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172 – Fritz and Sauciness

Fritz and Sauciness - The magazine launch edition of The Adelaide Show Podcast

They don’t have fritz in Sydney, went the old Bank SA ad many years ago. Yes, our humble sausage mix is indeed, South Australian, and therefore has become the most fitting name for a new, SA magazine that has all the offcuts of life in this state mixed and blended together into one, soft, perfumed product that is bound to put a smile on your face, like kids at the family butcher. To sort through the ingredients of Fritz, we have Sky Harrison and Katie Spain.

We discuss

  • What vegans might think about the magazine title
  • How feature writing is different from daily newspaper writing
  • Why we should spend time with older people and others with different points of view
  • Salman Rushdie’s view on the value of reading fiction
  • Sky and Katie’s takes on what it means to be South Australian
  • The value of discipline and routine learned from life on a dairy farm

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Also appearing in the Fritz And Sauciness episode

In the musical pilgrimage, we’ll hear from Rhys Howlett with the least jingoistic anthem for South Australia ever written

The SA Drink Of The Week is … from Sew And Sew Wines

In IS IT NEWS, Nigel tests us on the great fritz controversy.

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00:00:00 Outtake
Safe word
00:00:22 Theme
Theme and introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:02:32 SA Drink Of The Week
2015 Sew & Sew Sashiko Series Shiraz … tasting notes
00:08:48 Items Without Notice

Lions Club. Keeping stats in Rostrevor.

Congratulations to Paul Heck and Leonard Choice, photographers from episode 160. They have just won a three-year gig on the panel of photographers for tourism photography with Tourism SA.

00:12:06 Sky Harrison and Katie Spain

They don’t have fritz in Sydney, went the old Bank SA ad many years ago. Yes, our humble sausage mix is indeed, South Australian, and therefore has become the most fitting name for a new, SA magazine that has all the offcuts of life in this state mixed and blended together into one, soft, perfumed product that is bound to put a smile on your face, like kids at the family butcher. To sort through the ingredients of Fritz, we have Sky Harrison and Katie Spain.

Click the following link to hear the full conversation between Salman Rushdie and Sarah Green Carmichael on HBR’s Ideacast.

01:15:20 Is It News?
The news history quiz with Nigel Dobson-Keeffe. Read the stories. They get published each Sunday.
00:00:00 Adelaide Visa Council
No case this week.
01:36:40 Musical Pilgrimage
And our song this week is Eagle On The Hill by Rhys Howlett, selected by our musical curator Dan Drummond.
01:48:30 Outtake
 A little more wine? … Tom’s glasses …

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Hello, and welcome to the Adelaide show the weekly podcast that puts South Australian passion on centre stage I’m Steve Davis and here at the headquarters of Fritz magazine tonight I have Nigel dobson-keeffe hello everyone. Saracen Katie Spain what’s your favourite thing about it is impossible to force your favorites from 2016 Australian state. A whole lot more coming up in this weeks episode of the Adelaide show.

Yes, hi everyone welcome to episode 172 of the Adelaide Show and I’m looking on the table there is one one of the bottles is open get it. What are the Catholic 87 se 2015 Shiraz or right which is what we’ve been drinking had a little sip to taste it but before we go any? We need to do a first order of business switches to toast hour late Patron Queen Adelaide so would you all raise your glasses. To the Queen to the Queen and all who my cell in header. I’m wondering if Queen accolades given her a blessing to Fritz magazine yet has he been approached and we’re still waiting to hear back.

I’m sure I’ll put in a good word for you have been sipping something elusive that in my taste palette world always says Barossa Valley Tim. I don’t know this or not but there’s this little taste in the middle of my tongue tell me I visit Barossa on it it’s McLaren Vale. Is this mysterious element and weather at Mclaren Vale from the cloud Jodi Armstrong who and who is behind so and so just get her grapes from? All place on to something there straight Barossa made BYU McLaren Vale so that explains the fact that it’s a bit tongue. Got bit more sweetness bit of sunshine there in this why would you want to say about it ok what else do you know about this based in McLaren. How to leave from the Mornington Peninsula and we just really love what Jodi’s about really number one she’s a female Witcher? Looks but really like her attitude she is she’s pretty Fierce and brave in and what she doesnt she she throws up quite secretive. Secret dinner Society events where she brings together wine and food and secret locations and Kinda pushes people’s boundary. India and end with the sewing with sewing side is connected to a project somewhere she is a and teddy went over to Indonesia. A few years ago I just after there been a natural disaster and she was visiting friends and came across a group of women who. Like many people over there quotes and financially challenged and Jodie kind of mould on how she could possibly help them ok. Forget that she gets the ladies too so special bags that that the one can come in and they get all the money from that so they set up. Sodis beautiful bags with the missus can’t see it but the labels are almost look like they’ve been stitched and they they create the bag. A bit of income from that was really nice I’m so glad you’ve selected this wine for tonight cause I think it sounds very Worthy is yes a drink of the week. Wake anyone up pallets anybody what what’s watch so what are you finding this Kaiser resident drink at your table that friends. Freight wine to put in that because I swear most of your wine snobs would pick this as a Barossa shiraz I kid you not I should drink away. I’m not I’m doubling down the more I taste this this is just screaming Barossa at me it’s phenomenal from the parent I don’t know how she is. She’s weaved magic I’m getting and I don’t know how to describe this because it is the fact that this is lovely drenching of stock. The end of the drive and sweeps away the dust from the palate it’s a text me too when I went to Alice Springs once and I went out. The little place where you just have rock and was gorgeous imagine those rocks will white alabaster they weren’t around and you were just. Sliding down them gently with not a shred of dust in there anywhere just beautiful smooth that’s what this one is Conjuring in my pay. I don’t know how to describe it anywhere other than that what are you getting Katie it’s just a few episodes not just pure clear. Means you got a solid good wine in your class this one has got good body in the meniscus and I’m seeing crimson tones there. Just want and what I say lovely legs in the class which means he probably has a bit of a kick out of this one just quietly in the US. That’s gorgeous I think all that’s left for me to say is The Ellen Show 2015 McLaren Vale Shiraz is the South Australian drink of the week.

