105-coopers-stout-adelaide-show Photo Steve DavisIn episode 105, memories were rekindled over some longnecks of Coopers Stout: the South Australian Drink Of The Week.

Thanks to the people at iconic brewery, Coopers, Steve Davis, Chris Drummond and Andy Packer were able to recall stories of heady arts discussions and celebrations from the old La Mama theatre days when all three trod the boards together 25 years ago.

Today, Chris is AD at Brink Productions and Andy is AD at Slingsby, and all three agreed how smooth and delicious this simple, perfect brew really is.

Steve noted chocolate early on, Andy got coffee on his palate, an array of spices and flavours followed before Andy nailed the smooth mouthful by commenting on the small beads in relation to the bubbles.

While Andy and Chris had maintained their Coopers Stout habits, it was the first time Steve had had any in 25 years and he was delirious with joy.

Hear the live tasting and make sure you have some this week to warm you through this everlasting winter weather in South Australia. The tasting starts about eight minutes in.

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