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Bleasdale 2013 Mulberry Tree Cabernet Sauvignon and Bygone Era 2014 Shiraz tasting notes

Andrew Reimer with Bleasdale and Bygone Era wines for The Adelaide Show Podcast

We had two South Australian Drinks Of The Week in episode 157 of The Adelaide Show podcast, thanks to Andrew Reimer.

Andrew, who was on the show to talk about his work as a celebrant conducting funeral services, actually prefers spirits these days (yes, the irony was not lost on us) but he dug into his fond wine memories and drew out a couple of wines that suit his palate.

Bleasdale 2013 Mulberry Tree Cabernet Sauvignon

This superb Cabernet Sauvignon from Bleasdale Wines at Langhorne Creek, opened our evening.

Steve noted a “spirit-like” nose that Brett described as being “porty”.

Steve noted a hint of eucalypt, while Michael got stewed apricots for breakfast.

Bygone Era 2014 Shiraz

Next, Steve turned to the Bygone Era Shiraz and he got a rubber note on the nose, which Michael picked up too.

Brett said it was broad on the palate with a range of flavour profiles including salt and sweet.

Steve got some vanilla and even got some cherry after the rubber had lifted.

Both wines were a joy to drink and worth hunting for. Listen to our live tasting, below, about three minutes in.

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