The Visa Council was put to the test in Episode 024 with these cases.

@paulrunslongPaul had a friend send a link to a Chinese bank describing various Australian cities including Adelaide as a place where the pure and plain life is practiced. He replied:
@runners_kitchen @mel_brennan Adelaide- “the pure & plain [email protected] ?! Sounds like a boring place.
The Council agreed he was not accusing Adelaide of being boring but, rather, of having fun with the bank’s description. He had no case to answer.

Ayygron was chatting with a friend in New Jersey who had just claimed New Jersey was smelly and boring, to which Ayygron replied:
@elliesgoulding adelaide is where i live in australia and its really boring too so i getcha
She later continued:
@elliesgoulding its not a pretty place at all jfc
After the Council deciphered JFC, it agreed that Ayygron’s visa should be revoked.

The Made In Adelaide account was found sharing this story:
@anderson_lainie Was speaking to people in Brisbane this week- said they thought #Adelaide was boring. Showed them pics – now want to visit.
The Council applauded Made In Adelaide’s work and awarded a Visa.

Sharon Smith, a local journalist and broadcaster, chimed in the Made In Adelaide conversation and added:
I’ve always said the people who knock #Adelaide have either never been here or never left @anderson_lainie: MT @AdelaideMade
For this sterling piece of wisdom, the Council heartily awarded a Visa.