100-2012-braydun-hill-shiraz Photo Steve Davis

In episode 100, we celebrated our milestone with a South Australian Drink Of The Week that had just reached one of its own, the Braydun Hill Wines 2012 Single Vineyard Premium from .

This wine has just won gold at North America’s most prestigious wine competition, the .

We were recording episode 100 at the Palace Nova Cinema and you’ll see we had to fill the glass right up to EPIC because STANDARD POUR and FEATURE LENGTH would not have done justice to this superb wine.

Nigel was struck by its dark crimson inkiness, we could hardly see anything through the wine except for a little scarlet tinge around the edge of the glass.

Steve was melted away by how lucious the wine was; depth, fine tannins, length, concentrated dark fruits with a little hint of chocolate. He was in heaven.

And Fernando applauded the wine for being made for longevity ( from Braydun Hill says this should have cellaring potential to 2025) could still be so thoroughly approachable and enjoyable today.

Hear us taste the wine about six minutes in.

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