094-La-Prova-Sangiovese Photo Steve DavisWe recorded episode 94 in the offices of Renew Adelaide so Lily Jacobs provided a wine for the SA Drink Of the Week that has particular significance for her organisation.

La Prova 2013 Sangiovese by Scott Wines, is a wine that features at Renew Adelaide events and Lily noted that guests are often surprised by the fact that good wine is being served.

Steve and Nigel agreed the wine was a good drop with Steve working had to identify a flavour which he ended up defining as cloves.

Nigel was noting cherry flavours.

Lily rounded off the discussion with reference to the soft tannins that lead to a clean finish.

All in all, this Italian variety is in good hands up in the Adelaide Hills and Scott Wines should be on your wine radar.

You can hear our discussion about six minutes in.

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