097-Samela-Harris-Peppertree-Shiraz Photo Steve DavisIn episode 97, we delighted our guest, Samela Harris, with one of her favourite wines: Mitchell Peppertree Vineyard Shiraz from the Clare Valley.

We were drinking the 2012 vintage and, as Samela noted, she was curious to try it because although it is one of her favourites the nature of wine is that each year, each vintage, it is created anew.

The picture you see here was taken at the end of the evening as evidence of how finely our bottle gave of itself to our merriment, enshrouded by the remains of a lavish and delectable cheese platter. You will hear the clinking of knives crunching of wafers throughout the show, if you listen hard enough.

Nigel was struck by the smoothness of this Shiraz, likening it to the elegance of the Adelaide Hills wines tried in recent episodes.

Samela gave it a generous thumbs up.

Steve was struggling to find a dominant fruit profile but was quite taken by the polite, warm tannins at the finish. He described it, in honour of Samela’s theatre critic background, as like going to see a good play; the seats fill, the players play and then the tannin washes through as the curtains drop and applause rises and falls, gently ushering the patrons out into the streets nicely satisfies. Well, he used words to that effect!

You can hear the wine tasting about six minutes in.

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67-enomatic-arkabaThe Arkaba Hotel has partnered with us so that it can let our fellow wine lovers know you can safely order wine by the glass through their Enomatic System. So, instead of getting a tired glass of wine from a bottle that was opened days ago, which is a dreadful experience for serious wine drinkers, at the Arkaba they can guarantee freshness just like the winemaker intended.

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