Two quick items without notice but I want to raise one is my father in law. Member affect you to be president is member of the Lions Club in our area and they go out everynight trundling around to sell the Christmas. And when the year in this case is men come back to work out the takings one of them is a statistician and he’s keeping notes in it. Big ears I want to get him on the show one night he can tell U Street by Street what’s been happening with average purchases off. Lions Club Christmas puddings throughout the eastern suburbs for I think at least 11 years and he had to he knows they can plot when they go. Ignite what sort of sale is it like to have and he is the inside Tip much what I meant to be sharing this but the big rage is there. Little puddings and big puddings it’s gone nuts with little puddings this year they actually sold more of them but it’s two little ones. So, I Turn to You to cause your boat at the cusp of trends what’s behind this while we are opting for the smaller pudding. I thought I would say it’s because we want to be able to indulge more and you can have a small one you don’t feel so guilty. Bright small enough to share everything in those statics a quick note to all hap and Leonard choice to consummate photographers. On episode 160 of the podcast they have just been awarded a contract for 3 years to be on the panel of photographers for tourism SA. The, will be prancing around the state taking photographs of all sorts of things and I just want to say well done to them these guys? Live and breathe deeply the whole realm of photography and I just can’t wait to see how they capture South Australia as you want to relive and get. Hot back episode 162 lovely episode to listen to if you’re relaxing over summer Autumn Blaze it doesn’t hurt as A3 portrait I don’t know. Well you remember what you look good in the photos so it’s pretty impressive skills though I’m glad I asked for you. lettuces get ready.

Game on I’m Kelsey from Channel 9 South Aussie with Cosi it’s Steve a while ago when I first saw him on Crime Stoppers on Channel 9. RAC is hosting this podcast so he’s gone on to bigger better things which I’m really proud of they don’t have Fritz in Sydney. Gold BankSA ad many years ago and yes I’m humble sausage mix is indeed South Australian and therefore has become the most fitting though. SA Magazine that has all the offcuts of life in this state mixed and blended into one soft perfume product that’s bound to put a smile. Like the smile on the faces of kids at the local butcher to sort through the ingredients of Fritz magazine we have sky Harrison. Rainbow Dash welcome to you both for the official formal part of the program I also know that ur preparing for this and you’ve been slicing. Table Katie what is that a little when was the last time each of us has had friends who wants to start an irregular cone. 13-year-old son so. Um I’m often eating a bit for a bit of it with him right Cody a very long time ago when I was very little girl on a dairy farm. I remember having a slice of fruit so obviously I’ve cut me something I forgot that you have to take the rind off I just saw that was. About 5 I think it is a zoo. It’s exactly the same as you know 45 2 years ago in a long time my adult life I can’t remember the rest of it all goes back to. But I’ve got little girls who are 6 and 8 and at Leabrook at our local butcher if we go in there they say you want a piece of Fritz. Anthem of the Peace affects which supplement for writers I can do that and they’re letting is gorgeous tell me if that happens. What is different things will have a South Australian Quirk?

Anywhere else and I perfume that has a new right Michael hasn’t changed and 45 years I don’t tell directly from the ingredients. Someone makes a Fritz perfume food flavouring mixed somewhere this is one of the mysteries of life wouldn’t that be great we can still hook up. I’m sure you will be we will now but if you don’t will look up with the butcher Be Waxed be good to go to put it all in fact I got the exact. We are we are actually I’m done but yet will head down to Yankalilla will get so pissed right now from Wakefield and Grange. Nice with her today actually I will get the information before about the butcher down there I’m on my plan this year we going to be. Well that was now we need to know we do it the fridge in the microphone but I don’t know what I’m really eating talking sky before. Your son fries it might bother your father Friday yet a father in BBQ sauce and then drive it in BBQ shack in a fry pan and then won’t fit. Culture inside the bread and have a sandwich from winter looks on a couple of Christmases ago couple Summers ago and they said you should slide. Alex met first and BBQ it because it brings a whole new experience to the fore but frying the Fritz they would do that as well. But not all his friend I have to cancel our kissing on the cleanup worked out your favourite brand difference yet among staff. Really talked about brands have we just got our friend to me it was all so how’s the BBQ vs tomato sauce out of going I’m definitely. Stinginess of the tomato that this works with the the plush perfume base of the Fritz we have the stations about 🙂 fritz and. It’s the same as your traditional non 🙂 fritz NZ. I think that the smile ruins but I have something to say I can’t bring myself to eat 🙂 Eat that quite often and it’s a person about the smell of it can’t do it but got a bung Fritz and just once covered in one night. Be something else during column each quarter in the magazine comes out that takes us a step further on the journey and to fix it up. Stem cells and content that will end up on our blog make your beloved people come in they love it. Summer holiday over that little holiday. app. Headed to be a bit shorter we tend to be a bit more frayed then we are at other times of the year and I wonder if it’s because. So, precious the fleeting summer holiday that seems to come and go really quickly that we content of all and if that’s part of the fat the way. My holiday centre gone forever. When I know it’s blink of an eye if you’re always feel a bit sick parent who is trying to enjoy this holiday that you feel is fleeting? The kids with you here feeling like it’s taking forever that has got to be a match made in an hour and politely now but I can swear that Somerhalder. It seemed like forever as a kid but they went on and on and it is in the 3 term part of the history and not the crazy 14 thing you got. Nothing it was was it 11 weeks of holidays out with quite long back then it was because people kids is that one of the phone decided work what do. No, and it’s a good apps on the iPad or whatever let me know I actually paid attention that the Friday before the last week of prayer. Olympic at school before the end of January shocking stuff anyway I digress disgrace it is it is great I should be a long no actually. Gentrification of the workforce there more parents wanting the kids to be banished to school where where I’ll keep working families now. Your appointment have Mum at home business least we get the children working during the Christmas Vacation and you have a 32 for working Perth. I think about the other day they are talking about in America by the way without the World Around trumpet talking abou should have got that kazoo. Intensive follow them all right show centred on Fritz I ask you one question that it was swirling around in my mind I understand Fritz. That is so South Australia national. Photos of Devon or whatever happened to crossed your mind about the vegan readership are they going to have you talked about that int. Vegetarians and vegans are they going to feel uncomfortable have we thought about that well I don’t think that they’re going with boycott a product. Named after a meat products will I hope not. The whole thing about Fritz this is a metaphor for the nostalgia of South Australia and I childhoods it it’s all those positive feelings and it’s. In a little bit daddy which we are to work we embrace I diagnose you know where it went not trying to be glitzy and glamorous. MC wait were trying to share ourselves and being with everyone but me know across economy Everyday People cause that’s who we are. I don’t see it as being something that isn’t going to pick it up and find you know 50 recipes for me inside.

