I do is Braveheart all our Braveheart strip mood and payments of blue nine and there was a different movie and when the lead talk about that movie on this podcast, we spotted during the Scottish and Braveheart because he is like so call in the kilted maps I like he could build attitude and killed me David caution and close to your heart Pres Paul, she was his party finger Nibley Nigel our 1980s business theme all yes that’s perfect for him and he comes with this I am impressed has cost him one of the biggest suit but more like the talking heads lead COO once-in-a-lifetime I can see with a big floppy DVD do anything she is a guy like my favourite football club with a padded shoulders of Jane Riley Jamie Riley that say it’s going to be good soup lollipop is the scene at her knee using the legally liveable how aggressively but well I would certainly for the good ship Lollipop I do a little bit of a play on words so I did something very colourful and also with some kind of like Adam was happy that then maybe be really cool is to get hotter lollipops and pop them in the hands hand I am medically bluntly she could go around bowling up suites: last one Peter Gersch Peter Gerdes is going to a New Year’s Eve party and let’s say it’s a horrifying horrifying curses going to a horror themed New Year’s Eve party how would you dress Peter Gerber uncle Fester your cheating you don’t even have to dress our uncle first he would he would love I would really want him to get the prop of the lightbulb that lights up when you put in the mouth and I have the yeah that’s so cool and then I don’t know whether he would actually like shave right the head or do the bull But if you didn’t really properly people come in all the time and they say I need to be bold and audible board capable kind of like swim caps except for the month you have to trim them and then use this to latex the mom like paint the latex on so that then I look author if you properly that amazing if you really badly they just look like a flesh colour swim But if you do it properly annexing pull them on and cut them around that year and then just in latex on between the cap and the skin they look incredible he would make such a great great uncle fester and possess a theatrical he would pull it off and he would stay in character all night will be awesome I love to see him your week was radio show the same thing I am so in in rounding off tonight looking your shop there are racks and racks I can see tutor Elizabeth 17 to 18 centuries 19th 20th on and on you can really do anything we try I would love to do everything and I would love everything to be brand-new I’d love everything to be amazing and hi I really love it when I get a customer in hand they don’t quite know what they need something in need is finally little lots about the big bits that are hanging on the racks in in the front of the shop is actually about the accessories and we have what you see at the front here we have twice as much out behind the front of the shop and we upstairs as well, so the little things in the earlier somebody comes in to fit a costume and book a costume the more time we have to create something that is absently perfect that’s I love the most during office space because I’d love to come here to pick a costume up in the morning and work are very welcome costume new business creativity outreach program where you come in the other business office in length and get a different costume every day five days a week mind outside of normal office environment maybe could be locating a group bonding offers something that is the new offers bonding thing is to come in and get concert in your office has to be 15 years but has a different theme pick up Julia on the accessories because you did right when I was sues I would have boogie olives in the hair and everything about something that a lot of comments would you came a couple of big rings and I was just dripping my hands around with these large forms are informs Powell that really you did right the accessory is what just puts the icing on the cake absolutely is like it’s like with any kind of styling is not just the main item is the attention to detail for the very small things that’s what’s really really important Julia has really finished because it continues to mimic segments but thank you for taking us into your world tomorrow. Fear costume shop there is probably seven episodes into your world but thank you so much I would give you your very own Adelaide show Pam here because you might need to take some notes was visiting is not know doesn’t notice to move later this reflects back and forth to remember is it uses next you may need to take some notes are you up for the challenge so I’ll give it a guy like a good gay fantastic all and that brings us to Jesus and surprisingly I could find stories about costumes I thought I would have difficulty but it appears that Adelaide does have some history costumes so stupid you think we have a closeted past of costume wearing here in South Australia are now out out and proud that absolutely way way way back there was a costume shop in the train station called variety higher and they used to do costumes en masse for the musicals and lots and lots of musical societies Mayfair musical Society that type of thing and that there was back in the 60s and 70s very cool people a chap called David page was an absolute institution in costuming in South Australia by