This was the shortest live tasting ever this week as we crafted these Coopers Lager tasting notes while recording The Adelaide Show 185 for The Adelaide Podcast Festival at The Elephant British Pub.

The audience at the festival was gifted a pint of Coopers Lager upon entry and that made it the natural contender for the SA Drink Of The Week.

Coopers Lager tasting notes

Suffice to say, our tasting panel was split over this drink.

Nigel was simply content to be drinking it and Brett Monten was very happy to be drinking it without much commentary to offer, other than disagreeing with Steve.

What did Steve get wrong, in Brett’s opinion?

He noted that from his first sip, he got the perfume of banana in his mid palate.

In fact, he said it was like he had just finished a banana lolly, as he sipped this beer.

There were some other allusions but they are best left as audio.

Listen to the live tasting from about three minutes in via the player below or download episode 185 directly into your favourite podcast player by searching for and subscribing to The Adelaide Show Podcast.

Photo credit: Rumpus Room Studio