Preview perfume we are in the dark as to the ingredients of Fritz but what are the ingredients of Fritz the magazine. What things have you all should have brought together to create this product or it’s a whole make it work with branded as a lifestyle publication which is it? It means we can really talk about anything we want to so our health focus on that is telling great stories and that will always be. About us so if we wanted to tell in a 10 different home stories because they were all amazing then we we could if we wanted to tell you. Face we could do that we’re not looking ourselves into particular pattern of content that said we do have it divide into sections will week. Thanks so with with got travel with got home and garden make-up and fashion and. We got wine just got some news and events and all sorts of things basically anything it takes a fancy anything we think is were. So, many people know about we have them try to fit it in and Cody your the features at a time so you must have an inbuilt barometer. What sort of things are going to grab our imagination and when can you give us a glimpse into your head or how does that work it up and always have? The heart and soul and I will talk to people at a bus stop I talk to a lot of people at bus stop to everybody and it’s just about getting it. M & A Beautiful Thing it says will have some we do have some very well known faces and names in here that we have dinner with cover. But we also got Everyday People you know like the Nana on the corner who bakes cakes for the CSS now she’s had page station and head. Pretty little her name is a long hair next to Nick Xenophon and TK made so she gets as much importance this lady is all u mean cuz I. Tutorial you talk about celebrating the real is what you mean by letting people who are just doing their thing and doing it with love and Co. Send a difference in their communities and they don’t have to be well known and didn’t have to be you know at a certain level of success or state. The, were quite happy to celebrate those people as well so it’s very in bracing of people all different parts of life if we look?More widely about mass media and Rome particular cater you’ve got a history with was an hour SA Magazine the weekend when we can do news.

Generally speaking are you open to be able to do as much as we are on a whim there was a bit more constraints to for the all your. Text to have some sort of celebrity profile and worth in the market to begin this weekend magazine different than the daily. Cause you have a bit more time in and you don’t people love the naked people of magazines and I’ll pick them up anyway you not look so much. Splash of headline auden the well-known faces. Freeware which something I can get a little bit tedious to be honest where is with with something and this is what dreams do this. Something like fruits which comes out 4 times a year we have so much work it’s not so much we have a lot of time to really think about. I’m home you want to cover how we want to cover them and putting the time and effort into doing that properly and capturing them in pictures the way. We’re doing a lot of video as well so I really can’t to delve into their lives a bit in and show people a different side to them. Unique position to be in it’s pretty rare and publishing I think so it’s a very lucky very exciting for the multimedia. But I want it back on what you’re saying about magazines of different I didn’t appointed you and you September. Point Cook this Sunday this something in the way our brain operates that has a different set of rules for the different situations we are. And seen a magazine does open up a different set of rules at almost gives us permission to do well a bit longer at least historically. My question is my wife here to ponder is where we living our lives at a faster and faster right all the time is this going to become. Saturn scarcity commodity or is there a pendulum swing that will always come back to needing the refuge of a magazine what what do. Pink on on this topic cause I know it’s at the heart and I know you’re at 20 you’re launching a magazine but do you think about this is. All of this account being business and not think about those things for me if it if we believe the swing was going right the other way. Where can you less and less why would you put being a job where boss is boring always money and take reading magazine like this? Time and I really believe that magazines or something that people in a kid gives them permission to slow down for a little bit. Different looking at a screen name in screen separator getting fast information being up-to-date you know getting those quick. Kittens being able to walk away from all of that with a magazine and sit down with your tea or coffee or a glass of wine whatever. Declare thing not just her everyone around you but to yourself this is my time and I’m not going to be interrupted I’m going to take the time out for me. Arancino 10 minutes so if you know an hour or you don’t on the device or in the bath or whatever you know like if you could you can take. You can have your fruits in the bath with you I found an doesn’t sound right does it but you can because if it dips in the water. Not like you’ve just fuelled your smile your tablet and anything go grab another copy if it’s completely not worry about it but. The stuff that Fuels these sorts of things do you see it wide open future do you see it always an ongoing challenge getting harder and. Earn that time I think we all deeply want that time I think we yearn for it I think we’re all caught up in this rush of life and we bomb. Battle media with invited by advertising when bombarded by news through a lot of people get it digitally now and I know I certainly. Open it to ur to wine I spent most of my money on it magazines and wine on it is that that’s like I was just saying that’s my time. Cotoletta time to shopping and cooking I’m not really a gardener some people get it that way sitting down with a magazine. And even just taking the time to interview someone and get this story out of them this kind of that’s just stopping in and taking that moment. Mantra and I think you can see in friends they call it heaps to Trentino people going back to knitting beanies end up doing book clubs. Succulents planting succulents in whatever I think it’s all it’s all just a sign that we really are you aiming for something that. Mission to stop just for a second and switch off can you talk me through your intimates intimate time with a magazine because I? I’ve struggled to slow down and find times to stop I use to stop with books how do you do it how to prepare how do you make that time. Get on an aeroplane so you sleeping or I tend to eat I’m reading a magazine.