the many many many years go on but I ask because I had no idea that we go) and costume) we suffered a first story year from the register December 1914 prisoners make costumes German prisoners at Torrens Island volunteer to help make costumes for the various pageants this year even though the war continues many of this year’s festivities have been written tamed to help with morale the idea came from the ladies of the CWA and Red Cross will be helping with packages and letters to and from generally Mrs Agnes Curnow of the CWA has been organising spec loss material for the prisoners who she says appreciate the opportunity to use their spare time in a constructive manner 38 German seamen survivors from sunken transport vessels from German New Guinea will be held on Tom’s old internment and quarantine facility until the war ends something fishy about the story to me Juliet Island 1914 to already have German born widow they were unable to also made my merchant Marines imagine going okay because I didn’t think the Germans would have got ships down here Armadale transport business owner tomorrow okay all right arm German have to make the choice now after the adjusted gut feel your gut feeling ID what’s your computer or my gut feel is influenced by an article I think I read in the arm Port Adelaide Messenger newspaper yes tell me what my saying I think that is actually a legitimate story going wrong of course you could be sneaky and like tweaking the original story usually does to register April 1927 paper fancy dress costumes an invitation to a fancy dress ball hurried acceptance and then a week or less before the appointed date you so we make a desperate effort to think of something original to where Penrose operates schools Indian scores and Cleopatra’s all from before the mind’s eye they have been represented as many dancers before now is the time if you would like to wear something really novel to apply to the British Imperial oil Company Ltd 8389 Greville Street Adelaide we will have a choice of three designs in paper fancy dress costumes the Shell petrol pump penance court came in the Shell red cam what you was made up story I’m very impressed 1927 finally I know if it was made up I’m very very impressed because that that word craft was awesome while the costumes were duly committed refractory to go so I owe yes I’m with you every if his it does seem quite legitimate to me to go into the detail it does seem like some tricky marketing for a company to move in when people are desperate for costumes and come up with branded costumes for people to wear when your savings like peer (do you know what appear (in our things have translated dialogue yet the strength they would be really hard to pick is false so now I’m thinking you are it was going to be a much trickier thing than I thought it was the beginning yes is your something I did not suggest that that you are a mastermind and I had to be very careful the number three from our favourite newspaper News November the news the news the world is a debate about where is the just news it was just news was that we refer to it in pylons as for news it was a think it’s a very interesting news on the master and is on the market you remember no I cannot anyway I was too young to ring all year really on the back foot okay and will use this this is November 1947 47 children’s costumes a problem end of year concerts ballets and advertisements are fun for children with this you are providing a special headache to mothers who helped to costume they have had to invent all kinds of ingenious stratagems to cope discusses the fancy dress materials I need to conserve clothing coupons possibly meeting three days a week for four months to work on 190 costumes for Miss Eileen Hogarth fumbling up and Nutcracker Prince ballets of the Tivoli on December 6 Ms Hogarth from helpers spent hours looking for glitter fairy wings and more hours studying waterlilies of botanic Gardens ideas for flower costumes animal characters for Miss Dorothy Schon’s ballets and advertisements in aid of what sleep at the Tivoli on December 19 was of her pupils have made 200 costumes they use a good deal of ingenuity in fashioning the frocks designed by Adelaide artists Jacqueline Hick and Marjorie Fisher animal costumes were made of sheepskin 75 yards of book Muslim were died starched and ironed for frilly ballet frocks attention to detail is amazing nothing is true I think is true as well which means that I don’t like to know which one is false because they all sound really really good reason sounds true to me years as I grew up my sister did calisthenics and so it was just as constant thing of my making costumes all the time which my cousin and I would aim at without spot gone from the front row. The joy of dancing is a little bits of potatoes serious all governors I can’t believe you that’s like the kids with laser dependencies on I wouldn’t do that why was not point when you realise you can’t say some are just remember lots of costumes honeybees being made multiple questions that doesn’t ring true that is part and parcel of the world and either we both agreed that one is probably a legitimate story we’ve agreed all other group because they also cause the link tonight okay so some of those stories I am is very hard to determine which one is that we have laid on to strictly costumes from December 1914 we have paper citrus costumes from April 1927 we have