70-adelaide-assumblyOn this Xmas Day in Adelaide, episode 70 will bring you some South Australian flavour.

We chat with David Bartholomeusz, spokesperson for The Sunday Assembly Adelaide, a godless congregation within a global movement, about how those of us without belief in god can still take part in religious festivals like Christmas.

He reveals that people from across the theistic spectrum take part in the Sunday Assembly but that this mixture does not need to impede enjoyment of or participation in Xmas.

That’s David pictured with our own Turkey Choir; Nigel, Graham, Brett, who open our show tonight.

In keeping with the fervent theme, our music is the song, Passionate Believer.

The group is Lily and The Drum, a guitar and drum duo with a rich, relaxing, melodic sound.

Susan gives IS IT NEWS? a Xmas twist from 1931.

And with former member, Brett Monten joining us along with Rachel Forrest, Graham Burkin and Nardia Symonds, we meander through some recollections of South Australian Christmases past and one of them has a direct link to the Cyclone Tracy devastation in Darwin on Christmas Day 1974.

And tonight’s literary references, courtesy of the @CARdinals_book guys, relate to Paddington Bear. Can you spot them?

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00:00:00 Outtake Turkey Chorus
00:00:09 Theme Theme and introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:02:18 South Australian Drink Of The Week

Pirramimma Old Bush Vine Grenache 2012, McLaren Vale. Tasting notes.

This wine has been made possible by The Arkaba Hotel and its Enomatic System which lets you have your wine by the glass EXACTLY as the winemaker intended and even lets you buy a sneaky shot of a super premium wine without paying for the whole bottle. Tasting notes.

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00:07:21 Interview: David Bartholomeusz

Christmas is here and usually in the media it brings out a raft of softer stories about peace, about acts of human kindness and about feelings of loss at Xmas. But our discussion tonight will be about how atheists or people who are non-Christian can participate in this religious festival without feeling hypocritical or uncomfortable.

So we’ve turned to the spokesperson for Sunday Assembly Adelaide, David Bartholomeusz, to explore this topic and as he’ll explain, The Sunday Assembly is a congregation that celebrates life by helping members live better, help often and wonder more.

00:26:22 Is It News?
 Susan tests the panel with three Xmas advertisements from a 1931 copy of The Advertiser. Which one is the real one.
00:31:17 Stories Without Notice
The panel shares recollections of past Christmases in Adelaide and South Australia.
00:42:24 Adelaide Visa Council
00:50:20 Musical Pilgrimage And our music tonight suggested by Adrian Miller from the Radio Adelaide Monday night music program, Songcatcher, is from Lily and The Drum with Passionate Believer
00:56:45 Outtakes  What’s the bear got down there?

Here is this week’s preview video:

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