With these Ballycroft Small Berry Mataro tasting notes in episode 150 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, we reveal the perfect antidote to South Australia’s chilly winter from Joe’s masterful winemaking in Greenock.

The 2011 Fortified Vintage Small Berry Mataro is a dangerous wine.

Firstly, it warms you instantly, which just makes you want to hold its embrace longer than you should.

Secondly, with a 19.2% alcohol content it can sneak up behind you, so don’t drive unless you have willpower to stop after one or two STANDARD glasses. We don’t have such ability.

Thirdly, this will woo even white wine drinks so if you open it with friends, be prepared for the bottle to be dry within seconds.

Ballycroft Small Berry Mataro tasting notes

The first thing that struck us as we sipped was the sweetness and warmth of this drop.

It hints at the stickiness of a fortified while maintaining the civil dignity of a dry wine.

We also noticed that all of us smiled instantly; this wine is simply a joy to drink. Seriously, there is something about this wine that is simply fun, while being a beautifully crafted fortified.

Sweet without being overly sweet, tannins kept in check; there is nothing in this drop that attracts demerit points. It is a must try.

Hear our live tasting – starts about 4 minutes in.