children’s costumes a problem from 1947 1947 I know I have decided to always trust our guests tonight I’ve been emboldened by you Juliet you think you got a of involvement I’m saying the first one is fake I still think it’s a bit early for the whole German culture thing in 1940 this very list the beginning of world War one in another would have put people in the 2 to be making costumes are modern still. Still think I have a bridge quite decided what users would have you decided I I am going to say the first two in the third story are true and the signatories. The paper costume I don’t know why because I really like all the stories are I guess I’m just picking the one in the middle it’s it’s like the the hidden thing in the cup cup’s opinion the cup this which is marginal so arm to make a final decision stories they didn’t awesome job because they are they are great stories Nigel is you twisted me Juliet I’m beginning to wonder whether the paper the paper thinks are so odd note of sticking with my instinct number one is the fracture we want different okay so you both agree that our November 1947 just after World War II children’s costumes or problem yes shortages and indeed that is a true story is one through three fan man now have two stories to choose between one of which is truly false so we have prisoners making costumes in December 1914 and paper fancy dress costumes from April and the true story between those two loses indeed British oil company was offering paper and prisons were not making costumes in December 1914 on Torrens Island since nevermind that’s a couple weeks of my instinct was finally got back in track I would sit with your calling actually is much closer than we thought it was like 2521 to 2125 you yeah I think it was running at the same you the answer to both of those things I just thought I’d give him a win you so clearly Julia Steve means that well thank you so much for playing is so much fun will all 100 weeks ago were opening up the folder going back for a snippet from a chat with Rachel Hannaford associates sucks from such an can draw it was a beautiful trip you could make that trip could you Momo I would do anything to make that trip we also play an amazing amazing trip the day started at KI spirits will we tasted Jim and have the whole story of Jim making a man with very lovingly to the fig tree restaurant bind ourselves silly on the most amazing friend and sleep was of most beautiful however is not to gloat it is to note the fact that in that fig tree which is huge this victory is as large as the shop you wander through in these natural rooms’ is a little table set up that you read you have served as beautiful it’s like bringing in some sort of Enid Blyton book from toad liable seven Blyton character can you dress up as the famous friable dictatorial tree that was hollow with all the moral nature of our energy source and had and then there was you know all these things to know not not from costumes are really from literature I want to ask you this sense of wonder and fantasies that they are instilling in capturing their do we have it or do we get it drummed out of us and most of us go through life without much wonder and fantasies all I think it depends on E every single individual and you can you can bring it back into your life if you choose the proliferation of so many excellent drama series now with all the various network platforms like Netflix and Foxtel more than they have their own dramas there is so many good dramas out there on TV so if you want to immerse yourself in fantasy you can do it every single night in the comfort of your own home he would address I’ve just come here and what you think is more satisfied outsourcing it to a TV show all living cost well I think a little bit of both yeah absolutely are the kind I could say our unit you should dress up you should do this you should do that but the reality is it’s a time thing so I love the idea of costuming for a party especially because such an icebreaker you don’t when you go to a general party he you will be asked to arrive at between seven and eight will in a normal environment it’s really not until about nine or 10 o’clock that really there you have a couple of drinks and a bit to eat and then sort of merger people you don’t know but when you costume happens immediately because you got something in general talk about and it did it does just make people feel like I will even if they not super into costuming they can sail when she get your costs you will watch your character I can see who you are given something to Western ways the party hits immediately the people in the room because they’ve got a common interest to talk about even though they don’t know each other from because when I went to that party dressed up as shoes/practice but I was calling Zeus muscle time someone else, dressed up as Neptune Neptune and so I quickly assumed the role of the master and he is one of my server you were estranged answer I really got into the for the thank you Joginder Mackay I’m very Stanislavsky and when it comes to my character with use coping idea incidents spending 70 $80 on a bunch of flowers for your loved one want to go home one night a question I absolutely am I being so much more memorable absolutely vowed never forget that you remember whether you’ve actually been given flowers and what they were what colour they were like flowers are beautiful as it is a lovely