heaps-good-charlie Photo Steve DavisIn episode 032, the boys finally settled on the items most appropriate and suitable for a South Australian Care Package.

The journey began in epsisode 029, when Nigel IV aka Charlie-Helen Robinson was part of our team determining what uniquely South Australian items would be valued by South Aussies living interstate or overseas.

We whittled down our first list and then asked YOU to vote on what we suggested and ADD your suggestions. See the graph of your voting below.

From our discussion in 032, we came up with the definitive list for 2014.

Items sanctioned for the 2014 South Australian Care Package

Here are our suggested items that scored the most points and earned inclusion:

  • Heaps Good hoodie (Charlie)
  • Large Haigh’s Chocolate Frog (Brett)
  • Maggie Beer Fig and Fennel Paste (Brett)
  • Beerenberg Hot Tomato Chutney (Steve)
  • Charlesworth’s Mixed Nuts (Steve)

And here are the items you suggested that we voted into the package:

  • Melba’s Cow Pats and Sheep Nuts
  • Fruchocs
  • Spring Gully Yellow Pickles
  • Old copies of Keith Martyn’s Almanac
  • Anne Wills*

We are yet to hear whether Ms Wills will agree to this.

Provisionally included is a stick of Wintulich’s Metwurst. It can travel if stored below 20 degrees Celsius, so could only be posted in Winter to southern states.

Something’s missing?

Remember, only items that can be posted safely (and with no age restriction) were allowed, meaning we had to leave out:

  • Farmers Union Iced Coffee
  • Golden North Honey Ice Cream
  • Barossa Pearl
  • Chapmans Fritz
  • Balfours Pies
  • Balfours Frog Cakes
  • Vili’s Pasties
  • SA Wine
  • Cooper’s Ales

And there were a few close to our hearts that missed out, namely:

  • Charlie’s suggestion of an Astronaut Toy (we suggested a bath toy)
  • Arnott’s YoYo Biscuits, which Matt from Tasmania suggests are only available in South Australia but Arnott’s has refused to answer our questions on the matter
  • Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Almonds (Steve is convinced South Australia got this wrong)

We are toying with the idea of bundling these care packs for sale in winter and letting people order them from our site in a special SA care effort. Let us know if you’d be interested in sending one of these packs to friends far afield.

How South Australia voted on our SA Care Package suggestions

These are the official results.

sa-care-survey results