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Coates Wines 2012 The Gimp Shiraz McLaren Vale

2012 Coates Wines The Gimp Shiraz on The Adelaide Show Podcast

Drinking Coates Wines 2012 The Gimp Shiraz left Steve speechless for a moment, which is rare when we are tasting the South Australian Drink Of The Week.

The Gimp Shiraz, from Coates Wines (which has a cellar door opening in Kuitpo soon), was chosen because our guests for the episode, Alison and Michael Coates, share a surname.

That simple happenstance introduced us to wine made by a winemaker who is striving to keep the process simple.

How is this for a quote from Duane Coates?

[In our wines] a flavour profile develops that is less fruit intensive. Fruit intensity is something that winemakers strive for and many journalists spruik constantly. The Coates range is made with complexity and balance in mind; I prefer the flavour profile of natural yeast for the savoury accents that are provided. This can be seen to be mindful of a terroir driven approach to winemaking.

Now, release the gimp!

The Gimp Shiraz tasting notes

Steve’s first comment was that this is not that full fruit, McLaren Vale Shiraz style wine.

He says it is almost like it has a ball gag and can’t quite get the fruit out, even though he was sensing that it was there.

He also noted a hint of leather but began wondering if the gimp analogy was seeping through his subconscious.

Nigel put it politely: it is restrained.

Alison noted some pepper on her palate and really enjoyed that aspect.

Michael was picking up some berries (tight, little ones, said Steve) along with a little leather and maybe even a bit of zipper!

Hear the live tasting by downloading episode 206 of The Adelaide Show podcast for free below, via iTunes, or in your favourite podcast playing app.

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