steve-with-kaesler-wine Photo Colin LongThis wine was a hit in Episode 024.

Even though there was some confusion over the pronunciation of GSM, the team was struck by the light peppery qualities of the wine and its lovely light finish.

Kaesler Stonehorse Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre is almost translucent as it pours into your glass. This is Steve, pictured, trying to see which bottle had been opened.

Susan particularly enjoyed it even though she is not a huge fan of red wine, which is testament to its welcoming, easy-to-drink style.

If you are having a barbecue, pizza or salad night, this wine would be a ripper.

If you find this wine to be rather refined, it could be due to its 15 months in oak after being harvested from century-old vines.

A nice drop for the Year Of The Horse.

Guest review by Eugene Guy-Villon

Good colour, on the brick red side with no browning.

Nose is slightly spicy with integrated fruit and oak.

Very easy to drink, medium body perhaps too smooth.

Recorked and reopened 24 hours later. Much improvement to the palate with tar and liquorish and more intensity of fruit. Chocolate and plums give more weight, but still medium bodied with good length.

This is a elegant example of good varietal blending, never going to be a power house but a good wine for pasta, veal, Asian and cheese.