The SA Drinks Of The Week this week are Koerner Classico 2016 from the Clare Valley and a 2015 Toby Bekkers Syrah from McLaren Vale.

They were chosen and supplied by Ash Sinclair, Fine Wine Manager at Parade Cellars in Norwood.

Koerner Classico 2016 Clare Valley tasting notes

The nose on this wine instantly took Steve back to our visit to the Ashton Valley Fruit Juice factory. He said it was like there were apples and berries being crushed but next to him, somebody had left an opened banana, squashed on the floor, and its perfume was in the mix.

Nigel got “older” berry on his nose, not fresh, sharp berry, suggesting it is an older vintage.

On the palate, Steve picked up wild raspberry jubes without sugar, and slightly tart, along with pear paste. The mouthfeel was also round and soft.

Steve thought it was a Grenache from a cold area, Nigel chose Malbec.

Ash surprised the team when announcing it was a Cabernet from Clare Valley. Although there was some mint, Ash said the liquorice is typically a give away for cabs from the region.

Ash said Damo and Johnno Koerner are young brothers with experience beyond their years who are taking the world by storm.

2015 Tony Bekkers Syrah McLaren Vale tasting notes

The first thing Steve noted with this wine was the “black voidness” in his glass, due to the darkness of this wine.

He then blurted out that the nose was best described as Philip White’s slippers; not offensive, simply vineyard earthy with hints of leather.

Nigel was staggered. This wine is like nothing I’ve ever tasted, he said.

Ash got some white pepper, cured meat, blackberry, black cherry, some coffee grounds; very savoury nose.

Steve said it is a rich wine, bordered by gorgeous tannins just like there is a little zone of turf between the boundary rope and the fence at a splendid cricket oval.

He continued that it was reminiscent of slipping into granny’s pantry, with its heady mix of spices, to which Nigel added, and some German sausage.

Steve picked this as an atypical Shiraz, Nigel was just not sure.

Ash revealed this is a Syrah (most Australians label Syrah as Shiraz but the Bekkers like the Syrah name, in the same way they denote the region above all else, being appreciative of terroir).

Ash explained how Parade Cellars is one of the few places you can buy their wines because the Bekkers are choosy; they need to trust that salespeople understand the wine and can recommend it well to consumers who will “get it”.

You can hear the full tasting, with plenty of other insights, in episode 255 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, below, or by searching for our podcast in your favourite podcast playing app.