Lightning struck twice this week as we opened another bottle by Joe from Greenock to produce these Ballycroft Fortified Vintage Mataro tasting notes.

These notes, however, will be a little shorter than usual because nothing has changed since we last opened a bottle of this gorgeous, powerful and heady, fortified Mataro from Ballycroft in episode 150.

To get the lowdown, just read and/or listen to those previous wine tasting notes from episode 150.

Ballycroft Fortified Vintage Mataro tasting notes with a twist

What is different this time around is twofold: We added a new descriptor and we tried the wine with chocolate.

The new descriptor, quite simply, is this must-have wine is the epitome of rich Christmas pudding in a bottle.

The chocolate that accompanied this wine, superbly, was an assorted box of treats, hand-delivered to us by Marcus and Ivy from Red Cacao Chocolatier in Stirling, Adelaide Hills.

These chocolates took us to new worlds. Just imagine what would happen if Joe from Ballycroft and Marcu and Ivy from Red Cacao collaborated? The mind boggles.

So do yourself a flavour and have a listen to our live tasting, especially as Nigel discovers cinnamon chocolate. Pure bafflement.