lovely sentiment that they are a safe sentiment go home in a costume you have really put yourself out of your comfort zone just for the laugh for the larval or the wow factor of your partner that’s an amazing and your partner he or she next day will be talking about that more just getting them kind of thinking about what costumes could you go home you know picture me what could I wear home one night to surprise my wife depends what does your wife like what surprises what is she like she got all those period pieces over all you like outlander Gateshead visited was the right blinders all our meagre home in tales and white tired or doing a dramatic thing would you try to take over costume for your offer or would you just where yours because then you know everything feature got sorted out as just a surprise are you could take a costume for another absolutely having a looks is about the size 12 but then you have to like continue without seeming so you have the costume she has a costume and then USA okay so then the table needs a kind of look like we are sinful you from booking please our high you like little table to say well we need to have his 1920s cocktails then you need to have is like 1920s and the beautiful deserts or seemingly go back and can just continue on as someone who look quite like it would the bone shaking things up I would like to go home and the tales to be bright take of the Chewbacca cost you to reckon that would be a memorable most memorable there we go we need another so that you can you I’ll send you home with both as customs tonight you can use in the morning alright so that was covered wondering further suitability got anything else to add on how we get a bit more wonder wonder is important to trying to get happiness in life to make sure we keep our minds open to new advances in science and change around us and to not be petrified by change it’s important at that level what’s important just to succulent we enjoying life yes it is would as options are to safely enjoy a little bit outside a composite with no real risk yes it does also remember Brisas monkey had given with don’t wear that to the server are on some sort of fear draw what other headphones on’s do I look a bit like that to work with you like me to put it on you and then you can actually determine I think we should take a photograph of you now will take a photograph of the mill post both photographs and then the viewers can decide which one is the better option you or I’m upper I can do is to set the visible will do it while listening to Sasha and Rachel try to unpick how fantasy and wonder was part of what they do and also part of the Haverford families heritage so it’s it’s people again pick up on something that is not really not sure what it is but it’s to be of everything it’s a bit little bit eclectic but we hope that also the food is speaks very loudly of high-quality arms we want the express not to be so tacky more about arm having some of the great food lineage as well as the family history an respect to the fig tree for a second have you got a hidden camera the entrance of the reason I ask is I’ve seen footage of a young boy being given this sense of hearing for the first time the look of amazement is faced I think mine would have mirrored that when I stepped off the paddock into the tree is amazing you say that because that is my favourite part is walking the guests down to the tree and just standing behind them as they enter the tree and just listening and watching their there wow amazement is my favourite part right arm we should we should put it and have different snapshots tonight when people go down the Big Dipper or their faith like that but it be different because green is not a thrill through pictures I also look unique all the rooms yell you have to really into the mind of a child you understand starting to understand a slight house on the ground yes so how would you describe the branches to make space with victory have natural rooms inside which my mum was here now to answer this because she would make something up probably but when Belinda Hannaford’s mum was a child she tells stories of the use to be cuts into the tree branches and stems and should climb right to the top of the tree as a little girl our files the rooms being carved out Rachel’s arm it’s a mystery and I think that’s the way Mum likes it the grey with all those secrets because are surging as I can’t remember all the men sometimes you’ll say something that I’m heard before but it is a bit of a mystery if you look to the left of the fig tree with an off-site kitchen and we absolutely just gutted the middle of the tree to put a kitchen that’s not a fire hazard at all I’m trying to get my head inside the home of the family stop the impression of a good-natured cheeky hijinks yes that run through the glider wing module wink but it’s on the good side is not trying to undermine someone it’s no not at all and what if if mum where you should say it’s all about fantasy and imagination and childhood and fun and arm doing things not in the normal way down so yeah I think there’s a lot of that arm and mums on a musical and fantasy dinner parties when she did it here you know 2015 years ago yeah armed she is a tanker truck on the beach and to be cooking a luxury in the front seat and drop the size of the truck down and bring chairs out anyone sit right with the feet in the water and things that most