IPhone and iPad at home and he removed all his email from iPad Spotify and the other stuff that he might do to to relax. And keep his phone for business and he’s learnt that to be more effective he put that phone away when he has some of his down to. Me time and i i spose magazine is it sort of sits in that room definitely all that we have to relearn how to give us your sperm. To stop login to ANZ 2016 out of cement to be watch me work 20 hours a week work by now if it was prolly prediction and maybe even 10 hours a week. Years ago and was actually happen to people about working more and more and the introduction of Technology into our Lives has just made that. Swiss noelex 30 years ago you go home from you till the end of the day unless I was completely Dire Straits and there’s a phone call on the land. It was pretty much you what time until you until the next morning rolled around but now in the situation where most people in many job. Have I saw you on call 24/7 and there is no I miss you all lucky enough to live in a job that is basically you a hobby people when to pay you. Is a lot of people who are working in jobs who can’t escape the job when I leave home and having to have this I don’t know whether you need it’s the lack of it? Asylum leave it in another room walk outside read a magazine or do just nothing is pretty much frowned upon now if you were just sitting at. Sing or just thinking did you forget raised eyebrows from the majority of people these days busy would be seen as a non constructive. I think most of those raised eyebrows behind that would that be look at you with deep and be like that might be the front. I reckon it these days I think initially it might of been like that but I think it’s become so and got raided now I think a lot of people. Eva sort of you know where I’m minute wasted is you not a minute not doing something productive is wasted this like you look at The Gov. All of the skills to do with creating jobs and growth and something like you know as soon as I know I wasn’t sure if that’s a lifestyle choice. Says if the only thing as useful in the world is yeah basically physically making something completely productive and I think. Decor ideas spread through society and in people do start feeling guilty and stressful enough I mental health is now going through the roof. Made it to fight against that I’m done at 3 itself and a self-rated report as well I’m mental health is hard not to track of a better top. Number 3 is concerned in a self-guided report. A really good look about what’s happening as Society that’s just wrong and here’s the thing that it looks like you’ve kept inside. Addition of Fritz sweet I’m happy enough to be holding in my hands the moment would you like a text so fast before we leave value. My name or because I noticed there’s an article about the freeway and what that is is a three-way with eggs. And is 3 different ways to cook eggs and I’m just thinking it’s one of the things I’ve been told to have a few more off. I hate the smell of cooking them myself and cleaning up afterwards that and I’m looking for I’m curious and so here’s the dilemma I mean. 5 not exposed to the fact that somehow this is happening I’m glad you’ve got distribution of things through Foodland. Supermarket level of distribution to you’re going to sleep it and change my life through articles like this come from the most common things at the recipe. DIY and cooking oil for people who have a Million Different appliances or spend all their weekend cooking for friends or whatever. Things that work for busy people you had no time and we just looking for something that is lovely.

Getting late I can’t be bothered if it is part of the problem. Does the magazine culture and especially when you were back with the other side Katie If You Raise The Bar so high that we feel? To take that lovely selfie snaps of the food with just made to to keep up with the Joneses nice but I’m getting the sense that you’re not. The fuel in that culture with Fritz now no I don’t think so it all away it’s um a minute that culture has its bonuses it’s got some good stuff. Where abouts I think we should there is any if you see it a lot of magazines used as an expectation level get set to highlight with? Women’s body image where magazines for many decades sort of made out now this is how your perfect body should look at cetera et cetera. A rabbit not watching television for quite a few years now and but I do notice the trends in the fundus whole issue with the cooking thing. Fantastic amazing gourmet meals I think a lot of people just give up because it’s really Beyond The Reach to have that time and the skills. And little is available for the the kitchen now to do some of that work and I think it’s yet again ok with persecuted dinner women on how they look. 101 have a can’t cook anymore and going back to some basics soon and I just normal food that you actually practically would my. Places to just eat not to show off anything yet and so yeah I think the other side of the media the mat the best backup media is it. Pulley for a Spritz on the other hand is more practical is like a he is easy to make food because when she was home fri reading through summer. Peace in his own things are really hard and I are actually they’re not her they’re actually really straightforward to make those thoughts. Simple things just as a simple sort of yes I managed to make something they are just put into an attention back to women. Defence Health Science Guy because you raise the issue of womens Port rail female portrait in magazines I’ve I have flick through. Truck stop Nomads better any stories editorial the first woman in your magazine that I’ve come across I might of miss I might just. Fritz Chelsea Randall is first she’s on the Crows AFL women’s team she’s there she’s not featured in a bikini or any sort of. Grace note and the woman on the next Pages Wendy Weaver who was the grandma from Goolwa who seems to be the one who hasn’t cooks up. When there is a storm for the see if that’s pictured with her kids and grandkids real pictures of an as a father of two girls can I do? Thank you we want to seem normal women in awful situation too lately and then that same as take a lot of photographs at done without. There’s not using any special lighting business stylist no hair and make-up we just go out or get them to come in here and we’ll take it. Everyone until it is not sure when we was possible but I don’t have to congratulate or Evelyn Ross a tattoo artist who is example restart. Green fishnet leggings first hand experience of having a pair myself it is an excellent choice in legging where is amazing to meet a cheetah. In 2 year old nudists from Maslins Beach she’s been at a nudist since the seventies she’s from me I won’t give too much away but she’s. Original and she makes giant inflatable creatures that appear at womadelaide and have done for the last 20 years to teach children. Out of the environment and she is a cracker go to so I’m sorry to hear my bro when you talk about I should but her being a nudist as you make sure. Things I did wonder where you were going around 8:21 every single one of us is on a treadmill hopefully we don’t get a chance to do that. Um as far as our society is concerned especially putting a magazine together is the age aspect of your readers a factor. Too much Factor is it more about the different passions and interests people have that these days tend to spend a lot of Eden. Free your mind because you’ve been immersed in pondering and working for the soccer cleat with age of the elderly it’s not even the elderly. Character and his I love the lines on someone’s face in the stories that day and catch you later and the reason the reason I enjoy. Publication in and fitness companies because I’m kinda not dictated by someone’s age of their appearance or what they’re going to look like in a foot. And whether that that kind of has an impact. I can cover the story or not which has been a problem in the past hour question is always how good for story what’s the story here. If the story is amazing and it touches ass in somewhere it makes us laugh and give the story then well I will go and explore it. Redesign stupid and and I really don’t think I’m you don’t need to you don’t need to do to cater for the lowest common denominator. Went together a publication I think people people want and value a really good story in a story well told and and two kinds of 2. Folding that’s a little bit confronting because of the way someone looks or their age is the wrong way to go about it because. Thing you brought two strands together very well that the fact that as SkyPoint that it’s almost ring for the story and you said. Reader’s aren’t stupid I feel a lot of mass media in particular assumes they are we’ve also seen with election results in a straight. And in America I would actually argue a lot and photos are stupid for the way they can easily swayed to go for that poisonous. I’m scared of are you when lying on the truth of that philosophical stands that we’re not stupid that are young hipster type. Posted by singing 80 year old lady featured in a story are you a really rough patch in your future on the hope that we can cope well. I do feel that way we need to get over themselves and little bit like we don’t when I hear to perpetuate that I’m not going to tiptoe. Rap you know we live in a society full of all sorts people with all sorts of diversity and you know white wide narrow down to. Factors that we think in a majority people going to feel comfortable with that would console EB second guessing and you kill so many great store. What would be the point we have a responsibility I think it’s a very rare position to be in in a minute in a place where you can? Categories and we have a responsibility to to to reflect real life you don’t walk down the street and only see beautiful people walk. And annotate reflect that in your pages or or or on your website I’m just I think it’s irresponsible and iPads I think that you know. It’s ability to reflect real life models muhau general. Is awkward in dealing with AIDS because I’m speaking now is someone who has been around the sun a few times if you ask me how old do I? 26 comes to mind a few years past 26 Healy and but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people would have a similar answer. Physical body is taking the battering of being around the sun but inside this funk this attitude doesn’t say transpose really was asking. You when you’re talking to people you’re seeing past that you’re talking to the human in the side that is a spirit of someone with. I made my favourite thing to do on a Friday is not to go down to Clever Little Tailor as much as I love these little bars and. Beautiful cocktails I like to go to the Willunga RSL and hang out with with the oldies up there and done between listening to stories which. Kallangur RSL guide to when I go as I travel what about travel articles and has no pictures of Willunga in there or just the faces of. One of my favourite part 2 the whole magazine that is awesome tapestry of our community and I wonder actually for magazines like free time. All the success for them because if we if many of us get behind it you got a chance to Awaken our Wellness of the community. Bullets shapes and sizes and ages and passions and and whatnot in fact you’re possibly going to do what the other Pillars of society. Are we getting our best shot in 2k to ask you about it but you have all that I believe is going through the publication process? If that fight yet I’m in the process of me riding with synopsis to send out to publishers and agents and record that it’s a big one that’s quite. Dostoevskian Minion wave duration of novels how many pages you would equate to do you think we talking 404 have the flu and a 4 pack?

