vinterloper-adelo Photo Steve DavisIn Episode 026, Steve was in Darwin and had an Adelaide wine recommended to him by a passionate sales person at the local Vintage Cellars store. See it pictured on his makeshift studio.

It was a Vinteloper 2012 Adelo Red Blend.

Steve was taken immediately because the Kiwi salesperson when she heard he was going to be drinking it without food actually began saying it might not be right because it might be TOO BIG.

How can that EVER be a problem? 🙂

Also, Steve knows the winemaker, David Bowley, personally so the selection had a perfect home away from home feel.

On the podcast, Steve shared the fact it contains Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Grenache, overlooking the fact that Touriga is the dominant grape variety. He blames the low lighting, highly spirited wine and lack of familiarity with Touriga. Sorry David. Nothing some more Vinteloper samples won’t fix *cough*.

In essence, this blend blew Steve’s mind and palate.

An attractive, perfumed nose led to an embarrassment of happy red and black fruits (David, on his site says blue fruits but Steve got the other colours, go figure) and a gentle tannin.

Steve described the experience of drinking this wine as playing pass the parcel with yourself and winning all the prizes.

This wine sits around the $30 mark and once you let it breathe it will take your breath away. Enjoy.