In episode 108, we continued down a pathway George Inglis sent us in episode 103, of trying Shiraz from the Coonawarra rather than sticking with Cab Sauv.

The Balnaves of Coonawarra Shiraz from 2010 is drinking beautifully right now and comes highly recommended.

Chris Burns’ first observation was its ‘fruity tang’, something Steve supported, noting a zestiness from the fruit on the palate.

All agreed the body typically associated with wine from grapes grown in the Coonawarra’s famous Terra Rossa soil was present.

Then Steve went out on a limb, detecting soft, black licorice on the back palate but the others couldn’t detect it.

But then he was back on target with his summary of the tannins, describing them more like depth charges (in keeping with teh submarine theme of the episode); you gradually get a sense they are there and then boom.

Hear the live tasting about seven minutes in.