Wayne Austin from Cheese Please in Murray Bridge, really lifted Episode 028 by giving us a sample of his Belvedere cheese and introducing us to Willow Point wines from White Sands near Murray Bridge.

That’s Wayne introducing Steve to the cheese and wine before recording.

We talk about both of these delightful treats in our podcast but in summary:

The cheese was smooth, slightly peppery and mild in flavour with just a high note reminiscent of parmesan, the style in which it is made.

Although Wayne says you can grate over pasta and use in salads, we heartily concur that eating it on its own or with a good red like the Cab Merlot we did.

This Willow Point wine was a winner.

If you want a wine that is genuinely easy to drink with some touches fruit and a hint of mint, this wine is for you.

The round, softness of this wine makes it one of the most versatile drops you’ll try – drink it on its own, with a cheese platter or paired with just about any dish you want to.

These two boutique producers are proof that Murray Bridge and the Murraylands in general is an emerging force in South Australia and well worth including in your next gourmet adventures.