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209 – The Adelaide Show At The Royal Adelaide Show

The Adelaide Show at the Royal Adelaide Show episode 209

It’s showtime again so The Adelaide Show Podcast went to spend time with The Royal Adelaide Show team to dig into more stories of the past and get insights into what’s new this year. We do this with Michelle Hocking, general manager of the Royal Adelaide Show, and CEO John Rothwell. This follows our intriguing interview last year in which Richard Fewster sat opposite Michelle with plenty of stories.

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is from The Royal Adelaide Show

Nigel will try to stump us in IS IT NEWS on the topic of the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.

In 100 Weeks Ago we hear from Michelle Lensink from the upper house in state parliament.

In stories without notice, Steve recounts some discoveries at the Art Gallery.

And in the musical pilgrimage … Todd Fischer has a song from Bjear.

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Running Sheet: The Adelaide Show At The Royal Adelaide Show

00:00:00 Outtake
 Matt wrote our questions
Theme and Introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:02:28 SA Drink Of The Week
Royal Adelaide Show 175th Anniversary Wine … tasting notes
00:08:30 Stories Without Notice

Steve visited the Art Gallery of South Australia on the weekend and met the grumpiest and sourest guide ever, leading him to ponder whether Tourism SA or a good marketing company should work with the guides to be friendlier, from a tourism, marketing, customer experience perspective. He was there with Nick Leaver, the artist we interviewed back in episode 195, and because we had to kill time waiting for our kids to do art work, it forced us to spend time in one room of the gallery and we both had an epiphany.

Also through the week, Nigel shared an article entitled, A neuroscientist who studies decision-making reveals the most important choice you can make. In relation to the Royal Adelaide Show, how can we use these insights to make a family visit more peaceful?

00:17:08 Michelle Hocking and John Rothwell

Last year, we interviewed Richard Fewster and Michelle Hocking about the Royal Adelaide Show and for a few seconds after spontaneously asking Michelle if we could return again, a voice inside my head asked, what can we talk about this year after covering so much last year? And there is the rub for agricultural shows. While some people love tradition and habits, others take a “been there, done that” attitude to big events, quickly moving on to something new. So, tonight, we’ll explore the challenge of maintaining traditions while embracing innovation with CEO John Rothwell and GM Michelle Hocking.

John, I stole that line, how to maintain traditions while embracing innovation, from a talk you gave last year to the Queensland Shows Bienniel Conference. Do you think you’ve found the formula, here in SA, or is there still a long way to go?

Why do we need the traditions and why do they stick?

Why do we resist change?

What are some of the changes you’ve battled for in your time as CEO? (moving competition nominations and ticketing online, bringing billboard advertising digital, as well as transforming a costly exclusive ladies luncheon into a successful fundraiser)

You list not having relevance or viability as your two biggest risks. How is 2017 going to achieve both?

Tell us about the scheme of giving a ticket to the Show to new citizens?

We interviewed Dr Bill Griggs a few months ago in episode 183, and he shared memories of his involvement in the aftermath of the Spin Dragon accident. He is still haunted by it. Is it still part of the psyche of people at the show?

01:07:58 Is It News?

Nigel challenges the panel to pick the fake story from three stories from South Australia’s past.

The Sport November 1927
The public flocked, “to the new showgrounds to witness the thrilling racing at the Speedway Royal, The weather suited outdoor sport, and over 12000 persons attended, and evidently went away well satisfied with the evening’s amusement., The motor cycle authorities are up to date in every particular, keeping things well on the move and up to time, and that’s what the public like.

The Advertiser September 1925
Showground Flood – A correction
In the report of the showground flood in yesterday’s issue of The Advertiser an error occurred. Wischer and Co. Proprietary Limited is not, as stated, a German firm with headquarters in Melbourne and they are showing their manufacturers of manures at the grounds. The company is a Adelaide company with works in Klemzig. The showroom of Wischer and Company was destroyed with its contents by the flooded Keswick Creek. Messrs. Swallow and Ariell, biscuit manufacturers, state that their pavilion at the grounds was saved when sandbags were placed at the doors. Among the exhibitors who suffered by the partial collapse of the Industrial Pavilion was Horlicks’s Malted Milk Company, which had a complete collection of their well-known products on view.

The Advertiser April 1944
Chief Officer Whyte’s Warning
A fire broke out in wood-and- iron stables at the rear of the main grandstand at Wayville Showground about 8.30 p.m. on Saturday. No horses were in the stalls. The totalisator, only a few feet from the stables, was threatened by flames fanned by a strong breeze. The stables and an adjoining building were damaged. Chief Officer J. J. Whyte, of the Fire Brigade, said that five fire appliances, 20 men and six officers were engaged for two and a half hours in fighting a fire which should have been under control within 10 minutes if the water supply had been normal. The water supply at the Wayville Show grounds, he said, was inadequate to cope with a fire in any or the large buildings there. Only by running long lines of hose from the northern and southern boundaries had a fair supply been obtained. By the time the hoses were got Into position the buildings were well alight. Chief Officer Whyte added that the fire brigade for the past four years had urged that a better water supply should be provided hi that area.' It was amazing that such a valuable concentration of buildings should not be more adequately protected.

01:29:55 100 Weeks Ago
In 100 Weeks Ago, we dig into the vault to find a snippet of our interview with Michelle Lensink from the upper house of state parliament. We talked about many things including her work supporting the private member’s bill to decriminalise sex work in South Australia. We are diving deep into that topic in a fortnight. But tonight, we are playing the bit where we talk about her being late into her pregnancy because it picks up on Hayley Everuss from Oz Harvest last week. She is pregnant with her second child and said she has not been to the Royal Adelaide Show for ages, to which Steve replied that Michelle Hocking won’t be stressed as she knows time is on her side 🙂 Here’s Michelle, who is a physiotherapist, talking about posture and pregnancy.
01:36:44 Musical Pilgrimage

And our song this week is Nevada by Bjear, selected by our musical curator, Todd Fischer.

In the spirit of the Royal Adelaide Show, this week I’m going to show off the best that South Australia has to offer and give out a first place ribbon of my own to my favourite album of 2017. This has got to go to the stunning self-titled, debut album by Bjéar which was released back in January. It has an incredibly polished and consistent sound that is rarely found in a debut and every song is as good as the next… unfortunately that makes it really tough for me to choose just one to play for you.

I was left speechless after their Album launch at the Ed Castle as I don’t think I’ve ever heard a local band play so true to their recordings. It makes it even more amazing when you consider that they had about 10 different people on stage, all playing with varying layers of intricacy and dynamics. They produced such a tight and professional performance that it was like listening to a band who has been touring and perfecting their sound for years. Oh and the sound guy that night, Chris Vince, deserves a huge pat on the back.

The landscape-focused music, combined with carefully considered lyrics, transports you to another place and creates a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Bjear’s relaxing tunes are practically therapeutic and best enjoyed in a steamy bath or in front of a fire with a glass of wine and a loved one. 

I’m going to play the second track off the album, which is called Nevada. Like many others on the album, this song uses dynamics to their fullest, starting with delicate acoustics that build into a euphoric crescendo. 

01:48:20 Outtake
Come and rub my head … John’s timbre … Michelle’s wrinkly pics … wine in company

Here is this week’s preview video:

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

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