Steve Davis Dr Alice Gorman Nigel Dobson-Keeffe on The Adelaide ShowAdelaide is known as the City Of Lights, often seen twinkling under the stars. But somewhere between the city lights and the stars, there are more than 100 million pieces of space junk, floating above us.

And our guest tonight puts more of her focus on the junk rather than the stars and the lights because she believes there is much to learn from and record about human history, culture and science in this expensive trash.

Dr Alice Gorman from Flinders University is a Space Archeologist and she’ll take us on her ‘dig’ in space tonight..

In IS IT NEWS, Nigel tests us on the theme, Space.

Max Martin from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions – Bone and Muscle Density

Our SA Drink of the week is 2013 Gibson The Dirtman Barossa Shiraz.

In the Adelaide Visa Council, we have one defendant: a fellow media outlet.

Music is Machine Moon by Mike Tilbrook.

David Washington from In Daily has his Midweek News Wrap, Talk Of The Town.

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00:00:00 Outtake
I don’t have military clearance
Theme and introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:02:35 Talk Of The Town
David Washington, editor of In Daily, gives us a midweek wrap of the news we’ve been talking about in South Australia this week.
00:05:50 SA Drink Of The Week
We taste a 2013 Gibson The Dirtman Barossa Shiraz. Tasting notes.
00:17:55 Made To Move Minute

Max Martin and/or Dr Nathan Harten from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, Norwood, present a thoughtful minute for pondering more ways and reasons to get moving and improve your health.

This week: Bone and Muscle Density

Nigel and Steve extol the virtues of the Dollar Shave Club. To take advantage of our offer for our listeners in Australia, go to and enter the promo code: n/a. This will get you your 2nd month free. Plus, using that code will support our podcast.
00:25:13 Dr Space Junk

Dr Alice Gorman is an internationally recognised leader in the emerging field of space archaeology. Her research on space exploration has been featured in National Geographic, the Monocle, and Archaeology magazine. She is a faculty member of the International Space University’s Southern Hemisphere Space Program in Adelaide, as well as being a member of the Executive Council of the Space Industry Association of Australia.

She has also worked extensively in Indigenous heritage management all around Australia, is a member of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, and a Councillor of the Anthropological Society of South Australia.

But we know her from twitter as Dr Space Junk @drspacejunk.

01:39:27 Is It News?
The news history quiz with Nigel Dobson-Keeffe.
01:56:01 Adelaide Visa Council
Aspire magazine (@AspireAdelaide) VISA REJECTED
20/11/2015, 9:38 AM
#Adelaide’s so boring, nothing ever happens! Right? WRONG! See why here // #SouthAustralia
02:03:28 Musical Pilgrimage
And our song this week, Machine Moon by Mike Tilbrook, recommended by our musical curator, Adrian Miller, from Radio Adelaide’s Monday night program, Songcatcher.
02:14:14 Outtake
 Need any water?

Here is this week’s preview video:

Space Oddity

And we whetted your appetite this week with Chris Hatfield’s recording of Space Oddity from the Space Station.

First Orbit

First Orbit is mentioned in our podcast. Sit back for 90 minutes in space.

Digging for wine with Dr Alice Gorman

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.