I had I couldn’t tell you about what it would be like laid out but I was just thinking that last the last draught was about to hunt. No, we’re just under three hundred thousand words I think I got it down to your typical novel about 100 220. The other Dostoevsky asked because I heard this amazing it if you another one from Harvard iid cost with Salman Rushdie. Do we actually need fixing what’s the value of fiction in this world ever listen to what I said?

Important for us to spend time with you but that also gives you doors into other peoples lives so it. He creates a great deal of empathy in you when you can step into another characters shoes and walk the path with them it allows you a minute I looked at work. IBooks and I decided I had a wall in my house that was just filled with books and I decided that I would call them for the move cousin. And I got rid of nine books and I couldn’t part with any of the others because every single one of them to me was another life that I have. Should I believe it it’s like stepping into another aspect of myself because that in the reading process and to falling in love with the carrot. Italian going on and having their experiences I’ve become they become part of me and I’ve become part of them and so you know. Part of books for that reason and I think it just gives you such a big view of the world and even if you’re reading fantasy about other. You still bringing that back to a human experience and your own experience and for that reason alone for their the empathy create. Apollo I think would be a disastrous thing if we don’t have fiction Salman Rushdie said reading an Afghan novel takes you into the law. Packets of living then I remember back in the early eighties when the first Gulf War happened I didn’t play at La Mama theatre your Natalie. Bicubic al-hakim it isn’t an Egyptian writer. Wonderful critical piece about citizens giving up their rights to the royalty and the government and we did that deliberately to say that them. 91 Middle Eastern. Bad guy who want to say directly humans as well as a lot of humans and literature Davis at Insight but the thing that you said. Sky Captain to Katie you were saying how to literature gives us the inside of the other peoples lives and Katie I’m wondering why the re. Old to be a rider if you’re happy to spend time at the Willunga RSL chatting with people there must be some internal curiosity. Is that what it is I think so I grew up on a dairy farm we weren’t allowed television will I think you’re allowed Country Practice? Cc that was it no mobility Home and Away or rum or neighbours in our household we didn’t have computer games which we hated our parents. And we read we just read books and spoke to people I guess and had Adventures out on the Coorong and road motorbikes in imagines. Guess you about that curiosity of a country kid as always stay with me but hope you having a schooner at the Wollongong RSL. Spelt something it’s just come out of Pauline Hanson’s mouth that day how do you how do you process a how do you cope that happens. I think that’s really important because I think this is what this is particularly digital world we live in at the moment there’s a lot of talk about Facebook. How does it only feed your opinions that that that that how u Thinkin and um and your beliefs about how the world works I mean? If you hear conflicting companion opinions how can you question them and how can you how can you make a sand gate with lemon and. Text them I’m so listening to the focus Willunga RSL and some of that what I think it crazy comments it come out. Makes me kind of stop and ponder why they think like that and what in there you many many generations ago might’ve affected that. As a 34 year old it’s really it’s kind of really important and helps me understand my grandpa a lot better who is a member. Yeah it helps because you know that’s up some racism compat can come out of their Territory to chat with friends over the years of getting in. Stories cuz one of the reasons that the pundits got the American election results so wrong is this is part of the map that was Justin. Of this middle America and I feel that we have the same here we don’t get the voices to the depth of core from ordinary. For whatever reason there blinded by whatever you can I read the comments section yo you all the comment section of evil. I don’t know I don’t read comments section. Unless you you’re responsible for the stands and Sky athletic with fruits online what’s your comment seksenler. PayWave definitely having one where having open to comment so we invite everyone to come and respond to our blogs and articles and Let It Snow. Weddings would be like so far I win at life yet I thought I saw something online it says not live yet it’s not like you so when will that be. Yeah done Thursday when the magazine comes out I can organise really free for all uncensored uncensored what happens if you. Heap of Horrid commentary au. Cavities in the community to respond balance it out I think it’s one of those things will play by ear I may wait that’s the beauty of us. Business is that we can respond and adapt to things fairly quickly so we thought we’d open it up and give it a go see what happens. Where they came to engage with people to hear their thoughts on things and? That is something that will feed back into the magazine as well so I don’t want to face to face I mean that sort of thing will keep it up. You never sent me don’t want to censor people are those 2 things within daily but the indaily tends to have decent commentary. Place and weather is just attracts a different market then the advertiser does which is everybody already lodged who knows experience. The tone with which you approach things and and I think the heart and soul that comes through in the story that you tell kinda dictate. Is a particularly online that engages with you and I found with magazines so it s a weekend we had very little that I can’t even think of us? Couple of comments on. We had a big problem Advertiser it’s United intend to attract some. Some some quite negative then and almost offensive comments. I just think it’s it’s reflected in your readership perhaps and the type of stories to tell but she bought it because I don’t. Faster than the sum of the best schools in Adelaide to run media literacy classes for the year 11 and 10 things I would say to the stew. Is if you feel yourself being tagged emotionally by story you need to be very aware that perhaps someone is trying to contact? An emotional disposition in you as a your is not everyone gets taught literacy at that level as oh that’s where is your take he was going to be. Real estate Madeley about how things to be a fascinating project told to to pursue other ask you because you’re both sitting in a flat. That is South Australia what is South Australia to both of you how do you