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113 – Back to the future of Adelaide transport


113-craig-leigh-adelaide-future-transportThirty years ago, Back To The Future got a lot right about technology being used in their October 2015 ‘destination’, from iPads to face-to-face video communication via TV screens. But how good can we be about anticipating the challenges of future transport for South Australia?

Conservation SA is hold a Future Transport workshop in Adelaide this week (Thursday, October 22, 2015) to work through ideas for getting transport right. It will be followed by the Future Transport Festival on Sunday, October 25, 2015, in which families are invited to The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street in the city, to try various modes of modern transport, guest presenters, exhibits and even free parking for drivers of electric vehicles.

Our guests are:

Craig Wilkins, chief executive of Conservation SA, and Leigh Dalwood, associate director, transport planning within the Adelaide office of AECOM.

They will take us on a journey through the various topics, successes and challenges of planning for transport needs.

In IS IT NEWS, Nigel tests us on the theme, Vehicle Accidents.

Max Martin notes: “The future of transport needs to be balanced by the past, or we might as well start driving in a coffin!”

George Inglis compares the bike/car debate in Adelaide to the gun debate in the USA.

Our SA Drink of the week is from Gemtree Wines.

In the Adelaide Visa Council, we have one defendant and then two.

And music is from last week’s guest, Brian Hales.

But first, David Washington from In Daily presents his midweek news wrap, Talk Of The Town.

More details and timecodes below.

***NOTE: This week’s episode is an hour longer than usual because our guests were too darn interesting. Also, Steve has experimented with not editing the interview portion of the show so apologies now if any untoward fragments make it through.***

Show notes running sheet by timecode

Looking for something in this episode? We have captured the time marker in the notes below to help you find selected content faster.

00:00:00 Outtake
It’s wider than it looks
Theme and introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:02:44 Talk Of The Town
David Washington, editor of In Daily, gives us a midweek wrap of the news we’ve been talking about in South Australia this week.
00:06:49 SA Drink Of The Week
We taste a 2013 Ernest Allan Shiraz, Gemtree Wines, McLaren Vale. Tasting notes.
00:14:22 Made To Move Minute

Max Martin and/or Dr Nathan Harten from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, Norwood, present a thoughtful minute for pondering more ways and reasons to get moving and improve your health.

This week: “the future of transport needs to be balanced by the past, or we might as well start driving in a coffin!”

00:20:49 Future Transport

This week, Adelaide is hosting a Future Transport workshop and a Future Transport festival, coordinated by Conservation SA and the State Government, to address transport planning issues and to showcase new and future technologies.

To navigate us through the highways and sidestreets of everything ‘transport’, we have:

Future Transport events page at The Joinery.

Time To Think
George Inglis reflects on life, usually while riding public transport around Adelaide.
02:05:18 Is It News?
The news history quiz with Nigel Dobson-Keeffe.
02:32:13 Adelaide Visa Council
John Stuart (@fantewasgenius) – JOHN gets a VISA
16/10/2015, 7:41 PM
@BrentonSpeed please no more referring to Adelaide as “City of Churches ” Think it started in a World Series Cricket game in 80/81 #boring  BRENTON is put on the WATCH LIST
02:42:40 Musical Pilgrimage
And our song this week, Killing Time by Crossroads (featuring Brian Hales), has NOT been recommended by our musical curator, Adrian Miller, from Radio Adelaide’s Monday night program, Songcatcher.
02:53:00 Outtake
 You’re a better wine pourer

Here is this week’s preview video:

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

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