For the SA Drinks Of The Week this week, we tasted Thug Life Mafia King NEIPA and Ginger Has Soul Ginger Beer, thanks to the brewer himself, Scott Perry.

Scott answered Sputnik’s call for help when we’d mentioned we were looking for a South Australian beverage to feature this week.

And, in the tradition of our weekly spotlight on SA drinks, these surprised and delighted us.

Thug Life Mafia King NEIPA and Ginger Has Soul Ginger Beer tasting notes

The Ginger Beer was the first drink to grab attention and Steve’s initial comment was it is like ginger has run off with some liquorice.

He then modified that to say, it is like sipping ginger beer in an olde time confectionary store, not for sweetness, simply for the array of musk and liquorice-like aromas that accompany the ginger.

He also clarified that it is not hot ginger, like in some ginger beers, but rather a blunter, mouth filling experience, almost like you are tasting Ginger’s soul rather than the whole root.

It was so tempting that both guests who were not drinking this week, demanded to sniff deeply from our cans.

Then it was time to try the Mafia King NEIPA.

Steve said his first sip of the New England IPA was like being Captain Jack Sparrow on the deck of his clipper ship, bracing through a waterfall on a tropical island with fruits and perfume all around as the IPA rained tropically on the deck.

And he noted that a core of sweetness felt like he’d stuck his plunger into the captain’s barrel and stolen a draught of rum.

Nigel concurred and noted this hearty IPA is more like a meal than a drink.

You can hear the live tasting via the player below, or by searching for The Adelaide Show Podcast episode 256 in your favourite podcast app.