In episode 209 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, we returned to taste the RAHS 175th Anniversary 2010 Shiraz Cabernet 51 weeks after trying it in episode 158.

Our new tasting panel included Royal Adelaide Show CEO John Rothwell and its GM Michelle Hocking, with Nigel tasting it this time (last year, Michael Shanahan had filled in for him).

In last year’s tasting, Steve had mentioned a mat of tannin, some sultanas, and a hint of leather.

But, as John mentioned, Andrew Hardy forecast this wine will be reaching its peak at the 7-10 year mark, which is exactly where we are.

RAHS 175th Anniversary 2010 Shiraz Cabernet tasting notes

The first thing Steve noted was how the dryness and the “grip” had accentuated, compared to the 2016 tasting.

Steve also noted the bright tinges of red in the glass while he was trying to describe an elusive flavour that was arching up over his palate, like the Royal Show ferris wheel. His first description was marzipan (he said it was like walking through the Haunted House and having marzipan jump out at you, just as you’d passed) but later in the podcast he said it was more like a bitey, hard cheese. Something to ponder.

Michelle is not a red wine person but did take a sip of John’s, a rare occasion. See image.

Michelle Hocking drinking red wine on The Adelaide Show Podcast 209

Michelle got raisins with her sip and mentioned how the wine was deep, dark, and mouth-filling.

Nigel said he was getting dried fruits with a lingering sweetness.

John confessed that he has been buying 6-packs of this wine for his sons-in-law, and there are very few remaining.

You can buy some of the remaining bottles via the Secretary’s Office during the Show.

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