082-MrRiggs-ShirazOur wine this week in episode 82 was sipped directly from the Enomatic System at The Arkaba Hotel.

It was the 2011 Mr Riggs McLaren Vale Shiraz and we enjoyed it immensely.

Firstly, Ingrid remarked upon it being served at the right temperature, which is always important.

Secondly, our whole team enjoyed how subtle and smooth the wine was.

Then our palates journeyed more deeply into this succulent terrain with Steve detecting spice and Nigel suggesting pepper and both of them falling into agreement.

The colour is also striking and is quite an inky-thick dark dark red.

You can hear us taste the wine just before the 6 minute mark of the show.

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More about the Enomatic

67-enomatic-arkabaThe Arkaba Hotel has partnered with us so that it can let our fellow wine lovers know you can safely order wine by the glass through their Enomatic System. So, instead of getting a tired glass of wine from a bottle that was opened days ago, which is a dreadful experience for serious wine drinkers, at the Arkaba they can guarantee freshness just like the winemaker intended.