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339 – Eudunda 150 not out

339 - Eudunda 150 not out

Eudunda is the birthplace of one of South Australia’s most famous authors, the late Colin Thiele, and this week we celebrate the Eudunda 150 celebrations with two local authors; historian, Samuel Doering, and former resident from the 1950s, Chris Stegmeyer.

On the way to record this episode, we stopped in at St Hallett Wines in the Barossa Valley to taste the SA Drink Of The Week, which happens to be the 2017 St Hallett Old Block Shiraz.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, Eudundan, Michaela Jenke, kicks up a storm with her song, Stop & Stare.

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Running Sheet: Eudunda 150 not out

00:00:00 Intro

Introduction to the show.

00:03:52 SA Drink Of The Week

The SA Drink Of The Week is the 2017 St Hallett Old Block Shiraz.

The tasting was held with National Cellar Door Manager for Accolade Wines, Andrew McDowell, at St Hallett Wines in the Barossa Valley, which is the site for the company’s planned, multi-million-dollar Multi-Brand Wine Experience project, set to launch late in 2022. The brands to be featured will be Grant Burge, St Hallett and Rolf Binder.

National Cellar Door Manager for Accolade Wines, Andrew McDowell, at St Hallett Wines in the Barossa Valley - The Adelaide Show Podcast with Steve Davis

South Australia has long been the jewel in Australia’s wine crown, but the D’Arenburg Cube threw a cat among the pigeons a few years ago, revving up interest in SA and McLaren Vale as a wine lovers destination. Andrew, you’ve been talking to Tourism SA while planning this new Wine Experience Destination in the Barossa. Is that D-word, DESTINATION, what it’s all about?

Before we get into the details, does the need to pour money into a major project like this signal that the Cellar Door Experience is lacking?

You’re the National Cellar Door Manager for Accolade Wines – by the way, one of your board members, Sir James Hardy has previously been a guest on The Adelaide Show (ep 298 – Sailing with Sir James Hardy) – what makes a cellar door worth visiting?

Now, back to your new project. It’s going to be quite big, spanning more than 600 square metres, and will have spaces carved out to create vaults for eating and drinking and different experiences. We’ll put some images in the show notes. Andrew, if you could give us a virtual, audio tour of the space, what will we experience inside and, most importantly, can you explain what it means when the media release says the design’s been modelled on contemporary Australian vernacular?

I mentioned The Cube earlier, which is dashing and garish from the outside, but your project could easily be mistaken as just another hall from the outside – the inside is amazing – but the outside seems very muted. Has that been deliberate?

For the gastronomic experience you’d like people to have at your new venue, there’s been mention made that you want others to collaborate with you. What does that mean?

This is likely to attract people wanting to work in tourism and hospitality. Can we get your 2-3 takeaway points for being good at customer service in a tourism entity? What would make you say, wow, this person is a star and I want to hire them?

Finally, tell me honestly, you are at cellar door and you look up and you see two groups approaching. The first group is half a dozen 20-somethings, guys and gals, being loud with plenty of swagger, and then you look up and see a small group of older, very well-to-do people walking towards the cellar door with their heads tilted back as they seem to look down their noses at everything around them. What goes through your mind?

00:22:54 Samuel Doering and Chris Stegmeyer

The town of Eudunda, just over 100km northeast of Adelaide, is turning 150 this year. Samuel Doering, chair of the Eudunda 150 sub-committee, invited The Adelaide Show to shine a light on what’s happening and you wouldn’t read about it but we’ve come up with two books to explore. The first is The Diary of Emilie Appelt: Eudundan. German. Lutheran. Woman. 1904-1914, which has been edited by Samuel himself. And the other book is Christiaan Stegmeyer – My Story by our other guest, Chris Stegmeyer, who was a resident in town in the 1950s.

The Diary of Emilie Appelt

While in Eudunda, Steve was also asked to be a judge for the Eudunda Art Prize, and The Adelaide Show Podcast ended up sponsoring a Commendation Prize because there were too many good works! Fellow judges included Peter Goers from ABC Adelaide, and cartoonist, Jed Dunstan, from the Stock Journal.

Judging of the Eudunda 150 Art Prize: Steve Davis, The Adelaide Show Podcast, Peter Goers, ABC Adelaide, Jed Dunstan, Stock Journal, and Samuel Doering, chair

Let’s start by getting a sense of your histories with Eudunda. Chris, if we go with age before beauty, let’s start with you and your links with Eudunda?

Samuel, how long have you lived here?

You are a historian, among other things. Has growing up in Eudunda had much to do with that life path?

How did Emilie Appelt come into your life?

Can you give us a taste of Emilie’s experience of Eudunda; arriving when there were only about half a dozen houses?

How is this town similar to and different from other SA country towns?

Who are some of the legends?

And do you know how Peep Hill got it’s name? It sounds rather risque.

Why should we visit?

01:04:09 Musical Pilgrimage

In the musical pilgrimage, we have Eudundan country music legend, Michaela Jenke, with her new song, Stop & Stare.

It’s been four years between drinks, when it comes to original songs from Jenke. She says writing doesn’t come that easily to her but this song was off and running after she’d penned the first lines:
‘Been livin’ in a circus.
Been livin’ on dreams,
and I’m the master of the ring’.
Michaela has caught the eyes and ears of the country music scene in Australia but still graciously took time to send us her song to play, while she was on her honeymoon. There’s got to be a country song in that, somewhere!
This track is about self-empowerment and it has plenty of kick, perhaps just like the original Eudundans.


Here’s this week’s preview video

No preview video this week but we do have a video of Michaela’s song. You can thank us later!

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