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201 – Post Apocalyptic South Australia

Post Apocalyptic South Australia - The Adelaide Show Podcast

Woman still don’t get great roles in film, especially in the post apocalyptic genre. But Adelaide-based company, Middle Ground Productions, is about to change that, with its new web series, Dust, launching this Saturday, July 1, 2017. Tonight we discuss a raft of film issues with Matt Taylor and Krystal Brock.

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is Galway Pipe Grand Tawny.

NIgel will try to stump us in IS IT NEWS on the topic of dust storms.

In 100 Weeks Ago we hear from Peter Drew, about his take on how activists can truly effect change.

And in the musical pilgrimage … our musical curator has a roaring track that could be part of a new series of Dust, called Alive by Imogen Brave.

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Running Sheet: Post Apocalyptic South Australia

00:00:00 Outtake
 Alas, poor Yorrick
Theme and Introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:02:34 SA Drink Of The Week
Galway Pipe Grand Tawny … tasting notes this Sunday
00:08:43 Stories Without Notice

[Congrats from Andrea Ferguson re episode 200]

We discuss Indaily’s afrticle, South Australia in 2016: Poor, old, slow-growing but generous with our time.

00:015:10 Matt Taylor and Krystal Brock

Matt Taylor is a filmmaker in Adelaide who runs Middle Ground Productions and who has been frustrated by his industry’s reluctance to put females into lead roles and complex roles, especially in the post-apocalyptic genre, made famous by Mad Max among others. Later this week, July 1, 2017, he is about to turn the tables, by launching a post-apocalyptic web series entitled, Dust, featuring a cast headed up by Megan Donald and Krystal Brock, two women who really know how to kick apocalyptic ass! Matt and Krystal, welcome to the show.

Matt says the easiest place for watching the series is to start at the Middle Ground Productions Facebook Page.

Krystal, will you give me a warning before resorting to violence tonight, should I offend you?

Paul Rees What is the difference between apocalyptic and post apocalyptic? If apocalyptic is the event, what is the difference between this and a disaster film, novel, etc. Are all dystopian stories post apocalyptic?

What is it about post apocalypse?

What is the status of women in film generally, and compared to this genre?

And WHY is it like this?

Do we need to see more women committing violence in film?

Do you ever have cold sweats wondering if someone will be inspired by your film to commit atrocities?

Joy White wants us to recreate Blood Drive tonight. What is that?

What locations did you use in South Australia

Do parts of SA have particular emotional vibes?

How hard is it to be film making in South Australia?

Tess O’Flaherty said the hardest part is getting crew when big projects collide

How much rehearsal happens in film? Is it “theatre-ready” before you shoot, or is it all rough and ready on the day? Are lines all down, etc?

01:41:50 Is It News?

Nigel challenges the panel to pick the fake story from three stories from South Australia’s past.

Burra Record – December 1944
Terrific Dust Storm
Burra and district was subjected to one of the worst dust storms in its history on Saturday. It was not so much the amount of dust that the wind carried that made conditions so unpleasant, but the duration of the storm. It started to blow fairly early in the morn tag and continued to do so until late at night. Farmers state much of the wheat in standing crops was shaken out. Vegetable gardeners suffered heavily as pumpkins, tomatoes, beans, etc. were twisted off at ground level. In fact one amateur gardener says that his obelisk beetroot was blown out of the ground

Mt Barker Courier June 1953
While Hills districts were being drenched by heavy seasonal rains last Thursday, the Murray Flats experienced one of the worst dust storms in history. One car returning to Bird wood from Mannum managed to get through but many others were forced to return to Mannum until the storm abated. Owner of the Birdwood car said dust was o thick that it clogged the radiator core of his vehicle and removed a considerable amount of duco from the mudguards.

Port Adelaide Reporter December 1878
Ships Damaged in Dust Storm
Vessels of three shipping companies were damaged whilst approaching Port Adelaide yesterday. Although it was initially sunny, by lunchtime a red haze was seen on the northern horizon as the wind picked up speed and by mid afternoon such a gale was blowing as had never been seen before. Visibility dropped to arms length and those on ships reported a wall of red dust that covered them rapidly. The approach of the storm strength wind was so rapid that none of three had time to furl their sails and could only anchor as the sheeting was torn asunder and the sailors took cover from whipping ropes and splintering jib masts. The worst of the red storm was soon passed and the winds moved favourably to the south west which helped the damaged ships limp to port. Luckily there were only slight injuries and the captains of the vessels should be commended for handling the unusual storm in a professional manner.

01:49:18 100 Weeks Ago
In 100 Weeks Ago, we dig into the vault to find a snippet of our interview with Peter Drew, the artist who made the iconic, Real Australians Say Welcome activist art campaign. Given we have been talking about Middle Ground Productions being prompted to turn redress the gender imbalance in lead roles and quality roles for women, we thought it would be interesting to hear Peter explain his approach to tackling the isolation and the demonisation of refugees and asylum seekers by using questioning statements rather than punitive messages.
01:53:03 Musical Pilgrimage
And our song this week is Alive by Imogen Brave, selected by our musical curator Dan Drummond.
02:03:45 Outtake
 should we talk over each other? … I got my wives crossed … I need more than that

Here is this week’s preview video:

Dust Trailer

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