093-natures-step-chardonnay Photo Steve DavisThis week, in episode 93, the Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos, introduced us to Nature’s Step Organic Wild Fermented Chardonnay made by one of her constituents, Ken Carypidis, owner and winemaker at Light’s View Wines.

Leesa mentioned how Ken was just one of the food and beverage producers north of Adelaide, being proactive and innovative and developing healthy export markets to China.

We are on the record as being red wine nuts but once again we were surprised by a delightful white wine that brought interest and complexity to the table.

In our discussion, Nigel mentioned the challenges of wild fermentation and how waiting for the right yeasts to get to work can take a little longer, hence giving time for some extra development.

Leesa mentioned how this wine was a staple at her summer events and that she met Ken during work with him on a matter as his local MP.

Steve noted pineapple on the palate as the wine opened up and the bottle diminished.

But the thing that grabbed our tasting panel from the outset was the colour; the dark, rich golden tones would put Rumpelstiltskin to shame!

Hear the tasting, about six minutes in.

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