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270 – Kinda Keto

Kinda Keto with Jesse Donnarumma on The Adelaide Show Podcast

In this week’s episode of The Adelaide Show, we chat with Jesse Donnarumma, barbecue legend and now the pied piper of keto through his private Facebook group, Low Carb Lyfe.

Also this week, the SA Drink Of The Week is from Angas Plains Wines in Langhorne Creek.

Our new sponsor, Adelaide Night And Day Family Therapy, continues tonight, with principal, Brett Williams, explaining how following and leading are important concepts in relationships.

We have a guest interview with Guy Sebastian by Jordan McKenna from BBBfm 89.1 in the Barossa.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we have a new track from Neon Racer, a project being undertaken by Ash Sinclair, who was on our show in episode 255.

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Running Sheet: Kinda Keto

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:08 SA Drink Of The Week

2014 PJ’s Angas Plains Cabernet Sauvignon from Langhorne Creek. Tasting notes coming Sunday.

Judy from Angas Plains has a B&B in Glenelg and has it stocked with a bar fridge that doubles as a cellar door.

00:06:02 Mindful Moment with Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy
In this week’s Mindful Moment, principal of Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy, Brett Williams, explains what is meant by following and leading within a relationship.
00:10:34 Jesse Donnarumma

I’ve known Jesse Donnarumma for many years now and we are so intimately connected that he’s even climbed all over my roof. But over the years I watched him get more and more into smoking meats and slow barbecuing meats, and then cutting out sugar and cutting down carbs with a zest that is infectious. So, having just watched the harrowing documentary, That Sugar Film, I thought we’d better get Jesse on the show to talk about his Low Carb Lyfe and try to understand why this fairly reserved Aussie now has around 10,000 people following his eating habits around the globe.

Can you sum up a Ketogenic Diet in just a few sentences?

Why did you start?

What’s the biggest mindset shift?

I’m doing this chat because I’ve been stuck at the intersection of fat vs sugar in my diet. How much is sugar really the enemy?

What about grains – don’t they give us important roughage?

In the Guy Sebastian chat we’ll play in a moment, he talks about his approach to getting ready for the Men’s Health cover shoot, have a listen … does that resonate with you?

If he knows what he needs to do when there is a cover shoot ahead, why can’t we all find that motivation to treat the future with the same urgency and importance?

Take us through your meal planning

What meals would you start with

What ingredients would you start by eliminating and what would you replace them with

What experiences did your body go through in the transition

Do you have any pantry tips like your use of products and utensils

What kit would be good to start with

Can you dip your toes – or do you have to go whole hog

Sandy, a listener, said she can’t do keto because it’s too much meat. Are there any vegans in your circles?

Do you have an advantage in adopting keto because of your bbq experience?

Where is your barbecuing at?

LCHF Crisp Garlic Flat Bread. (Fathead Pizza Dough / Garlic Bread)

Fathead Dough

We all know my aversion to calling Fathead Pizza by its name because pizza should never be fat shamed. That said, the dough is one of my favourite LCHF recipes to play with.

170g/6oz shredded/grated cheese (I use a combination of mozzarella & a mild cheddar)
85g/3oz almond flour
2 tbsp cream cheese
1 egg
pinch salt to taste
Olive oil
Microplaned garlic

Mix the grated cheese and almond flour in a microwaveable bowl before adding the cream cheese. Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute. Stir then microwave on HIGH for another 30 secs.

Add the egg, salt & mix gently til combined.

Place in between 2 pieces of baking parchment/paper and roll into a rectangle shape. Remove the top baking paper. If the mixture hardens and becomes difficult to work with, pop it back in the microwave for 10-20 seconds to soften again but not too long or you will cook the egg.

Make fork holes all over the pizza base to ensure it cooks evenly.

Slide the baking paper with the flattened dough, on a baking tray or pizza stone, and bake at 220C/425F for 12-15 minutes, or until brown.

Flip it over onto baking paper once the top has browned and add olive oil and microplaned garlic to the uncooked layer. Bake again at 220C/425F for 5 minutes.

Slice and serve.


01:14:18 Guy Sebastian with Jordan McKenna from BBBfm 89.1
From time to time, people like Jordan McKenna who is an up and coming interviewer on BBBfm in the Barossa, will share an interview they’ve done that fits in with our theme. This week, we’re featuring Jordan’s interview with South Aussie superstar, Guy Sebastian. As you’ll hear, Jordan has a different interviewing style and he manages to get some interesting “mundane” insights into Guy’s world, such as his coffee snobbery and little finger cocking technique. You can hear Jordan on BBBfm 89.1 in his show called, ExJordinary. Get it?
01:30:48 Musical Pilgrimage
In the musical pilgrimage, we have a new track from Neon Racer called Another Miami Night.
Ash loves that big hair, big guitar 80s sound and that is what he is promising with his Neon Racer project. He’s shared a post about the Yamaha DX7 Synth, because it was responsible for many of the most iconic sounds of the 80’s, and the emulator from Digital Suburban that Ash used does a great job in recreating those sounds. He is promising a big dose of these sounds on his EP ‘Dance Like this’, which should drop tomorrow, December 20, 2019.

Here’s this week’s preview video:

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

2 Responses

  1. Great show- thanks.
    It’s so weird putting a sound to Jesse’s voice after being in his Facebook group for several months.
    Did you pop in a link for the Fathead dough? I didn’t see that.
    It’s great for making little garlic bread rolls too!
    Though Jesse’s Granola is great- mine is better (sorry Jesse!).
    I often have it with double cream and have layered it with double cream and no-sugar cheesecake filling as a dessert.

    1. Thank you, Merindah. I have now added Jesse’s Fathead Dough recipe. Thanks for your interest and kind words. Steve

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