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Steve Davis, left in every picture, with, from top, Eddie Morrison, Dave Hirst, Andy Packer. The Adelaide Show Podcast Restyling The Adelaide Fringe special.

Goodbye, Mad March, I knew him, Horatio.

Another year, another Adelaide Fringe has passed us by.

But this time, instead of fanfare and much backslapping about ticket sales and success, we had a strong undercurrent of discontent from some of the more ‘fringe’ like performers.

Restyling the Adelaide Fringe

Tonight, we hold a round table discussion with an Adelaide Festival show director, Andy Packer, who had a sell out show, The Young King, and we talk to an actor and director from a Fringe production, Eddie Morrison and Dave Hirst, who put on Maximum Breakdown at The Fringe. Plus, we’ll include comments from English Fringe performer, Juliette Burton, and Irish performer, Aidan Killian, with their perspectives on the Adelaide Fringe as ‘outsiders’.

For the Made To Move Minute, Max Martin … will conduct a postmortem on the first quarter of 2016 from a health perspective.

Wine tonight is S C Pannell Winemakers’ 2014 Tempranillo.

In IS IT NEWS, Nigel quizzes us on our knowledge of … disappointing theatre.

The Adelaide Visa Council features … two curious cases.

And we head to Hindley Street in the Musical Pilgrimage.

But first, we launch with David Washington from InDaily with his midweek news wrap, Talk Of The Town.

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00:00:00 Outtake
 Eddie ‘Lone Wolf’ Morrison
Theme and introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
Talk Of The Town
David Washington, editor of In Daily, gives us a midweek wrap of the news we’ve been talking about in South Australia this week.
00:07:09 Items Without Notice
Adelaide City Council’s Be A Tourist In Your Own City (the media event mentioned was actually cancelled, after we had recorded the show).
00:09:30 SA Drink Of The Week
 by S.C.P. 2014 Tempranillo … Tasting notes here.
00:13:03 Made To Move Minute

Max Martin from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, Norwood, present a thoughtful minute for pondering more ways and reasons to get moving and improve your health.

This week: A postmortem on the first quarter of 2016 from a health perspective

00:18:04 The Theatre Troupe

As the summer heat fades, the lights and sweat and bustle of the 2016 Adelaide Fringe is also fading but not without some chilling shadows cast across its memory. That heartfelt Facebook post of desperation by UK performer and Adelaide Fringe veteran, Alexis Dubus, captured the imagination, when he stated, ‘I’m not sure what can actually be changed at an open access festival that’s now seemingly allowed greed and complacency to dictate its direction, but part of the change has to be the attitude of Fringe-goers, who need to re-evaluate the meaning of ‘fringe.’

To ponder Alexis’ comments, some from other international performers, and to share their own reflections, we have Andy Packer from Slingsby, and Dave Hirst and Eddie Morrison from DandL.


InDaily: Adelaide Fringe, if you can make it here …

InDaily: Terrible festival – the worst by a long shot”: Has Adelaide gone beyond the Fringe?

Excerpt of Juliette Burton interview from Everything Is Rad episode 29

Excerpt of Aidan Killian interview from Everything Is Rad episode 26

Really Big Road Trip (Fee Plumley): Fringe or binge?

Clothesline: Are WOMADelaide and the Adelaide Fringe Losing Their Soul? Writer Michael Coghlan Ponders This Question.

01:34:03 Is It News?
The news history quiz with Nigel Dobson-Keeffe.
01:47:19 Adelaide Visa Council
Daniel Tate (@DanielTate01) VISA GRANTED
28/03/2016, 7:58 PM
When I first arrived in Adelaide I thought it was boring as fuck, but now I actually really like the place wish I was stayin a fewmore dayskat / (@coinseIIer) VISA GRANTED
24/03/2016, 4:22 PM
Adelaide is so boring. Hah
01:58:02 Musical Pilgrimage
And our song this week is Hindley Street by Baker Suite, selected by our musical curator Adrian Miller, from Radio Adelaide’s Monday night program, Songcatcher.
02:10:56 Outtake
 Did people send you questions

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