people the I guess I don’t think about, musical pilgrim any time for Sharon misses this will be able to pull the standings new EP Goodhart Solomon play a few school pity me which was released on November 17 with the launch of the Daniel O’Connell hotel in North Adelaide because music could be described as an old country twists and features soulful vocals and powerful stories of both ordinary and extraordinary people she takes everyday experiences and turns them into delicious tables with a sting there are overtones of points from Joni Mitchell Lucinda Williams and Gillian Welch throughout these haunting melodies I really love the way the song starts off with the ominous distorted guitar and marching style be once again this is purely nearby Paul standing hope you’ll enjoy there are are are there is a song for this week at school pity me by Paula standing was launched last Friday night here in Adelaide are all at the what’s up arm pub called the corner open at the corner of Daniel O’Connor is a Scottish or Irish Daniel oh, yes our economy is definitely an Irishman so I just defended you have a no no no no no they serve wine you say to non-British Exocet Scots Irish presidents have arrived in England but you were born in England and Owasso was Dobson Cooper was really funny because when I met my husband and he introduced me to his father when I’m I got him but you have across the road to the world to marry an English girl wow La would have been cheaper to marry one in Scotland things are well amazing I thank you so much for walking mass in after hours of the costume shop are it’s been an absolute pleasure this is something about this shop that when you approach it without being too nervous about anything is just a place of happiness I imagine it’s like a work could be making it back to the opening of the high vacuum save territory and I this feeling I get here and that the staff members of yours who I’ve interacted with have all maintained that level of they look you in the eye they care about you and they have fun with you what I love an item of this is lovely sales training or not the ball you don’t show the I know what you need and they run off a grumpy extra little accessories and bits and pieces may just and you great sense of care about when you are sales training and they are the people who work here that absolutely love the theatre and costumes they love they have seen another they wouldn’t do this job if they love is like a little bit like a vacation visual dress up as priests will be due just up every day of Halloween and you should see the effort that the stuff go to it is incredible I’m talking about full teeth that have no dentist to the teeth of the fangs and full make up we all die and its long long long hours and they are incredible the way they look is incredible and then every now and again we will have dress up Fridays so that is very Friday instead of having cancer finally have costume dress up front at this time so could you clarify because of our office we have parents of Robert Abbott test’s Tuesday varices we Wanna get our show before she does hobble stage and theatre. So objectively actual film places coming she had misused as a film set I really there was a film that was on at the Adelaide film Festival which was our discovery months ago the three matter for a film to be shot in a costume freight was a really good experience such an institution I wish you every success forever are and what a lovely bunch of people you Ranji be seeing you again because I might be going home one night and something a little bit special Nigel you to thank you thank you Juliet said I must say that is been awesome having here I really appreciate the opportunity to have such a fun night and the fact that you two are sitting here doing this pod casts dressed as Rocky horror infectious and high heels awesome awesome effort guys I’m also going to lay publishing this fully and to thank you Nigel thank you thank you to our next week brings back a show he did the radio detective our production last year there was a whole lot of fun he’s about to turn a very famous compost my radar science-fiction novel but got a cult following following around the world into an audio program so what is Ah yes we can but I’ve forgotten what is often awaited because I have just been skating on ice it’s awesome it’s going to be are losing Wolf Creek John Jarrett Dieter John Jarrett John Jarrett is one of the characters as actors all over the 43 activities pulled together to make this play that goes out on loan to Apple all those places on November 30 just before it launches regular talk about how this young man has pulled off yet again this amazing feat the city I tell you the state amazing until next week goodbye for me Steve Davis can I don you you train people notably know anybody who wants to hire Chewbacca they have known Chewbacca within their sole plate they are too eager to put you back and run around drinking noises 100 weeks ago we have a snippet from our chat with Rachel Henderson and social sucks I said that references what social sucks because the alluvium wants to go would be a monopoly at cast Jesus by Nigel Dobson 90 dangers by day and night is 99 the market and all my me everything my sister said one more thing to say he has enjoyed my GP girlfriend about the coast and more people in the year I and are are are

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