define what it is what South Australia is and what it is. Australian is hard thing to narrow down for me my first thought and it doesn’t really answer your question is that it home I mean I’ve lived here. It’s and I just have a little bit but not a lot so it gives you a different perspective and someone who goes outside and looks back in. Titanic scene is probably more obvious things that to me is South Australia is and it’s all the things you hear about it. Amazing food and wine W have here and I think there’s a lot of of creativity you know I think we we are a little bit daddy at heart. When do grab it ourselves a little bit but we also know how to celebrate I mean there’s all the things that that little bit Iconic? South Australian like friends and you know those things that you know the Pumpkin Festival Centre N Things you can play in about that. Australians match the things you love in and out and if it’s a very good answer but that’s kinda what sums up in my head. Saturday and I just think they said there’s a beautiful spirit here it’s just a place where I think people are really open to things. I’m it in a it’s easy to kind of see that the naysayers side of Adelaide and people talk about that a lot but I think when you. Meet with people and you see things open up and people make stuff happen and they don’t let things stand in the way and that’s that’s. Katie what’s your take my first thought was home as well which is interesting because I’ve spent a lot of my life living away from. Australia South Australia I fled and place I slapped my wings I’m thinking I was going to Europe for 6 months and I am 7 years later. 7 years later I’m still in Europe and then came back for 2 years in Sydney and coming coming home in my head at the time and I. Still kind of I’m confused about why I thought this but I think it’s something a lot of young people go through when they leave. It backward for me to come back to Adelaide in my head and now that I’m back and I’ve been back for nearly 878 years now. I think so wrong and I wish someone had told me I wouldn’t listen to but coming home it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. South Australia is home and really proud to be here and I could move overseas again and I’ve been tempted but at the side of the. That was really happy here and I don’t know South Australia for me is that it’s it’s like that feeling when you flying to Adelaide that. Kind of proud beautiful feeling and it’s the flick of a farmer or a stranger as you drive along a Country Road isn’t that the best. Um it’s it’s listed the random conversations you have with people in bus stops and it’s people that stay now really talented people list. That’s why I’m staying you touch something Springs to in when I said May 26th 27 years of age. She is like I’m back and I came back I left lunch Budapest I spend some time in London I didn’t flew into New York and most the time there that I. Slip and then I flew back to Adelaide and I was crestfallen as the plane made it’s way back to the drawing parched farm lands. Solid city and I’ve been around bigger places and there was a moment in my life forever or whatever and I maybe did it because I had to do. Super 15 years younger and a date at my heart strings it made me come home and I thought what if I done what if I done but it’s something about. But I don’t think we fully appreciate it where is now I have exactly what you talked to Bach Ke rahi we both had a similar experience. Come now I will just catch you in the song never going to hear later tonight by Reeves is this were coming bosom that show Airlines rapper. Driver’s or something it’s it’s it’s a journey that I think those South Australians Among Us who spend time away appreciate have a. Secret handshake do understand that and others don’t have that nothing is nothing both are just as valid I think there’s something else in what year. Coming back for your sister’s I think a lot of people whether they travel and come back or choose to stay it’s usually for a very small. Email I’ve said I love very much and that might be the deciding Factor but it’s something that spreads and I love you stay here the 3rd of. And yet your connections with people deepen and grow and it it just becomes a place about people more than the food in the one more than. More than the ease of living here it’s just having to be nice and once you’ve got those connections they grow so easily you do find cell. 22 bus stop and you know you might end up even becoming friends with that person because we are so open when swear kind of routers. Currys to make the first move as well have a horrible time anyway people back or whatever it’s the people. Moving forward we can pick them up and in the chilled promise.

Petrol station.

A story to year story idea to make it into free talking pictures into it for us or as in we want you to tell a story easily by just getting. When I website goes live there will be a page on there you can go to to get in touch with us it can take it back a little while to get back? Quickest way to receive a lot of emails everyday so yeah we don’t for sure that have a female assistant at those those emails to come straight through to me. Mary and we discuss ideas with we put the mall in our ideas final and go through them as a team and look at whether we can tell the story of. My magazine and sometimes BC on things for a long time sometimes we can do something straight away but yeah we love we love hearing from. Verizon and we really recommend hurt people to go and have a look through Freds and get a feel for the magazine and if they think that. HP store if it says that it’s no interest in doing a story about a couple of blokes who every week going and if you click on your page. Winifred 🙂 What happens to paint me that whatever that’s fine so look out for it from Thursday onwards it’ll be in about 30 then Foodland stores? TVD alright if you’ve got an establishment that wants to be an outlet is that possible is it more cuz distributions have been. It is we also have a spot on our website where you can get in touch at the moment we have a waiting list so we can’t guarantee that we. But if you get in touch will get in touch and have a chat if I have 2 cafe or business owner pop down to my local food land grab. Absolutely absolutely or you can swing by here and grab some weed always got a lot on their building it’s right into the world of the. Magazine tonight thank you it smells good it looks good and I can’t wait to look at those 3 cookies those three egg recipe I can’t what. Do you think I would have read this cause your family with our class looked at the air I just seen the contents list will I be? I hope so I want to see photos satellite photos and social media now he’s absolutely no I haven’t you turn the water as well thank you. Breakfast I love it thank you thank you.

