Try mentioning South Australia to any other Australian and inevitably the name Don Dunstan will come up.

This week, we delve into the first biography about Don Dunstan by interviewing its author, Dr Dino Hodge.

Dino unravels some of the mystery around Don Dunstan by taking us back to his formative years, the social and sexual culture of early 20th Century South Australia, the cold war, the police and ASIO special squads and, ultimately, the key things that shrouded his departure from public life.

[NOTE: Dino Hodge’s interview spanned two episodes. Hear part two of our Don Dunstan biography interview in episode 40.]

Also this week, we discuss the mainstream media coverage of our interview with Adelaide Lord Mayor, Stephen Yarwood, in last week’s show, episode 038. In particular, we discuss The Advertiser/City Messenger treatment of the story in which they tried to milk controversy that wasn’t there from Stephen Yarwood’s use of the term apartheid.

We feature an incredibly talented South Australian band, The Bearded Gypsy Band. The aplomb with which they play clever, complicated compositions is a delight to listen to and to savour.

Likewise, this week’s wine is fittingly an 8 Songs shiraz from Peter Lehmann – harmony, confidence, majesty!

Plus plenty more, as always.

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Show notes

Intro: Our original theme song is here, Adelaidey-hoo. Note, throughout the podcast we also use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the radio signal sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

South Australian Drink Of The Week: Peter Lehmann 2010 8 Songs Shiraz Barossa Valley. Tasting notes.

Shout outs: Steve mentions Ayaka, recipient of an Adelaide Visa last week who since came back with her reasons WHY she stood up for Adelaide online. ‘Adelaide is such a small city not like Tokyo, Sydney or Melbourne. But I say, I love its people, its schools, its sea, its bushes, its sky, its atmosphere, its clouds, its planes (Qantas), how time goes slowly there, everything is concerned, I say, Adelaide is amazing!’ Brett says hi to the creepy man video crew.

Stories without notice: Stephen Yarwood’s interview last week spawned some good press coverage and some silly press coverage. Colin talks about price matching. Brett talks about the 60s rock invasion.

Interview: Dr Dino Hodge, author of Don Dunstan, Intimacy & Liberty (a political biography), published by Wakefield Press and available from Wakefield Press and available from most Adelaide bookshops, Wakefield Press in Kent Town and online at

Adelaide’s Yesterdays: Colin discovers that you can’t ride bikes on Sundays without upsetting the Presbyterians – well, at least you couldn’t back in the late 1890s. You can read it here.

Adelaide Visa Council: Before the Council this week:

  • Hypnotoad ‏@Brodhe (No case to answer)
  • Death ‏@TheReaper76 (No case to answer)
  • Emma Beau ‏@emmabeaumusic & Tyson Roling ‏@TysonRoling (Visas granted to both)

Brett’s Musical Pilgrimage: The Bearded Gypsy Band with Hungarian Holiday.

Here is this week’s preview video: