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About Todd Fischer

Todd Fischer Musical Curator The Adelaide Show Podcast

You can’t spell Todd without odd. And Todd does have a tendency to be a bit odd. For example, he’s currently writing this bio in the third person. But Todd would rather be odd than boring and that’s probably part of the reason why he gets along so well with Steve and Nigel.

Todd loves the Adelaide Show, not the one at Wayville Showgrounds though, he hates that. Once when he was 16 he sneakily tried some chilli there that was so hot that you had to be 18 or over to taste it. Initially he thought he was pretty tough and could handle it but 30 seconds later he was crying and asked his friend Sam to call his Mum. He hasn’t been back since.

From second choice to superstar*

Todd’s first encounter with the Adelaide Show Podcast started with a last minute call up from Steve after Dan Drummond fell ill and could no longer be the featured guest on the show that week.

With only hours to prepare, Todd still gleefully accepted despite knowing in the back of his mind he was their second choice.

He then spent over an hour talking with Nigel and Steve about everything from his work as a graphic designer in the music industry to how he barks at sheep.

Now, Todd has taken over the role as musical curator each week since Dan Drummond has decided he needs a holiday. Again the back up choice.

And yet again Todd has taken on the job with gusto despite fearing that the next step may be adopting Dan’s kids.

Todd Fischer, musical curator

If you’ve read this far then you obviously aren’t busy, so you won’t mind me telling you a bit more about Todd and his passion for music.

He actually played a few gigs with a friend when he was younger and although he loved it, he always knew he didn’t quite have the ability to make a career out of singing and performing live.

That’s why Todd is so happy that he’s been able to start a business that not only allows him to express himself creatively but also keep very close ties with the music industry.

Designing gig posters and album covers is easily Todd’s favourite part of the job and he loves the challenge of interpreting music in a visual way.

You’ll notice Todd’s taste in music is more varied than Australia’s PM over the last 10 years.

Adelaide is extremely diverse musically and he hopes to reflect that by giving listeners a taste of as many different genres as possible.

Apart from enjoying Todd’s contributions from episode 205 onwards, follow Todd on Facebook or catch peeks at his work shared on Instagram.

*This sub-heading was inserted by Steve because although Todd might have been a replacement, once, such accidents are how many people meet and stories begin. Let’s turn to an “odd” page and lose ourselves in this new chapter!