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298 – Sailing with Sir James Hardy

Sailing with Sir James Hardy on The Adelaide Show Podcast 298

In this week’s episode of The Adelaide Show, we talk to an Australian legend who has navigated the stormy seas of business and yachting, Sir James Hardy, along with is long time friend and shipwright,Volodymyr Dunduk, or Vlad for short.

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is from Herbert Vineyard in Mount Gambier..

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we hear a song released by the CFS Foundation.

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Running Sheet: Sailing with Sir James Hardy

00:00:00 Intro 
00:02:10 SA Drink Of The Week
2016 Pinot Noir + by Herbert Vineyard is the SA Drink Of The Week and we taste it with David Herbert himself.
00:08:10 Sir James Hardy

Humans have feet, not webbed feet and flippers, and we have arms, not wings, and yet there is something that compels some of us to take to the water and the air for the challenge and for sheer joy. Sir James Hardy is one of these people who seems called to the water, and Vlad Dunduk is a shipwright and architext whose ability to restore and design leisure marine crafts that make this water-based life possible.


While human life emerged from the water, it seems your lives have crossed paths, due to this love of being on the water. Can either of you remember the first time you met?

Can you take us into your inner thoughts about sailing. What is the allure?

Is it about being on the water, or being in a particular yacht or vessel that’s dominant?

Why did you asking Vlad to restore your almost 80-year-old yacht, Lialeeta. I would imagine more modern craft might be more stable, etc?

Vlad, how complex is the physics, for making a vessel float and be stable?

How much force does the ocean subject a boat to?

Is the sea easy to read? What tricks can it play?

In 1983, when Australia 2 won the America’s Cup, finally breaking the New York Yacht Club’s 132 year hold on the Cup, Sir James, you were the back-up skipper and mentor to skipper John Bertrand. Did you foresee how profound that victory would become in the Australian psyche?

In reading the summaries of the races, Connor was ahead and failed to cover Australia 2, which then got some wind advantage and the rest is history. How much is luck part of yachting?

Vlad, what are your thoughts about the secret keel on Australia 2?

Sir James, was it the keel?

Does your history with BRL Hardy management inform your sailing strategy, or does sailing strategy inform your business management?

How imminent are the dangers on the water? I ask because if my great grandfather had developed a wine company that grew to be global, the last thing I’d think about would be risking my life on the waves!

Vlad, apart from your work with boats, you also paint. Have you, by any chance, ever painted a portrait of someone like, for example, Sir James?

Vlad Dunduk's portrait of Sir James Hardy

00:50:15 Musical Pilgrimage
In the musical pilgrimage, we have a track called Let’s Stand Together by John Swan and the CFS Foundation to raise money for the Foundation’s work in supporting CFS volunteers and their families.
And you can support their work by clicking on the Donate button at the CFS Foundation website.

Here’s this week’s preview video.

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

2 Responses

  1. In response to Caitlin’s request we have been encouraged to send a comment.
    We’ve been out of range travelling by ship from Sydney to Hobart over the past few weeks – now back in Adelaide we’ve had our first chance to sit quietly and listen to the wonderful program Steve Davis has created. We’re in awe of his ability to encourage the best out of Jim and Vlad in this interesting and entertaining podcast.
    Thank you so much Steve for all the effort you put into achieving a memorable journey – we wish you and family every success and happiness in 2020 and look forward to our next happy meeting at the Adelaide Fringe. with thanks and warm wishes JOAN and JIM HARDY⛵️

  2. Thank you very much for your very kind words. It was a great chance to sit with someone whose life’s work has been in the public eye for much of the time, and learn about the human behind the headlines. Looking forward to seeing you both at the Fringe. Steve

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