When in the Fritz Magazine HQ you drink what you are told and therefore we crafted these 2015 Sew & Sew Sashiko Series Shiraz tasting notes while recording episode 172 of The Adelaide Show.

Katie Spain championed these wines and stitched together a compelling story to accompany her choice.

In fact, we left with a soft spot for Sew & Sew’s Jodie Armstrong because she:

  • makes great South Australia wine and has a thing for hosting weird, one-off events that take people out of their comfort zone like the Sew & Sew Secret Dinner Society
  • helps support a group of women in Jakarta who sew wine bags for Sew & Sew. They set the price and they send the full price of the bags to help support them.
  • wanted to be a cat, as a little girl. Later on, she was going to be a jockey but her father convinced her that university would be a good idea.
  • is thriving in an industry that is male dominated and persists as a winemaker and consultant despite the fact that men working on farms don’t like taking instructions from “some bird”.
  • nurtures her wines from planting the vines through to putting the wine into bottle and selling it, which takes a lot of attention to detail, commitment and care.

2015 Sew & Sew Sashiko Series Shiraz tasting notes

Straight away, this wine bamboozled Steve who swore black and blue that it was a Barossa Shiraz. His tip is to choose this McLaren Vale wine for a blind wine tasting event and see if you can trick people with it.

He also noted how the short, firm brush of tannin swept and almost polished his palate, liking the drinking of this wine to sliding down a pristine, white hillside of alabaster, without any dust or dirt, just a clean, smooth ride.

Katie and Sky agreed.

Nigel blessed this wine as bringing everything to the table.

While this might pair well with fritz, we suggest enjoying it on its own so you can savour its nuances.

Hear our review about three minutes in: