This week in Adelaide, creative types were unhappy with the local response to the latest campaign for bringing visitors to Adelaide.

Meanwhile, we looked into why the government has cut funding to local people who work to help integrate people into the community who have already come to Adelaide as refugees.

We delve back to the great beef riot of 1931.

And we kick up our heels with Susan Lily live in our studio, pictured.

Remember to sing your country lyrics on our website recorder.

Plus there’s mooning, wine and storms.

Show notes

Intro: Our original theme song is here, Adelaidee Hoo. Note, throughout the podcast we also use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, and the swooshes around Siri.

South Australian Drink Of The Week: Kaesler 2011 Stonehorse GSM from the Barossa Valley. Tasting notes.

Shout outs: Steve says thank you to the SES and mentions the people of Adelaide without power and the damage through Magill and Rosslyn Park. Brett: Clayton Werner. Susan/Nigel: Darren Zsa Zsa and Graham (Susan’s partner).

Stories without notice: Steve: The Ghan just pulled in to Darwin to mark 10 years of connecting Adelaide to Darwin. Great photo from ABC Alice Springs of locals ‘mooning’ the train on its way past. Turns out (thanks to local primary school teacher, Adam Claridge’s memory) that people moon Amtrak trains in America on the second Saturday in July and have been doing so since 1979.

James Rickard, Creative Director, KWP! Adelaide and the man behind the Adelaide.Breathe. ad. Here is Steve Davis’ blog post on the ad, which he references in the interview: If you live in Adelaide take a deep breath and listen up NOW.

Kate Leaney, Manager, The Welcome Centre, Adelaide. She was on The Project a week or so ago after the Centre lost funding.

Susan Lily, South Australian Country Crossover Singer/Songwriter, we featured Susan in our second ever episode.

Stories From The Street: Nobody was on the street this week.

Adelaide Visa Council: Before the Council this week:

China Union Pay – a bank that has described various Australian cities as:

Sydney: magnificent blue mountains, Hunter Valley filling with wine bouquet, Stephen Harbor where dolphins linger, lovely koala and kangaroos

Melbourne: if Sydney can be called as New York in the southern Pacific, then Melbourne is more like London with mix of modern and classic attractions. It is also a smiling city.

Gold Coast attracts people with a vast expanse of sands and sapphire-like seawater. It is the paradise for surfers and a leisure city for foreign visitors.

Adelaide, where the pure and plain life is kept, boasts of graceful and verdant sceneries with gardens and parks surrounded the city.

Perth, the famous “sunshine city” and “fresh-air city”, with its brilliant sunlight, boasts of the romanticism that equals to the south of France.

  • Paul Adams @paulrunslong chipped in saying it sounds boring but with a smiley face.
  • @ayygron dumped on Adelaide while talking to elliesgoulding in New Jersey. NJ was described as boring and smelly, but ayygron says Adelaide is worse.
  • @AdelaideMade converted some Brisbane people from being Adelaide knockers to wanting to come by showing some pics.
  • Sharon Smith, local journalist, says: I’ve always said the people who knock #Adelaide have either never been here or never left @anderson_lainie: MT @AdelaideMade

You can see the Adelaide Visa Council judgements here.

Adelaide’s Yesterdays with Colin: Colin recounts Adelaide’s Beef Riot of 1931, with thanks to Adelaidia.

Brett’s Musical Pilgrimage: Susan Lily regales us with Naughty Girl.