8-songs-shiraz Photo: Steve DavisWhere do I begin,
To tell the story of how great this wine has been

And so we have the first SA Drink Of The Week review that begins with me proclaiming that this is the first wine in a long time that I have wanted to serenade!

This is a consummate wine.

Peter Lehmann 8 Songs Shiraz is also one of the few wines on the market where the writing on the label actually does correspond to the wine experience on your palate.

We had this wine in episode 39, in which I was in Darwin and therefore, thankfully, had the whole bottle to myself.

Its deep crimson colour sparkles with bright red highlights, its mouthfeel is luxurious, almost silken like a rich, creamy soy milk (I know that is a bizarre reference but it is the closest I can get to capture my experience), and then we are rewarded with fine, ripened plums amid swirls of chocolate both buoyed on a bed of soft tannins.

This is so good (whoops, there is a soy milk reference) I cannot show you the rest of the picture, above!!

Please, enjoy this as the South Australian Drink Of The Week and fall back on it should you ever have a moment’s doubt that South Australia is the wine centre of the world.