At Murray Bridge at a deep. Discos in shearing sheds Meningie and what not and dumb as your boring you said your mum thought you were a bad time hospitality answer? How much of growing up in Country SA has stuck with you in your life chords who you are I it’s all inside of me so most people who never let me? Child I have never seen me in rubber boots or covered in poo or in those awful blue overalls you wear when you get up at 3:30 in them. Tips as my Dad calls it and I put a lot of kids in my time so people who meet me your boobs always clubbing meet me now. But it’s not something they say it’s not an association that naturally make because like you said I like big shoes I like to dress. Pain in right dresses and with flowers in my hair but to anyone who knew me as a youngster knows that I wanted to be a boy when I. I wanted to ride motorbikes and there was no way I wanted to my grandma had to really push to get me to wear a skirt I’m ever going to touch! It by my face get free disco funnily enough but the farm girl is really deeply nestled inside of me and it comes out in things like. Guess some know it I could never going to someone’s house without taking food and I may not make them myself but without in a taking. Something like that I’m bored at that curiosity that you have as a country kid not talking to everyone Enclave base level. Tuning for the countryside and the effect nature. Living in London and not having seen really I’m patacsil grass for years and years and years and going out to Stonehenge your neighbour. Just crying uncontrollably because it unlocked something deep inside of me May so you can hear my voice shake. Meningie particularly is very special and cows and cows is that the smell of cat poop is really powerful in a beautiful way. We actually brought a car paid for you said I know we have a question position of routine that nature through the cows brought upon you. Descent lend itself to an engineering discipline in your life the fact that you had to get up at 3:30 to milk. The same thing would have happened of an evening do they have to be milked to Saturn Vue you with all to you rebell against it and you. Leon discipline. L saying that you just hit the nail on the head if you ask my family they would tell you I am the most undisciplined human the chaos. Oh you would ever always yeah it’s it’s being in my head is kinda like chasing butterflies around it speak about it earlier today with Skype. Is always ideas buzzing around in my head but what it did give me was a really strong sense of work ethic if I have 3 brothers and sister? Never in school holidays looked bored Dad would make us Scrubs car manual. I am the dairy shed I could only rates so high so it was always alone and clean and and and then you about it when you get up. Thanks in milk house at no job for the rest your life will ever seen that difficult because as a as many hours as soon as you’re doing in there. How do you not getting covered in poo and for me that’s a pretty strong did you like to have working with your team sky?

1882 Cuba’s wholesale an export provision merchants have on sale hams bacon size and middle short and long boil kale and smoke. James Martin home socks x chaps and sausages the celebrated and it was quoted Fritz and Germans mess bork bork Auckland cheese butter it said. Expressly prepared for shipment and specially packed to resist the influence of hot climates export orders promptly and properly x. All good guaranteed corner of Arundel and Morphett Street Adelaide established 1862 understory is from July 1882. 32 almost 50 years is 40 something years with change in South Australia was proclaimed we had a celebrated Fritz Fritz is there.Smallgoods setupact to resist paint influence of hot climates indeed while this to me.

Refuge from being found cattle rustlers 172.

1877 it’s a quarter after writings about theatres in London’s West End what is the beat to cover Theatre.

2 Broadvale properly. Impersonation song and performance of the story. The writer of this basically had no idea what they were doing during the reviews of your novel when it finally comes out. Catania no it didn’t I wasn’t making any connections at all possible really into the story.

He said he was listening to read the word and or something with up around the bend he said that was tried and there’s something up. I saw that I think he could slice with the Sword of Damocles someone’s production and his way and triteness of using the word free. Conference with the word mixing it together I’m not sure if it’s was quite so Saturday they did say this happens I’m at stake at the moment. I try to change my mind my coins down on this one being the fake at the moment and embarrassment from Nigel’s wicked Minds doing. As we have parties with Fritz tonight here we go the advertiser December 1902 choir recent story a sausage machine accident. On Wednesday morning as Fritz the eldest son of Mr George Conquest a buncha of Mitcham with preparing some small goods the horse attached. Machine unexpectedly startled the machinery was sad emotion with the result that Fritz had the thumb and first finger of his right here.

How old is Maya who was named Fritz it was this the eldest son of Mr George Conquest a butcher of Mitcham is sun that is? Yep he was out riding the sausage machine like a horse startled and he is minus his thumb and first thing on his right hand that is. Yep 100% I will stake my reputation on that story being fake angry but it was great I’m staking skies reputation story character who is. Sausage seller is it true story Katie so I’m heading will see about ring wrong story number one could working week Adelaide. Just heard it on the Adelaide Show Adelaide observer July 1882 we had a story over what some Paterson the ham and bacon cures. Who were the corner of Randle Morphett Street Adelaide 1862 now exclamation hear the way these stories get my DS I go to trove? Website that is funded it was funded by the federal government and they digitise all the newspapers in Australia I’m going back quite. Comfortable stories I go back is very first copy of the first newspaper in Adelaide online if you want to read it and it was that you print. In physically shipped over here cuz the printing presses did exist in 1836 to this quite strong Heritage up until about 9. In 54 which is farther got scanning for the funny not cut off so the newspaper from all around Australia and that enables you to see. Decade date as well as keyword I was curious as to when is the first occurrence of the word Fritz and sausage made in not just south. Is papers but Australian newspapers now I think we all agree that fits is very South Australian I have never be anyone in all of us? It would disagree with that because probably no one and all of Australia has spent an hour or so at lunch today going through the. Papers in Trove in Australia to find out exactly when Fritz was very first mentioned and I hate to say it but story number 1. Mountain Palace and ham and bacon Cuba’s of Adelaide Morphett Street is a fake this story is actually completely correct except for the address. 1882 and this is the first recorded mention of Fritz in the South Australian newspaper is corner of Bourke and Queen Street Mall.

