These brief Coopers Pale Ale tasting notes were recorded live for episode 184 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

We were recording at the Elephant British Pub as part of The Adelaide Podcast Festival and in a compressed timeline of 20 minutes, we were able to share our first impressions of this staple among South Australian pubs and eskies.

Audience members got a free pint of Coopers as part of the $10 entry fee to the festival. Come along this Tuesday night for the second and final event. Doors open 7.30 with the first podcasters on stage at 8. We’ll be recording episode 185 later in the night and we could have more Kytons Hot Cross Buns to give away, too.

Coopers Pale Ale tasting notes

The first thing that struck Steve with our SA Drink Of The Week, was the drying or cleansing nature of Coopers Pale Ale.

He’d often heard people refer to having a cleansing Pale Ale but on the night, he finally got what they meant.

Alexis chipped in that while he was not calling Steve a tosser, he was perplexed by the way Steve was trying to use wine terminology to describe beer.

Not everything is wine, exclaimed Alexis.

Oh, yes it is, retorted Steve.

Steve then described the refreshing, cleansing nature by likening the beer to leaving the hard, hot footpaths and sinking into the soft, cool, refreshingly grassy ground of the Garden Of Unearthly Delights.

Pete noted the hops, in fact, that was the sum total of his commentary on the beer. He just sat there and drank it while Steve and Alexis played one-upmanship.

You can hear the live tasting about three minutes in via the player below or by downloading episode 184 in your favourite podcast playing app.