66-wynns-black-label Photo Steve DavisWe returned home to the heartland of Cabernet Sauvignon in episode 66, tasting the Wynns Coonawarra Estate 2012 Black Label.

We knew we were heading into Cab Sauv territory a little early after John from Melbourne Street Cellars had taught us that Cabs need at least a 4 year head start, but we went anyway.

And we’re glad we did.

Steve and Colin were both struck by the colour; deep, dark crimson.

Then Steve and Susan waxed lyrical about the smoothness.

There were none of the overpowering tannins one would expect from such a young, pedigree Cab, instead there were strands of fruit (Steve noted the blackberry) and pleasant finish.

While drinkable now, we’d still recommend opening in about 2016 for a sublime experience.

Hear our tasting of the Wynns Black Label 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.