Which was a fake Katie this story is actually the first mention that I could find on Twitter every newspaper in Australia I wish to publicly up. I will offer you Servants servitude in which everything you ask me it’s out there for the public I’m sorry I think I swayed you a bit here. Anything anything when I go to concerts and quite small lesson translate shoulders to sit on that would be fab I be your foundation. ASOS camel this week is is that apparently Fritz sausages or not actually started in South Australia why I know now. Conic with South Australia I could not find a single advert from any of the dozens of newspapers in South Australia that mention fruit. Or the story from the advert from a Melbourne company in an Adelaide newspaper which means 3 number 3 this is machine e accent. Eldest son did indeed have finger in his right hand severed and it’s dumb and I’m suggesting it’s possibly that special flavour we havent. Comes from these days over 100 years later is from extras at identification need to find the truth that this is a South Australian. Angry guy well had to take it I still sitting here with the Fritz magazine People to uncover this beard about history good.

And now with musical pilgrimage for your listening pleasure he is Dan Drummond Herbert folks is so bad here with your a weekly installment of the. Musical pilgrimage a great week I’m sure you enjoyed last week’s shown by a donkey got some great feedback this week for me. Song last week same but I must admit that I have been this excited for a long time to be able to bring you a song and discovered this. Weeks ago while listening to a 3D Radio show and then the morning pulled a simple sounds with Stephen Sheamus they play the song. Old eagle on the hill by a local song writer named I resell it so me being me I decided to look it up I’ve been playing it flatter. Battery last 2 weeks haven’t had it out of my head to the office I contact the re store in the week we had a great chat about 2. All things I like music about the song a little bit about to the shows pug wall and hey dad didn’t know characters and everything else in. Just did a genuinely really nice guy but they’re getting back to the song we we here at the Adelaide Show podcast think that this. Cleve South Australia zone you answer my last few people there during the week when we actually had an answer most people said it was the. Theme song but I don’t reckon that’s the case so I think with a big push from my yourself and myself and Steve self I reckon we can. Find this song and make it become South Australia’s new anthem but I’ll let you have a listen first you can go check out the video. In the show notes having speed first put them in the show notes as a crack a little busy as well but that’s enough for me for now. Animal maybe get some sort of online now Facebook type petition thing to perhaps make this ultimate South Australian anthem. Alan with his song called eagle on the hill enjoy I am here I am the long lost son of Don Dunstan I’m back in the suburbs at night. I’ll never forget undefinedel William. Trying to be cool when they ask you where you went to school I am trying to connect is it too much to West Burleigh Road. Pm old British girl. I am the best three pubs in the whole damn world I am your husband I am your wife I’ve never read the breaking of my life. Still don’t know which way to the airport I see someone that November courtesy wave from car if this more than 20 minutes then. I am not tryin to compete sleep under the statue on Hanley Street Army hours from birds eye catching Tommy ruffs not throw them back. Maxine I’ll bring a plate of pikelets to your wedding and I still don’t know which way to go every time I’m at the airport at 6. Never have to be alone I am fine being home I’m with heels me BC I’m kicking autumn leaves and between you. Me I am not look East wondering why I am the blazing sun I am the endless sky and I still don’t know it’s opening night April 8th December. Quarterly soda Centenary for byod conditioner be about the 8th for 9th of March I believe ride autumn tones autumn guess that was an issue. You working with the seasons it takes 3 weeks to print and bind so we have to get it off to Prescott way earlier than a lot of magazines. Personal level does it change your body clocks to be thinking autumn when the rest of us are just bracing for summer I can’t remember time and I’ll. Could you please tell the Different Worlds and Daily Advertiser as well and yeah and it brought it I was daily that was digital? Yeah you just have to think you have to think ahead and of course you want to cover things differently and before other people find them. I’m so it’s just about having your ear to the ground all the time and and and just never switching off in any conversation that you. Stories bubble up for talking about Christmas and Anna talking about Fringe Festival which we have to at your door but yeah they’re all over. Ready or not the online part my hair cuz it till later coverage there but in the print side of things they’re all over and where on to the next. One final thing I want to inject into a conversation that caught my eye given that I have a slight information toward the love y. I noticed that I’m most of your stories and I saw this a little picture of a bottle of wine that a suggestion of a wine to drink for. Story lately how pissed will you be at the end of reading Fritz magazine and where did that idea come from seriously over from the old Aspire day. Married with suggestions and we combined that with the wine reviews that we had in Nest which were a bit tongue-in-cheek written for. Current situations that read this one when you get up and turn on the logo in the middle of the night and that kind of thing so I’m. Brittany Madigan he is part of me still media and does that wbm wine magazine so he writes these reviews for us to match it. Does making you happy with the ones you bring your stories of impaired with k this way I don’t drink the ones with the story as a?

Change location tapas colour bottle of wine before Ronin story the wine is mentioned in saying that goes along the lines of. Drink wine while you edit while you write not while you’re at it so it’s write drunk edit sober which isn’t really wise thank you so much. Thank you Nigel dobson-keeffe Beauty. Going to be the brewery how many days where we heading wishing to Stepney in metropolitan Adelaide Akaroa a couple of people who actually. Industry of all Industries and when the bottom dropped out of the markets after the GFC decided to turn a hobby The Passionate hobby. Little business and a simple account make enough beer to serve to supply the demand while well we’ll see if we can help will have a game over.

Easy Chicken Invaders space or next week on the book as a thank you Nigel and until next week also good night for me Steve Davis. Don hey did you need to be more wine just in that class if I wouldn’t say no and that actually I wasn’t asking in the hope that you would? Can I just have for the record thank you picked for me by Tom Williamson so he’s my resident go to Mount for accessories? Suffered to a very stylish blue I got the by ones as well.

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